New teaching series

14 Nov 2012
Our long-awaited new teaching DVD series on the very roots of our faith is available now - in Afrikaans only. The series, called "Ware Wortels", consists of 3 DVDs (duration per DVD: ±3,5 hours):

  • Die Bloedverbond: God se Meesterplan met Sonde.
  • Die Gelowige Doop: Sterf en staan op saam met Christus.
  • Hebreeuse Wortels: Die Grenslyne.

The last 2 teachings both build upon the first:

Die Bloedverbond: God se Meesterplan met Sonde.

Very few Christians have any working knowledge about the very reason they have been saved: God's blood covenant with Abraham, and Jesus' blood covenant with believers. Christians simply don't know what a blood covenant is, and where they personally fit into the bigger covenant picture. This DVD deals with the Biblical covenants in simple, understandable language, explaining the very mechanisms which God put into place to save mankind from its own folly.

Die Gelowige Doop: Sterf en staan op saam met Christus.

For 500 years since the Reformation, evangelical Christians have been lied to concerning one of the key elements of salvation: Water baptism. This DVD shows why baptism has little to do with the blood covenant and circumcision, and what baptism really is. Be warned, this teaching is rather direct - no beating about the bush!

Hebreeuse Wortels: Die Grenslyne.

Although the worldwide Hebrew Roots Movement had started from humble hearts and right thinking about 50 years ago, in our day it has mutated into a Frankenstein walking the earth. This movement is growing by leaps and bounds in South Africa - and deceiving thousands. This DVD makes an effort to draw borders between what is good and desirable about this movement, and what is evil and undesirable.
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Andri en Stephan Nieuwoudt 14 Dec 2012 at 13:18
Hallo Eben. Dankie vir hierdie werk rondom die HWB. Bietjie meer as 'n jaar gelede het jou artikels oor die HWB ons uit hierdie beweging uitgeruk. Was eers kwaad vir jou maar 'n dag later ontsettend dankbaar. Terwyl daarin het ons aanhoudend gebid dat Jesus moet wys as ons fout maak. En toe stuur Hy jou artikels oor ons pad. Het sopas die 3 dvd's gekyk en ons glo dat dit baie mense sal waarsku om nie daarin betrokke te raak nie. Die HWB is 'n ernstige misleiding en laat baie gelowiges outoriteitloos en op die rand vd afval van Hebreers 6:4-6. Sterkte en seen.
Dawie 20 Dec 2012 at 12:21
Hello Eben

Wil net hoor wat gaan die nuwe dvd reeks 1,2 en 3 kos wat nou beskikbaar is.. Jammer as ek ni mooi gekyk het op prys by is ni..

Geseende dag
Eben Swart 29 Dec 2012 at 13:49

Die stel kos R450 + R29 posgeld & verpakking.
Torah observant follower of Messiah 7 Jan 2013 at 10:19
I think that your outburst against those asking for and returning to the ancient paths is immature and reveals a lack of wisdom and understanding. Your basis for an attack against walking in the Torah (instructions) of Messiah is a sad reflection of how so many today have been blinded by man-made dogmas, traditions, catechisms and image driven belief systems that have separated our Messiah from the word He came to reveal and proclaim as given through Mosheh and revealed by His life, death and resurrection. I do agree that there are many on the Torah walk who have sadly turned to Rabbinic sources for insight, which is as much an error as turning to Christian theologies based on Catholic rooted doctrines. we must return to the plain truth of the Living Word and His instructions still apply. the seventh day has never changed for Yahweh is not a man to lie, nor a son of man to repent. So while you may be revealing many flaws in certain aspects those returning to the true Hebrew roots of our faith, bear in mind that there is a remnant who are walking in the freedom of the pure Torah, guarding His commands with joy and so please be cautioned in your generalization of those who actually keep the Sabbath and commanded Feasts of Yahweh and walk as Messiah walked, as being in error... for how can anyone who shows love through obedience to His commands be in error?
Your kundalini and Freemasonry dvd's certainly assisted many with details that were closer to home as reflected by the effects of this is S.A., however i fear you have lost the plot in your attempt at promoting an error in walking in the Word, and by doing so you are causing many to turn their feet from the Sabbath which is clearly our sign between us and our Creator forever (Ezekiel 20:12;20)
Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity are a mirror image of each other in their man-driven errors of changing the word by adding to or taking away from and the path of righteousness is very narrow and few find it! Both have intended to change the appointed times and laws of Elohim, which i remind you cannot be changed for He and His Word is the same yesterday, today and forever. What you fail to understand is that the 'works of Torah' that messiah came to do that we can never do is the actual sacrifice of sinless Blood... in his perfect 'work' we can now walk in His Torah, having the curse of the Torah (which is death)removed as those who are part of the 1st Resurrection are assured that the second death has no power over them, having been redeemed form the curse of the Torah. The Torah is not a curse - the curse of the Torah is DEATH!
Psalm 50:16-17 clearly warns those who think they have a right to take the Covenant of Elohim in their mouth, claiming they are His while they hate His instruction (Torah) and cast His word behind them - anyone who claims that the Torah is no longer necessary has no right to claim the Covenants of promise on their lips. The Torah is to be upon our hearts and mouths to do it... and He weighs the hearts!
John makes it very clear: sin is lawlessness (hamartia is anomia) (1john 3:4)
Titus clearly tells us that messiah came to redeem us from ALL Lawlessness (anomia)(Titus 2:14)
Sha'ul (Paul) tells us in Romans 6:18 that we have been set free from sin (hamartia)
the problem with Christianity is that they have lost the ability to understand what the definition of sin is and John makes it clear - it is lawlessness!!! and if we have been redeemed from lawlessness we are then now able to be lawful - that is in Messiah we are now able to draw near and fulfill the true service of the Tabernacle and do so according to His clear instructions for everything that is set-apart must be cleansed with Blood!!! His Blood cleanses our conscience from dead works (lawlessness) and sets us apart to be bold on 'doing' ALL He has commanded us as a set-apart Bride! Love for Elohim is to guard His commands (1 John 5:3) - what commands is he speaking of? clearly he is referring to the Torah and any 1st century believer would understand this when hearing this letter!
2 John:6!!!
Revelation 14:12 - here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief of Yahushua."
Yahushua is Elohim in the flesh, as Isaiah asks who has seen the arm of Yahweh? Yahushua did not bring different commands - He came to firmly establish them and renew His Covenant He made with Abraham!
there is much to share but my prayer is that your eyes will be opened to come out from false traditions of man-made interpretations and theologies and look into the perfect Torah - that of freedom - and just go and read Psalm 119 - it is all about His Torah!
Eben Swart 7 Jan 2013 at 12:42
For anyone who might have needed proof of the anonymous, insulting, haughty, condescending manner of Rooters, here you have a prime example below. Rooters even regard themselves as of higher insight than some other, lower esteemed specimens of their own kind.
Their thesis:
"Everyone but us are disobedient, ignorant, deceived followers of some strange god. We know better. We will avail ourselves for consultation by those disobedient ones who are worthy of God's (Yahwe's) wrath."
Please Mr. "Torah observant follower of Messiah", as a gentile, could you please supply us with the evidence of how you, an uncircumcized non-Jew became included in Yahwe's covenant with Abraham (the basis of Torah observation). For Paul says to the gentiles:
"remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world." - Eph. 2:12.
If you claim that you have been included by FAITH in Yeshua (Gal. 3:7), then you are NOT included in the Abrahamic covenant, but in the NEW (not REnewed!) covenant of Yeshua - which EXcludes the Abrahamic covenant. In the New Covenant, the Torah is written on our hearts, and we obey the SPIRIT (not the LETTER!) of the Torah, as interpreted for us by our inner Rabbi, the Ruach ha Kodesh. For "the letter killeth; the Spirit giveth life!" - 2 Cor. 3:6.
So please, Mr. "Torah observant follower of Messiah", we eagerly await your explanation of the mechanism of your inclusion in the Old Covenant. Your failure to do so, shall be interpreted as lack of evidence, and your seemingly righteous theology below as the rumblings of the ignorant and deceived.
Torah observant follower of Messiah 7 Jan 2013 at 17:47
Acts 13:23 "....from this one's seed, according to the promise, Elohim raised up for YISRA'EL a Saviour, Yahushua ..."
Ephesians says that we who were once far of from the Covenants (plural) of promise have been brought near by the Blood of Messiah!
Hebrews 8:8-10 is quoting form Jeremiah 31 that clearly states that the new (renewed) covenant is made with - the house of Israel and the House of Judah - not with any other house!
Yahushua said that he came only for the lost sheep of Israel!
The nations/gentiles are grafted in! Deuteronomy clearly states that there is One Torah for the native born and for the stranger!
Yahweh shows no partiality nor is He a respecter of persons, so there has never been different expectations for different people...!
Obedience is still of belief in Messiah and His work for us... we are not obedient to be saved but because HE has redeemed us from LAWLESSNESS!
And because we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength we obey our Master
Eben Swart 7 Jan 2013 at 18:07
Thank you, "Torah observant follower of Messiah" - you are obviously clueless as to how you've been included in the Abrahamic covenant (you aren't!). And you are even so clueless as to how gentiles are included in the New Covenant. You simply keep on rattling off the teachings of your similarly deceived teachers - failing to explain anything, or answer the question that's been put to you.
No one is as pitiable as he who knows not, and knows not that he knows not.
So we may rightly regard your theology below as the rumblings of ignorant, deceived, but overly religious dogma.
I've given you a chance to redeem yourself - which you've squandered. I will not allow any more of it to clutter these pages.
Joe 13 Jan 2013 at 14:59
As daar nou een ou is op die forum wat konstant ongeskik is, en waarskynlik nog op geen stadiun wat ek kon sien respek, en liefde ge openbaar het nie dan is dit mnr. Eben Swart. Jy maak ander se opinies af as gemors, ignorant, deceived en allerhande mooi byvoeglike naamwoordjies in 'n sarkastiese toon.

Dit lyk vir my nogal na trotsheid in oortreffende trap. Jou opinie is duidelik die enigste wat tel.....

Die vrugte van die Gees ontwyk jou konstant Eben, en daaraan word mens geken. Ek "browse" gereeld deur hierdie postings maar jou hart word oënskynlik net al hoe harder..... Ek wonder hoe gaan die kommentare lyk aan volgende jaar.

Ons hoef nie saam te stem nie, maar respek en vrugte van die Gees is wat vertoon wie ons is..
Eben Swart 21 Jan 2013 at 13:14

Vind asb. vir my voorbeelde uit die Skrif waar Jesus die godsdiensgees in die fariseërs met "respek en liefde" (volgens jou definisie) gehanteer het.
Jesus (én Johannes die Doper) het hulle aangespreek met "julle slange", "addergeslag", en "wee julle".
Ek twyfel of ek enigsins al die vlak van "disrespek" of "gebrek aan liefde" van Jesus of Johannes bereik het. Jesus se voorbeeld laat my veel "skokkender" terme toe!
Dis 'n stokou strategie hierdie van jou, Joe. As iemand nie nonsens toelaat nie, beskuldig hom dan van "liefdeloosheid" en "gebrek aan respek". Dít sal hom 'n les leer!
Ek val reeds jare lank nie meer vir hierdie trick nie.
Ek antwoord nie alle mense streng nie. Maar die laaste jaar of twee was die hoofbespekingspunt op hierdie blaaie hoofsaaklik die Hebreeuse Wortels en in 'n mindere mate die Doop. En die godsdiensgees manifesteer in technicolour! En nee, ek vat nie nonsens van hom nie. As Jesus die godsdiensgees anders gehanteer het, sou ek verskoning moes vra. Maar Hy het nie! Volgens jou beskouïng het Hy dus ook nie die vrugte van die Gees gedra nie!
En nee, Joe, dit gaan nie oor Eben Swart nie. Dit gaan oor Hom!
Dawie 24 Jan 2013 at 15:17
Hello Eben

Ek glo dat mense altyd gaan fout vind met die een wat goeie werk doen... Daarom is Jesus tot vandag toe in die teenwoordige tyd gekritiseer. Maar net die wat gelei word deur die Gees is seuns van God. Maak ni saak in watter bediening n mens is ni, ek glo dit moet na die bediening van versoening lei in Christus.
Sterkte verder met jou werk, as dit ni vir jou navorsing was ni sou ek ni tot kennis gekom het ni...nie dat n mens daar bly eet ni..n mens stap aan in jou geloofspad..maar klomp vrae wat ek gehad het is beantwoord deur jou!
Dankie vir als word waardeer.
Paul Bothma 1 Feb 2013 at 11:54
Hi all.
You are (only some though) somewhat drawing the attention away from the TRUTH.
The truth is not always nice to hear, and more so, not nice to react to.
Eben's "job" is to investigate and to point out false teachings. God expects this of the body of Christ - see the letters in Rev 2 & 3.
Jesus Christ is our life, any teaching that places the attention on our works and roots etc detracts from Christ as our life.
I do not know Eben personally and have no agenda in his support, all i can say is that i made a study of some of his works, and it made a difference in my life.
The Holy Spirit was dealing with me for a long time concerning law teachings in the church etc.. and by a very "strange coincidence" (humanly speaking) i came across some of Ebens "Home church" work.
It was the piece of the puzzle i still needed.
Today we have a home group that meet twice a week and for the first time we are preaching CHRIST without man made laws and we all have discovered that we were blinded by human institutions - NOT drawing us to Christ.

Here is my bottom line - if you do NOT want to believe something, then don't and leave it alone.
Otherwise, investigate, evaluate, pray, discuss and discover. Be willing to accept that you might need to change, but if you are sincere about God, he WILL be sincere with you -- He was very sincere when His beloved Son was sacrificed.
Dawie 8 Feb 2013 at 11:27
Vir elk1 wat lees wil ek net deel wat die Heilige Gees aan my oop maak... Die heilige waarheid maak jou vry maar die heilige waarheid maak ook gesond!!! Ni alle waarheid is waar ni en inteendeel dit maak jou hoe weet jy dat dit die waarheid is wat God wil he jy moet weet? Deur net bybel te lees en jou eie opini te maak en dink dit is God wat daardeer met jou praat?? NEE!!! Jy moet die Heilige Gees se STEM begin hoor... Amen!!! Mense moet dit begin verstaan want n ongelowige kan sy eie goed gaan staaf in die Woord van God soos dit hom pas..
Dawie 9 Feb 2013 at 21:56
Hello Eben

Jammer om jou die vraag te vra, my kennis beperk tenopsigte van hoe sekere kerke die doop sien. Dit bring my tot die vraag van hoe Babtiste-teoloe die doop sien? As jy voel dit is ni die regte plek om my te antwoord ni, kan jy my antwoord by
Baie Dankie
Leanne 11 Feb 2013 at 12:04
Eben, mag jy sekere van die onderstaande geskrywe soos water van jou skouers laat afloop!!! Die Here openbaar aan die wie se ORE en OE oop is. Jou studies is vir my FANTASTIES, die Here het jou geseen om die dinge vir ons te vertel!!!!!
Eben Swart 3 Mar 2013 at 13:27

Jy's welkom om te vra!

Ekself is nie 'n teoloog nie. Maar vir soveel as wat ek daarvan verstaan, verstaan Baptiste teoloë dat die doop die volgende simboliseer:
1. Sterwe en begrafnis saam met Christus.
2. Opstanding saam met Christus.
Die waterbad en onderdompeling word beskou as 'n watergraf waarin die dopeling sterf (onderdompeling in bad) en opstaan (herrys uit bad).

Bostaande beskouïng is presies in lyn met die Nuwe Testamentiese aanhalings vanuit die Ou Testament dat die doop voorafgeskadu word deur:
1. Noag se vloed
2. Israel se tog deur die Rooi See.

Die dopeling identifiseer homself dus op die diepste moontlike vlak met Christus se lyding en dood, sowel as Sy opstanding en verheerliking.
Martin Hoffmann 7 Mar 2013 at 21:50

Kinders van konings, sogenaamde prinse en prinsesse, praat met gesag, want hulle het gesag... REG?

Met hoeveel gesag 'mag' ñ kind van die WARE Koning dan praat?

Jy kan nie voorskryf nie. Jesus het dit voorgeskryf.
Dit is die gesag wat Eben gebruik en kan gebruik.

Het jy al vir Yaweh kwaad gesien?
Ek wonder wat jy sal 'comment' ...

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