New Prayers of Renunciation 10 Apr 2013
Click on "Prayers" in the Navigation bar to find 3 new Afrikaans Prayers of Confession & Renunciation as they feature on our latest teaching DVDs. read more
New teaching series 14 Nov 2012
Our long-awaited new teaching DVD series on the very roots of our faith is available now - in Afrikaans only. The series, called "Ware Wortels", consists of 3 DVDs (duration per DVD: ±3,5 hours): Die Bloedverbond: God se Meesterplan met Sonde. Die Gelowige Doop: Sterf en staan op saam met Christus. Hebreeuse Wortels: Die Grenslyne. The last 2 teachings both build upon the first: Die Bloedverbond: God se Meesterplan met Sonde. Very few Christians have any working knowledge about the very reason ... read more
Bulk Set of DVDs and CDs @ 27% discount now available! 22 Oct 2012
We have recently compiled a bulk set of ALL our DVD and CD products in one wallet - a breathtaking set of 62 DVDs and 4 CDs. If you were to purchase them separately, they would have cost you a healthy R5875-00. The bulk wallet now makes all these products available at a mere R4330-00 - representing a healthy discount of 27%. This set is a MUST for prayer groups and especially house churches. Go to "DVDs" in the navigation bar and order now! This offer is valid as long as stocks lasts. read more
Prayer Course: Free MP3 Downloads! 25 Jun 2010
We have now made available in MP3 format the soundtracks of most of the PILTC (Prayer and Intercession Leaders Training Course) teachings - in English, as well as Afrikaans. Go to "downloads" in the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page. The downloads are free! read more
Please rate our Products! 21 Jun 2010
We have put up rating facilities for our DVDs and books. For those of you who are familiar with products (ie if you've watched or read them) we would request to spend a minute or two to rate them (that's doing the stars thing! Move your mouse from left to right across the stars, and click the one you deem appropriate - from 1 to 5 stars). Please go to DVDs and Books in the navigation bar and let your ratings make it easier for future visitors to assess the quality of our products. Thank you for your ... read more
Say your say - Sê jou sê! 1 Jun 2010
Under "News" and "Articles" you can now submit your own comments and/or thoughts. You are most welcome to use either English or Afrikaans. The aim of this facility is to stir up constructive debate and thinking. Please don't use this to ask me questions. If you do have questions, then email me. Please keep your opinions civil. If you don't, your entire script shall simply be deleted. read more
NG Kerk Verloëningsgebed 23 Nov 2009
Die Afrikaanse weergawe van die NG Kerk Verloëningsgebed is nou beskikbaar. Klik "Prayers" in die navigasiekolom. read more