Help Us

  1. Prayer
  2. In a ministry such as ours, we need lots of prayer. Thanks to all those who have carried us through hard and difficult times with their prayers. We need prayer in the following areas:
    1. Our joy and fulfilment in the Lord.
    2. Progressive revelation from the Holy Spirit.
    3. For blessing, fulfilment and faithfulness in Eben and Isabel's marriage.
    4. Our health and mental wellness.
    5. Finances to run (and extend) the ministry and our household, as well as for our old age.
    6. Protection in terms of body, soul, spirit, possessions and relationships. Also for our family: Our oldest son Bennie and his wife Mart-Mari, and our youngest son Hannes.
    7. For the Holy Spirit to open up a way before us in the spirit world so we might fulfil the assignment given to us.

  3. Research
  4. A picture says more than a thousand words.
    Because of the varying and seasonal nature of our research, it is difficult to give guidelines as to how you could be of assistance. But a sure way of helping us would be to send us pictures of the topics you know we'd be interested in due to our previous research.
    Please note that, for our protection in terms of copyright legislation, we need you to surrender copyright to Trumpet Call of all pictures sent to us – else we simply cannot dare to use them in future productions. We would appreciate a short declaration from yourself to this effect whenever you submit pictures to us.
    By this we by no means intend to deny anybody the right to use pictures taken by himself for his own purposes. We simply need to look after ourselves from a legal perspective.

    A few vital guidelines concerning taking pictures that we might be able to use in future documentations:
    A picture is most valuable when it:
    1. shows clear detail.
    2. has a context.
    Therefore, we need pictures to be close-up (showing detail), as well as an accompanying picture which is panoramic (showing its context), e.g.
    1. A close-up of a bird's nest in a tree.
    2. A picture of the tree in which the nest sits.
    The filename of the picture needs to give an indication of WHERE the picture had been taken, e.g.
    1. 14JohnDoeStreetPretoriaSA.jpg
    2. ThabazimbiRdBritsAreaSA.jpg
    3. EastOfWindhoekNamibia.jpg
    Remember that the best open-air pictures are taken with the sun shining from behind. Pictures taken against the sun are usually awful!
    Also, please fill the entire frame with the subject you're photographing. Few things are so frustrating as a big picture with a tiny subject somewhere in the middle, with lots of empty blue sky above and plenty of empty foreground at the bottom.

  5. Finances
  6. If the Lord would press it on your heart to make a donation to Trumpet Call, it could be paid into:

    ABSA account 905 413 0094
    Branch Code: 632 005.
    Account Name: Trumpet Call
    Swift Code (for users abroad): ABSAZAJJ

    Our financial needs:
    Trumpet Call annually needs hundreds of thousands of rands to keep our "doors open" and "the engines running". We also need financial aid and testations (remembering us in your testament/will) for Eben and Isabel's old age, since we have absolutely no pension fund. For required testimentary details, please contact us.

  7. Facilitation
  8. We are changing South Africa in bite sizes.
    If you would like to help us to disciple yourself and others into the ministry of Jesus, especially if you belong to a house church or –group, we would strongly urge you to acquire our Bulk Set of DVDs (See "DVDs" on the navigation bar). By doing so, you support us financially, and simultaneously empower yourself to facilitate the 4 courses of the PILTC (Prayer and Intercession Leaders Training Course) in somebody's lounge on a TV screen. Many house churches and small groups have done so in the past, and are now reaping the benefits.
    You simply get a group of friends together weekly, pop the first DVD into the player, and wait to see what happens next. We have seen the Holy Spirit turning small groups downside up in the past! We fully trust Him to do the rest!