Kundalini Part 5

Kundalini Part 5
Recorded:1 Feb 2009
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 44m 32s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The New Testament replaces the Old Testament's physical circumcision at the foreskin with circumcision of the heart. Few Christians comprehend what this really means. We take a look at relatively recent research concerning human DNA, and its implications in terms of the Kundalini. This results in a whole new perspective on the seed of Satan and circumcision of the heart.


  • Jewish Circumcision.
    • Gentile Circumcision.
      • Circumcision of the Heart.
        • The Fleshy Tables of the Heart.
          • The Role of DNA in God's Covenant with Abraham.
            • DNA.
              • Testing "junk" DNA.
                • A Language on our DNA?
                  • What Kundalini is.
                    • A Fallen Angel?
                      • The Seed of Satan and the Woman.
                        • The Seed of Satan growing along.
                          • Kundalini = Seed of Satan?
                            • Can our DNA change?
                              • DNA cán change.
                                • When does it change?
                                  • The sinful Nature dies.
                                      • Prayer of Repentance. Prayer of Renunciation.
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