Kundalini - The Counterfeit Holy Spirit

Kundalini - The Counterfeit Holy Spirit
Price:R500 (+R51 postage)
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Order Procedure

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This set is the end result of a breakthrough in spiritual research – and literally represents a FIRST in the world! For many centuries and even millennia the demonic principality of Kundalini had been unknown among God’s people. The time to learn about it though, is NOW! Kundalini forms the foundation on which virtually every major pagan religion in the world is based: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, New Age, Cabbala, Freemasonry, Wicca, Shamanism, Satanism, etc. Due to its ignorance concerning this spirit, the church, for many years, has thrown its missionaries to the wolves – never empowering them with knowledge to know where the resistance against their work will originate from or how to counteract it. We conclude with a prayer of renunciation.
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Deon Rossouw 29 Oct 2015 at 20:07
Ek groet u in die wonderlike naam van Jesus. Een van my mede gelowe
het die dvd geleen van Die vals Heilige Gees. Ek wil ook een by jul 
Koop. Wat moet ek doen om een te kry.
Blessings Deon 
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Eben Swart 31 Oct 2015 at 19:59

Laat "hover" doodgewoon jou muis oor die "order procedure"-skakel hierbo, en die bestellingsprosedure sal verskyn.

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