The Idols we worship in Christianity 3 Sep 2013
A parable-style Discussion of deeply embedded Idols in Christianity: 1. Introduction. 2. Sugar! (Our insatiable appetite for non-nutritious junk food in church). 3. The Bible. (Is it by any means possible that the Bible could be the church's Idol?). 4. Systems. (Church people generally have much more faith in systems than in God). read more
Hebrew Roots: SA in Crisis 6 Sep 2011
This article explores the dangers of the rapidly growing Messianism, Hebrew Roots and Torah groups movements in South Africa. Since everything these people say, comes straight from Scripture and most often from the Old Testament, every believer should be thoroughly informed concerning the many dangerous unspoken and hidden errors that underpin their teaching. Read, child of God, and learn! read more
Infant Baptism 2 Jun 2009
A question-and-answer style understanding of Biblical baptism. In the course of 19 to-the-point questions and answers, the issue concerning Infant and Believer's Baptisms is clarified and brought into sharp focus. read more
Breaking the Yoke 2 Jun 2009
A hard look at the core problems facing the Church in our time: 1. Skew Foundations. 2. Misconceptions concerning Spiritual Authority and Covering. 3. Infiltration and Control by Secret Organisations. read more