Hebrew Roots: SA in Crisis

by Eben Swart 6 Sep 2011 Download article in PDF format
This article explores the dangers of the rapidly growing Messianism, Hebrew Roots and Torah groups movements in South Africa. Since everything these people say, comes straight from Scripture and most often from the Old Testament, every believer should be thoroughly informed concerning the many dangerous unspoken and hidden errors that underpin their teaching. Read, child of God, and learn!

Session 1:

A fundamental Shift in Church History

I see a crisis brewing in South Africa:

God is moving sovereignly in the world, and particularly in South Africa. In our day, we are witnessing a fundamental shift in Christendom – a shift which students of Christianity would, years from now, label as one of the most fundamental changes in Christendom in its entire history.
We are witnessing the end of an epoch which lasted almost 1600 years:
The final decades of the Institutional Church. As recently as 5 years ago, I was vehemently rebuked and rejected by several ministry leaders when I dared speak out on this phenomenon. Today, a mere 5 years later, it is widely accepted as fact.
What started years ago as a trickle, leaking from tiny cracks, has now become a raging torrent of new wine gushing from old, burst wineskins:
Members are leaving the institutional church in droves. During the last 25 years the largest denomination in SA has lost 25% of its members at ever  increasing rates.
This phenomenon is not limited to SA. Worldwide, institutional church leaders are panic-stricken due to dwindling ranks. Centuries of running a business whilst playing church has caught up with the institution. The age of information and communication has opened the eyes of its membership. And they aren’t satisfied with hamster-milling their church systems any more. They simply leave.

Where to?

This is an important question.
It hits you in the face like a wet newspaper as soon as you arrive home after huffing out of the institution for the last time.

Where to now?

Personally, I’ve had to deal with this question hundreds, maybe thousands of times. At present, I have to answer it almost every day – because so many people ask!
To cut a VERY LONG story VERY SHORT:
I personally believe the answer lies in House Churches, Home Groups, Small Groups, whatever you’d like to call them. My wife and I have been part of such a group for the past 5 years – by far our best church experience ever. We aren’t the leaders; we aren’t even elders. We are nothing. Hallelujah!
And ever since the Lord started to reveal his Master Plan to us in prayer with many other intercessors, we have been encouraging and teaching folks wherever we went to start such groups. And, praise Him, many such groups have started during the past 5 years. And even more are still in the process of doing so. And many thousands are still to come!
Witnessing this gives me a thrill beyond description, since we are witnessing a re-enactment of the Book of Acts. The Father is up to something BIG!

But this article is not about House Churches, Home Groups or Small Groups.
I want to zoom in on a phenomenon which I believe is part of the Father’s future strategy, but currently threatens to hijack or derail everything the Father is doing:

The rise of a number of related movements; some older, and some younger; some right-winged, some left-winged; some radical, some conservative.
Large percentages of those who leave their churches get entrapped into these:

A. Sabbatarianism, Messianism, Torah Groups, Hebrew Roots and Talmudism.
Each group overlaps with at least one other group, and forms part of an even more comprehensive spectrum of movements:
B. Israel Vision, Anglo(British) Israelism, Sabbatarianism, Messianism, Torah Groups, Hebrew Roots, Talmudism, Numerology and Witchcraft, Freemasonry and Cabbala.
All have one thing in common: Study of the Torah.

I would restrict myself to the groups mentioned in A.

Wherever I travel in SA, I often meet up with adherents of these movements. They are usually very nice people from whom I learn much. I love their insights and true craving for more. I’ve talked to them, laughed with them, lived with them, dined with them and worshipped with them. Some of them count amongst my best friends and most loyal supporters.

Smelling a Rat

But I smell a rat amongst these movements. Not one rat, but several.

This is serious.

By the Spirit of the Father I believe the spiritual future of this country is at stake.
I believe that, whatever we would decide to do with these rats will prove to be decisive concerning the future increase of The Kingdom in South Africa.
If the people who have left the institution flock into the minefields and drift sands of these movements, the Kingdom in SA might soon find itself hopelessly stuck.

A brand new old Prison!

The Scriptures say it is stupid to pour new wine into old wineskins. You lose the wine, as well as the skins.
Scripture also deems it stupid to sew a new patch onto an old garment. The patch rips the garment apart, and you lose both.
It is also stupid to escape from one prison, just to walk straight into the next one across the road. It might look promisingly different and more homely, but it’s still a prison. You’re still an inmate with no freedom.

I believe many who have escaped from the prison of the institutional church have walked straight into a different kind of prison. Few have paid attention to the clanging of the steel doors as they locked behind them.
If you’ve spent your entire institutional church life in dark, murky dungeons of passivity and nothingness, some healthy exercise feels good for the first couple of days. Until you realize you’re actually serving a sentence of Hard Labour.

Session 2:
Previous mistakes concerning the Torah,
and its restoration.

Is the Torah really obsolete?

Reformed, Calvinist theology deems the Torah obsolete (the Torah being the first five books of the OT, or Pentateuch:
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers – the books traditionally believed to have been written by Moses).
In our Bibles, “Torah” is often translated with “law” – although “instruction” would be more accurate.

A verse often quoted by adherents of this theology is:
Christ is the end of the law … Rom. 10:4
often without giving any thought to the origin of the word “end”. For them, this verse then epitomises the doctrine which says that Christ had terminated the law. According to this doctrine, we currently don’t live under the law any more, but rather under grace (John 1:17; Rom. 6:14).
Moreover, standard theology correctly concludes that we are saved by faith alone, through grace – and not by keeping the Torah.
These doctrines resulted in an almost complete abolition of the Torah in the Institutional Church. One would seldom hear any sermon on any aspect of the Torah. Sermons would mostly be based on the New Testament.
(Theologians somehow forgot that Torah actually means “instruction”. We all agree that the Torah cannot save us – but it can disciple us! In the OT, the Torah actually, over the course of 400 years, discipled a homeless, foodless, waterless, rebellious mob with a slave mentality on the shores of the Reed Sea into the greatest nation on the face of the earth in the time of Solomon!)
In the process, the NT became conceptually dislodged from the OT – which resulted in seriously warped proclamations from modern-day theologians.

The word “end” in Christ is the end of the law … is the Greek word telos, which could also mean “the end to which all things relate, the aim, purpose”. Which would mean that Christ never terminated the Torah, but that the entire Torah actually foreshadows Him!
Also Messiah Himself proclaimed that the Father never sent Him to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill it – Mat. 5:17. Which means that Messiah does not (like the institutional church usually does) put an equal sign between fulfillment and abolition.
These and many other scriptures have led some believers to reconsider the OT, and especially the Torah.
And as they started to study it, they found that they actually started to understand the NT better! Actually, they realized that the NT could not be properly understood without a thorough understanding of the Torah!
The New Testament flows forth from the Torah! The NT is made up of the ingredients of the Torah! The NT is the fulfillment of the Torah!

If the NT were to represent addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, then the Torah would represent the whole numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, … etc.
If the NT were to represent chemical compounds, then the Torah would represent the elements Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, … etc.
If the NT were to represent dancing, then the Torah would represent Newton’s three laws of motion in Classical Mechanics.
In Theology, this concept is embedded in the term: Foreshadowing.

So believers realized that the Torah is all but obsolete. That it is all but terminated. They discovered that the talit and tabernacle foreshadowed the Temple of Solomon, which in turn foreshadowed the bodies of believers as temples of the Holy Spirit. They discovered that the Biblical feasts foreshadowed the coming of the Messiah, and seemingly the End Time and heavenly orders.
Some started to learn Hebrew, and were amazed by the hieroglyphic and numerical attributes of this ancient language, and how they seem to tie in with Scripture. And many, many, many more things.
One could say that the very roots of our faith were rediscovered, after they’d been forgotten for many hundreds of years. Hence the term: Hebrew Roots.

Corrupting the Corruptible

But then, as is the way of all flesh, some began to corrupt these rediscoveries for their own personal interest or sin:
Those who needed to cover up their own racist hearts with good-sounding doctrine invented Israel Vision and British Israelism.
Those who lusted after money and power went into Freemasonry.
Those who fell prey to false prophecies embraced Sabbatarianism/Adventism.
And those who had theological idols in their hearts fell prey to Talmudism.

And, alas, in the middle of the spectrum, many kind-hearted, sincere believers got ensnared by the traps of Messianism, Torah groups and Hebrew Roots.

Let me make it abundantly clear:
As far as I know, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these last three.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong with Christianity. But one encounters horribly deceived Christians. They aren’t deceived because they are bad. They are deceived because they take bad decisions.
Even so, one encounters horribly deceived Messianics, Torah groups and Hebrew Rooters. They take bad decisions.
Hebrew Roots and Torah study is a minefield (Almost without exception, the learned rabbi’s, Sadducees and Pharisees of the time of Messiah fell into its traps, remember?) And if new, freshly out-of-church disciples aren’t equipped to discern which Torah teachers are wolves in sheep’s clothing (which equipping very few churches, if any, do), they are usually mightily impressed with their new “knowledge” and accepts any teaching straight or skew. Hence these groups, over time, often grow terribly twisted.

This article will explore WHY they grow skew.

Can we talk?

Dear friends and fellow-believers, I am painfully aware of the fact that, during the course of this article series, I’m going to upset, and might even alienate some (if I haven’t done so already!).
But I cannot keep quiet. For the sake of the Kingdom we’ll have to start talking about the unspeakable. We cannot allow our petty preferences and pet doctrines to stand in the way of the Kingdom.
The current-day study of the Torah has rediscovered an amazing set of truths – truths which I believe will help the Body of Believers greatly in times to come.
But just as important is the fact that we need to start drawing boundaries and set parameters so that the whole “Torah business” does not spin out of control. Personally, I see urgent red lights flashing in this regard.
The Father is doing a stunning thing in our day. But as His free-willed representatives and as co-workers with Messiah, we have the ability to sabotage everything, just like Israel and Judah, by their own rebellion, sabotaged the Father’s dream for them – resulting in terrible exiles.
This won’t stop the Father, though. Only WE will suffer – in the long run His plans shall prevail.

According to Messiah’s own words, His gospel is the gospel of the Kingdom – not the gospel of the Torah.
We may never slaughter the Kingdom on the altar of the Torah. If so, we would slaughter Messiah all over again. And, alas, this is what is currently happening. The aim of the Torah is Messiah – and He was sent to earth to establish his Father’s Kingdom. If we forget the Kingdom, then we forget Messiah. And if we forget Messiah, ironically,
we forget the Torah.

Some will surely accuse me of any combination of the usual battery of evils deployed to discredit any critic of anything remotely Jewish:
Anti-Semitism, Nazism, Replacement Theology, Arab-hugging, ignorance, Greek mindset, Calvinism, etc.
Those who know me, would be happy to testify that I embrace none of these. In fact, I teach against these in much of what is freely available as downloads on our website www.trumpetcall.co.za.
So please, before you draw the long knives, be sure of what I really teach.

Rather, I would like to invite all to take the journey together, and allow the Ruach to speak truth to us in our inner man. Whatever might not represent truth, we might happily discard, but the Scriptures command us to LOVE whatever represents truth. It also warns us that if we would refuse to love the truth, and prefer to side with lies, we
would be handed over to its power, so we would believe it, be deceived, and not be saved.

When a person is deceived
he doesn’t realize he’s deceived
because he’s deceived.

Session 3:
Zorba, dear Zorba …

Reformed Theology vs Torah Study

In our day, we see two currents opposing one another:
1. Reformed Theology declares the Torah obsolete – because such a declaration suits this theology system.
 Thus, Reformed Theology does not read its WHOLE Bible – and becomes deceived.
The classic example of this phenomenon is the erroneous view that the Messiah rose from the grave on the first day of the week. This results from dire Torah-knowledge.
2. Similarly, Torah groups often fabricate reasons to explain away some parts of the New Testament – because it suits their viewpoint to do so. Hence, you often find stiff resistance against especially the book of Galatians, or even the apostle Paul and all of his writings. Thus, some Torah groups don’t read their WHOLE Bibles either – and become deceived.
The classic example of this phenomenon is the literal (letter) obedience of the Torah – as if we never entered into a covenant of the Spirit. And if the Torah loses sight of the Spirit, it loses sight of its own reason for existence.

We thus see that Torah groups often commit the same evil, and become taken by the same spirit that they have originally set out to oppose. And every time, this results in deception.

Dishonesty concerning the Greek Issue.

Torah groups are also often guilty of grave inconsistencies (or you could simply call it dishonesty) in their views:

1. The Greek/Hebrew mindsets:
In Hebrew Roots teaching much is made of the fact that the Hebrew mindset is holistic and synthetical, whereas the Greek mindset is analytical.
These two mindsets represent two different ways of thinking. Hebrew Roots then rightly teaches that the Scriptures should be read with a Hebrew mindset, and not with a Greek mindset.
But more often than not in Hebrew Roots teaching, the Greek mindset gets hammered and slaughtered. Almost every evil of Western society is then deemed to be the fruit of a Greek/Hellenistic mindset. Finally, Greek thinking gets dumped into the “sin bin” - to serve a life sentence of solitary confinement.
Strangely, it never seems to occur to these teachers that the Father, in his Wisdom, had thought it a good idea to make his Son known to mankind in GREEK – for at least the first 2000 years of Christianity. Greek is the best we’ve had for source documents all these millennia.
And if challenged by this fact, Torah teachers are quick to respond that good reasons exist to believe that at least some of the gospels were originally written in Hebrew – not Greek.
This is true.
But WHERE are those gospels? Why hasn’t anybody ever come forward with them? Yes, some fragmentary parts lie in libraries somewhere. And yes, some claim to have found originals in Iraq in 2002. But where are those Iraqi originals? Nobody other than the claimants seem to have ever seen them – an excellent strategy to fabricate one’s own “Bible”.
The fact is, nobody can – or could. At least not in our present day.
Which still leaves us with the fact that the Father had decided that we should know his Son via GREEK – for at least the first 2000 years of Christianity.
Has the Father made a mistake? Has He imposed onto us an evil, pagan mindset through this language? Would we have known the Messiah better via Hebrew? – then the Father is certainly in error! Should we still wait for those manuscripts to finally arrive?
Clay pot, who are you to ask the potter “What are you doing?” You are only revealing your prideful heart!
When asked whether they regarded Greek as a God-given language, some Hebrew Roots teachers in SA arrogantly wrote “No”. Do we need any additional proof of grave deception?
If it weren’t for Greek, those teachers wouldn’t even have known their Redeemer! Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. And God had sovereignly decided that his Word about his Son, in our day, should come to us in Greek.

2. The Greek mindset and technology:
Also, Hebrew Rooters are dishonest about yet another phenomenon concerning Greek:
The analytical nature of the Greek mindset has brought many, many useful fruits to the modern Western world – of which science and technology are paramount.
Whilst Hebrew Rooters condemn the Greek mindset to eternal flames, they happily use technology every day, not realizing that they are actually engaging with the fruits of this “evil” mindset!
Cluelessly and audaciously, they even employ technology to spread their condemnation of the Greek mindset!
Hebrew Rooter, I’m afraid you’ve painted yourself into a corner:
To maintain your integrity and credibility, you either need to stop all use of technology, or drop your bias against the Greek language. You cannot have your cake AND eat it!
The choice is yours.

How much value does the religious keeping of the Torah have if you throw the Father’s gift (Greek) back into His face, and live a dishonest, lying life concerning technology?

The Sons of Zion vs the Sons of Greece.

A long-time favourite of Greek condemnation amongst Torah teachers is this verse:
I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and make you like a warrior’s sword. – Zech. 9:13.
Some Torah teachers go to great lengths to make this verse mean that war should be declared on the Greek language and mindset. Is that REALLY the intended message this verse?

Repentance and Apologies.

Dear Hebrew Rooter and Torah student:
If you have swallowed this bait of Satan concerning the Greek language, and are guilty of slapping the Father’s gift back into His face, you need to make some serious repentance. Teachers of this lie should make public repentance, apologize to and ask forgiveness from those they have deceived.
That’s the easy part. He is quick to forgive.
The difficult part will be to reset your thinking to “default factory settings” – in other words, the way they were BEFORE you started to believe this lie. Only by the power of the Spirit this will be possible – and will take some time.
But for the sake of the Kingdom, it is well worth the effort!

Session 4:
To all the idols I’ve loved before …

The Hebrew Language is neither original, nor holy.

In Torah classes, one often hears the claim:
“Hebrew was the original language given to man by God.”
Sometimes you might even pick up hints that Hebrew is some or other “holy” (sorry, sorry, … ) “set apart” language, since the OT or Tanakh was recorded thus.
This, notwithstanding the fact that there is absolutely NO indication, not even the slightest hint in the entire Scriptures that the Hebrew language should be regarded as better or in any way superior to any other language.
These claims of Torah and Hebrew Roots teachers are simply not true.
There are neither Biblical, nor historical grounds for this claim.

Here’s what we know today:
In the Middle East, until about 3500 – 3000 BCE, a language, which scholars call Proto-Semitic, was spoken. At about that time, the Acadian (Babylonian) branch of the Semitic languages split off the mainstream, and left West Semitic to remain. Prior to 2000 BCE, West Semitic divided into South Semitic (whose major descendants are Arabic and the Semitic languages of Ethiopia) and Northwest Semitic (including Aramaic and the Canaanite languages – of which Biblical Hebrew is one).
We thus see that Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, Arabic and Canaanite languages all share the same root: Proto-Semitic.

So, shall we all, for the record, please take note of the fact that Biblical Hebrew as a language is neither original, nor “holy”.

The serious part about the above-mentioned is this:
Attribution of unique, godly traits to any esteemed, but undeserving concept is a rather reliable indicator of idolatry.
In the said movements, Hebrew as a language gets raised to a level which it does not deserve. A position which is based in lies and utter nonsense.
Over many years, I have attended many Messianic, Torah or Hebrew Roots groups who have fallen into this trap. Idolatry is sin, and needs to be repented of.

The Hebrew Alefbet and its human additions.

In the said movements, one often encounters teachings concerning the numerical and/or hieroglyphic/pictogrammatic nature of the Hebrew language. A long-time favourite example is the first Hebrew word in Gen. 1:1. reshiyth.
The teaching goes that every Hebrew letter has a picture associate – its so-called “pictogram”. Also, that every Hebrew letter possesses an associated numerical value.
The “man’s head”-pictogram, for instance, is then connected to the Hebrew letter reish, the “ox-head” pictogram to the Hebrew letter alef, etc.
Then, to each pictogram, a concept gets connected, e.g. the concepts “first, top or beginning” are associated with the man’s head, and “strength, power or leader” to the ox head, etc.
Also, numerical values are attributed to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, by means of which premeditated calculations are then made (called gematria). Only those premeditated, selective calculations are chosen which would reinforce the teaching aim of the teacher. Other valid permutations or manipulations are simply omitted and never mentioned.
The pictograms and their associated concepts, the numerical values and their selective calculations are then hashed into a teaching – e.g. to demonstrate how the very first Hebrew word of the Torah, reshiyth, actually tells the entire story of the Bible.
On hearing this, the audience usually rejoices and says: “How wonderful!” (the most sensible response possible to most of these teachings).

The Origins of
associated Concepts
Numerical Values (Gematria)

The question is:
Where do we get these pictograms, associated concepts and numerical values from?

Here are the facts:
Nowhere in the world any known, original example of pictogrammatic Hebrew writing exists. Nowhere. Anywhere.
The oldest discovered Hebrew texts in the world have been written in paleo-Hebrew. Not even scholars are exactly sure how these should be read: Left-to-right, right-to-left or diagonally. And paleo-Hebrew is syllabic by nature (i.e. the letters represent sounds, not concepts – like pictograms).
Paleo-Hebrew, in which our oldest existing examples of Hebrew text are written, represents most probably (nobody is 100% sure!) a later development of original pictogrammatic text (of which we don’t have any examples left today – if they ever existed!).
1. From paleo-Hebrew, scholars can “reverse engineer” the original pictograms by comparing paleo-Hebrew characters to other alphabets of the time, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, paleo-Aramaic or even Middle Greek. But “reverse engineering” is a rather speculative process.
2. Also, the concepts associated with these pictograms have been “reverse engineered” by attributing the syllabic value of a specific letter to a concept (in Hebrew) starting with that particular sound. This, also, comprises a rather speculative process – not much more than a guessing game.
3. The associated numerical values of Hebrew letters stem from tradition. But nobody seems to be sure when this started, or exactly who did it first. Or why this person(s) chose the existing accepted values for each Hebrew character. What we are sure about, is that they are extra-Biblical. Nowhere in the Torah are we ever commanded or advised to attribute numerical values to the Hebrew alphabet (or rather alefbet).


So what is the sum total of all of this?

Well, the pictograms are, at best, speculative – i.e. guesswork.
The associated concepts are also speculative – i.e. guesswork building on top of previous guesswork.
And, as we all know, speculation usually boils down to 95% hogwash.  
Which means that – to give these teachers the benefit of the doubt – at least 80% of the pictogrammatic and numeric teaching in Messianic, Torah groups or Hebrew Roots is based in guesswork. Or, to call a spade a spade – it’s 80% hogwash. It’s rather like “Hebrew astrology” or “Hebrew horoscopes”. And, ominously, it constitutes the first wobbly steps towards full-blown Cabbalism (or Jewish mysticism) – the deepest form of occult I am personally aware of.
With speculative pictograms and associated doubly speculative concepts, one can fabricate a whole saga for every Hebrew word. Pour the numbers and numerology into the mix, and one can almost create anything out of everything! The very same method, although with different elements, is what astrologers employ when drawing up horoscopes.
Do you really want to buy into that?

So next time you respond to these teachings, rather say: “How wonderful! – speculatively!”

Folks, we are bringing dishonour to the Godhead by “praising” Him for things that are based in speculation. It’s a bit like somebody who would heartily congratulate you with what he sincerely believes is your 500th birthday!
Wouldn’t you think he’s rather silly and wonder whether he’s pulling your leg or something? Wouldn’t that leave you somewhat embarrassed?

When one has only 54 parshahs to teach on annually, then pictograms, associated concepts and numbers come in handy to add some spice to what has become rather dull and stale after several decades of teaching. These pictograms, associated concepts and numbers could keep one busy for a looooong, looooong time – with every “How wonderful” taking you one small step of agreement closer to full-blown Cabbalism.


Speaking of parshahs:
The Tanakh (or OT) was divided into 54 readings, most probably during the time of Ezra or Nehemiah, when the children of Israel returned to their country from exile. The leaders of that time were painfully aware of the fact that the nation had been carried off into exile for 70 years because of their disobedience to the Torah. So they devised a system according to which no 3 days would pass without Torah reading – hence the 54 parshahs or “readings”. Each parshah would then correspond to a certain time of the year and would be read during that particular time.
But, as any good Christian would know, the parshah system is simply human – much like the human chapter-and-verse divisions in the Bible. One shouldn’t do numerological calculations with them or use them as a basis for prophecy.

But, unbelievably, on a recent tour through Israel, our well known, seriously Hebrew Roots tour leader advised our entire group of about 30 men to establish the specific parshah which would correspond to their date of birth (does this sound somewhat horoscopey?). He taught that one’s personal destiny is locked up in that particular part of Scripture, after which he ceremoniously prophesied on Mount Carmel(!) over each tour member individually – according to their “personal” parshahs.
And because nobody has ever warned them about the serious errors amongst Hebrew Roots teachers, only about 5 of the 30 men refused this “ministry” (of whom I was one). I felt particularly sorry for a certain guy whose parshah was the chapter in Leviticus 13 on MILDEW and MOULD. Sadly, and amusingly, his destiny seems to be locked up in MOULD!
This is just one example of the utter baloney that gets taught, and witchcraft that gets performed by Hebrew Roots teachers in the name of Torah.

A pure Language?

A popular argument in favour of the use of Hebrew is Zeph.3:9:
For then I will return to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one accord.
For reasons unbeknownst to outsiders, Torah and Hebrew Roots groups unanimously conclude that this “pure language” can be but one language: Hebrew.
The verse above was originally recorded in Hebrew, right?
Why then does it use the indefinite article “a” in stead of the definite article “the”?
Why doesn’t it say “the pure language”, but calls it “a pure language”?
Was Hebrew a known language at the time of the recording of this verse? Certainly – the verse was recorded in Hebrew! Why then call Hebrew “a” pure language – as if it didn’t yet exist? If Hebrew was known as “the pure language” – then why not call it such?

At this point, let’s make this abundantly clear:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with Hebrew studies or the Hebrew language as such.
But I hope that I’ve been successful in demonstrating how, among specific theological mindsets, the Hebrew language has become an idol to which undeserved, almost divine properties have been ascribed. And this leads to idolatry, occultism and witchcraft.

Unfortunately, folks, there’s much, much more to come …

Session 5:
Let the Feasts begin!

One of the most meritorious restorations the Hebrew Roots Movement has brought us is the restoration of the Biblical Feasts.
Personally, I believe today’s Christians are so caught up in worldly, pagan-rooted feasts (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Mother’s and Father’s day, birthdays, etc) that Christians at large are “dancing” to the annual “beat” of these feasts, in stead of dancing to the annual “beat” of the feasts of our Creator (the feast of trumpets, the feast of tabernacles, etc). I believe our current “off-beat dancing” detrimentally affects our godly times and seasons, and sowing and reaping.
But even with solid, Biblical ground beneath their feet, Hebrew Roots and Torah teachers have succeeded in messing up, and perverting even this concept.

The Father’s feasts, as opposed to Jewish feasts:

Amongst traditional Calvinist Christians in South Africa one often encounters stiff resistance against the celebration of “Jewish” feasts. This opposition finds its roots in Reformed Theology, as well as SA history.
In their response, Hebrew Roots and Torah teachers make much of the fact that the Biblical feasts are not JEWISH feasts, but YAHWEH’s feasts.
In saying this, they are 100% correct, because this is exactly how Scripture puts it. The Father explicitly commanded the nation of Israel to keep these feasts.
But EVERY time in Hebrew Roots and Torah groups, without exception, the practical celebrations of these feasts are taught containing comprehensive, elaborate – but extra-Biblical – JEWISH cultural and traditional content! The practical expression of the Biblical feasts amongst Torah and Hebrew Roots groups are unequivocally JEWISH in terms of objects used, food eaten, cultural expression, language spoken, garments worn, symbolism expressed and tradition reinforced.

The dire Effects of extra-Biblical Ritualism

If the problem would only be their Jewishness, the effects of these celebrations would have been much less severe. But this is not the case.
These celebrations overstep the spiritual boundary towards Judaism, and hence open spiritual doors to the spirits behind Judaism. Evil spirits.
Since very few denominational church leaders possess or teach any understanding concerning the spiritual realm, most naïve, nominal, freshly out-of-church Christians simply don’t realize that any ritualistic religion performed outside of Biblical boundaries attract spirits. Therefore, they easily get caught up in these celebrations. Moreover,
very few Torah teachers seem to be aware of this basic principle, and happily and irresponsibly teach their unsuspecting victims to apply every imaginable Jewish and Judaic bell and whistle to what they dishonestly call “Yahweh’s feasts”.

Judaism imprinted onto Biblical Feasts

I’ve heard numerous teachings on the various Biblical feasts. The extra-Biblical Jewish symbolism used during these feasts gets expounded by Hebrew Roots and Torah teachers to the extent that you’d think it forms part of man’s salvation! The most extreme one I’d recently encountered was that the wooden spoon used to mix a certain batter (for feast purposes) foreshadows the wooden cross of Messiah! – which would mean that if the poor lady mixing the batter would use a metallic or plastic spoon to do
so, she would seriously mess up the symbolism! Some of these teachings are so far-fetched that one can hardly believe that reasonable people would embrace anything such.

So please, Hebrew Roots and Torah teachers, can we please get this straight:

You teach the feasts of the Father, but then celebrate them in unequivocal JEWISH fashion.
If so – I’m afraid – they ARE Jewish feasts - bordering on Judaism!
Could you please, for honesty’s sake, admit this in your teachings?

Example: Where in Scripture are we ever commanded to light candles at the start of Shabbat?
It’s simply not there, folks! It’s Jewish and Judaic tradition!
According to the Torah, Shabbat starts at dusk on Friday evening. And please forgive my ignorance, but I think the Jewish wives simply lit lamps when the sun set to drive away the darkness prior to the days of Eskom! It was simply a way of preventing Shabbat celebrations from proceeding in darkness! It has absolutely nothing to do with Shabbat as such.
But today the lighting of the Shabbat candles has become a solemn, seriously symbolical ritual, accompanied by the following religious (Hebrew!) prayer:

Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam
asher kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu
l’had’lik neir shel Shabbat. (Amein)

Which translates to:

Blessed are you, Lord, our God, sovereign of the universe
who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us
to light the lights of Shabbat
. (Amen)

This prayer attests of grave deception. But it sounds immensely impressive when your hearers have never considered whether it is Scriptural, and blankly don’t understand a word of it.

Keep Biblical Feasts Biblical!

In order to recognize its roots, a leaf doesn’t have to BECOME a root.
It needs not go underground, dig through rocks and dirt, drink root beer or speak Rootish. No, it may remain a leaf, rustle in the wind, drink leaf sap and speak Leafish.

In their blind rush to restore Hebrew and Jewish customs, it seems to have escaped the attention of these teachers that the Father explicitly recognizes the existence and diversity of nations, tribes and tongues (because He created them all!).
The Father understands Afrikaans and English quite well. He doesn’t answer prayers because they are in Hebrew. Rather, He answers prayers because they represent His will, are in the name of Messiah and come from a humble heart of faith.
Ritual prayer – outside of the Father’s will – is witchcraft. I’m afraid this is exactly what some sincerely mislead Shabbat celebrators do every week. This needs to be repented of.

Feasts celebrated the Jewish way are Jewish feasts.
The Father’s feasts are the Father’s feasts. What He wants us to do when celebrating those feasts, He has told us in the Torah. Whatever is NOT in the Torah, needn’t be celebrated the Jewish way. We may colour and clothe that in whichever way we, by the Spirit of the Father, deem practical, sensible, proper or applicable in our many different cultures around the world. And I honestly believe the Father just loves to see his children expressing Him in SO MANY different ways!

Session 6:
Let some Feasts stop!

Today we’ll be dealing with yet more dishonesty among some Hebrew Roots teachers:

What is worst: Pagan feasts or extra-Biblical Jewish feasts?

Hebrew Roots teachers are adept at pointing out exactly why the accepted and annually celebrated feasts in society and the church have pagan roots, are extra-Biblical and aren’t mentioned in Torah. Amongst these would count feasts like Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and birthdays.
And, of course, these teachers are perfectly right.
But then some of these teachers teach their flocks to celebrate Purim. Or Chanukah.
1.   Purim is a Jewish feast celebrated in remembrance of the miraculous rescue ofthe children of Israel from the hand of Haman in the Persian empire, through the intercession of Queen Esther or Hadassah.
The Father never commanded this feast. And although any right-minded Christian would wholly grant the Jewish people their right to have such a historical, cultural feast, it does not form part of the Torah. Israel was never commanded to celebrate this historical event – much less were Gentiles ever commanded to do so!
2.   Chanukah – also known as the Festival of Lights – is an eight-day Jewish Feast commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt in the 2nd century BCE.
And although this event is positioned right in the centre of the “silent” period of 400 years between the OT and NT (and is thus not even mentioned in the Bible), some Hebrew Roots and Torah teachers teach their flocks to celebrate Chanukah!
Once again, no one in his right mind would deny the Jewish people their right to commemorate such an important historical and cultural Jewish event. But Israel was never commanded to do so by the Father – in fact, the event does not even appear in Scripture! And much less were Gentiles ever commanded to do so!
3.   Let’s now talk about fulfilled Torah:
Pesach is a feast of the Father mandated by Scripture in the Torah. This was instituted by the Father to remind the children of Israel of their exodus from Egypt, and the blood of the lamb that saved them from the Angel of Death. This, clearly and simply, foreshadows man’s journey from sin and the blood of Messiah which saves him from death.
Any good teacher of the Torah would be adept at pointing out how Messiah complied with literally EVERY condition of the Torah to qualify as the sacrificial lamb – during the very time of Pesach in Jerusalem.
And on the very night of Pesach, He gathered with his disciples in the upper room, and instituted the Covenantal Meal (Holy Communion) with the symbols of bread and wine. He did this – clearly signifying that He, the Lamb of the Father, would fulfill every detail of the Pesach feast. By proclaiming the bread and the wine to be the symbols of the New Covenant (referring to Jer. 31), He makes it unambiguously clear that He wants His disciples to stop celebrating Pesach (since it is fulfilled and thus stops to foreshadow), and to start celebrating the Covenantal Meal in future – as often as they would remember Him, looking back to this event.
But many Torah and Hebrew Roots groups happily carry on celebrating Pesach, and neglecting Communion – thereby “backshadowing” the death of Messiah! The problem is: “Backshadowing” does not make any sense! One only values a shadow when one cannot yet see the reality. But once one knows the reality, the shadow represents poverty.The excuse that these groups “remember” the death of Messiah by celebrating Pesach is also not valid – because Messiah explicitly commanded us to employ Communion for that purpose. So the only sensible “remembrance” could be the remembrance of the lamb of Pesach – the shadow, which represents poverty in the light of the arrived and existing reality. By celebrating Pesach in “remembrance” one actually displays one’s own poverty or ignorance!
But Torah teachers don’t give up without a fight: They find some or other “new” eschatological foreshadowing purpose for Pesach – and teach their flocks to celebrate that – accompanied by every imaginable Jewish bell and whistle. But it never seems to occur to these teachers that finding a “new” eschatological purpose for Pesach constitutes disobedience to Torah – because that would mean adding to Torah. The Torah simply never says anything about an eschatological purpose for Pesach, and to make Pesach foreshadow something other than what Torah prescribes, means adding to Torah.

So could we please, for the record, once and for all, bury Pesach? And cease to display its mummy – long dead, but somehow lovingly embalmed – to the world? It brings glory neither to the Father, nor the Son or the Ruach. It actually denies the fulfillment on Calvary, and – as a prophetic act – pulls a spiritual veil across people’s hearts concerning this fact.
Even to this day, when Moses is read – a veil covers their hearts. But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  – 2 Cor. 3:15 - 17.

For personal reflection:
What about other fulfilled Biblical feasts?
What about Good Friday?

Session 7
What’s in a Name?

In their unbridled effort to “restore” the so-called “Sacred Names” of the Father, the Son and their Spirit, Torah teachers have, sadly, done more evil than good.

Popular Books

Several popular writings have circulated in SA during the past two decades, pointing out how the names of the Godhead have been changed in Scripture. Among these, two specific books are paramount: Come out of her, my people by CJ Koster, and Fossilized Customs by Lew White. Mixing truth with half-truths, and omitting relevant information, these two books have caused havoc in many a Christian’s life. And, because both propagate the use of the original, Hebrew names of the Godhead, these teachers (Torah, Hebrew Roots and especially Israel vision and British Israelism) have embraced these books and distributed them far and wide – another act of service to, and worship of the Hebrew language idol.

In their books, Koster and White, with varying degrees of credibility, set out to prove that virtually ALL the names and titles used among current-day Christians to indicate the Godhead and its three distinguishable Persons or Aspects, are of pagan origin. Among their victims are the terms: God, Lord, Jesus, Christ, holy, hallow, sacred, sanctified, glory, divine, divinity, etc.

Because of this, two discernable teachings have resulted amongst Torah and Hebrew Roots teachers concerning the name “Jesus”:
1.   The name “Jesus” is of pagan origin, is intrinsically Greek, and should thus be avoided.
2.   The name “Jesus” is of pagan origin, and actually indicates a pagan god. It should never be used in discussion or prayer. Other people who claim to be Christians but use the name “Jesus”, are actually deceived followers of some foreign god. Fellowship with them should be avoided, or even be forbidden.

Ironically and amusingly, the Aramaic version (“Yeshua”) of the original paleo-Hebrew name (Yahushua) seems to be acceptable to all these groups. According to scholars, this was in all probability the customary form during the time of the gospels. In other words:
Messiah’s mother most probably called Him by the un-Hebrew, yet Semitic name “Yeshua”.
Like most other writings on this topic, Koster and White quote resources from far and wide. They attempt to demonstrate how different parts of the name “Jesus” – or the entire original Greek form “Iesous” – hail from various pagan origins, and correspond to the names of pagan gods or goddesses like Ieso, Isis, Zeus, etc. But implicitly both authors admit to mere speculation – although they never directly point their readers towards this fact. White even concludes that “Je-sus” would actually mean “hail Zeus”!

Ironically, these learned men seem to be either unaware of, or bluntly ignoring the most obvious derivation of the name “Jesus”:

The most obvious Derivation of the Name “Jesus”.

Let us say this right at the start of this explanation:
It would not make ANY sense to a Greek person to call our Saviour “Yeshua”. (The gospels were recorded in Greek, remember?).
1.   Firstly, there is no “Ye”-sound in Greek. Therefore, if a Greek-speaking person would attempt to pronounce “Yeshua”, he simply would not be able to do so.
It’s a bit like an Afrikaans person trying to pronounce the English surname “Smith” without prior practice. There’s no “th”-sound in Afrikaans, so an Afrikaans person would probably choose the closest sound to “th” that he knows, and pronounce it as “Smif”.
Similarly, an English speaking person, without prior practice, would pronounce the Afrikaans name “Gert” as “Ghert”, since the fricative “G”-sound doesn’t occur in English.
And since the “Ye”-sound does not exist in Greek, a Greek speaking person would typically pronounce “Yeshua” as “Ieshua” – which represents the closest corresponding sounds in the Greek vernacular.
2.   But this is not the end of Greek problems with the Aramaic form “Yeshua.”
In Greek, any name ending in “-a” would represent a feminine. Compare the names of the well-known Greek goddesses Athen-a, Her-a, Proserpin-a, Europ-a, Helen-a, Atalant-a, etc.
Therefore, calling the Messiah “Ieshua” in Greek would indicate a woman!
Thus, to make any sense in Greek, “Ieshua” had to convert to “Ieshus” – to indicate the male gender, because Greek names ending in “-s” would indicate the masculine form. Compare the names of the well-known Greek (male) gods: Zeu-s, Apollo-s, Dionysu-s, Hephaestu-s, Heracle-s, Oedipu-s, Perseu-s, Herme-s, etc.
And in the Greek vernacular “Ieshus” would be pronounced as “Iesous”. This is the form whence we have the transliterated English and Afrikaans form “Jesus”. Transliteration is not translation. Transliteration imitates sounds.

The fact of the matter is that any Greek person who would sincerely and sensibly, without any hidden agendas or ulterior motives, pronounce “Yeshua” in his mother tongue, would do so as “Iesous”. “Iesous” is simply the sensible Greek rendering of “Yeshua” – similar to the different renderings of the Biblical book James (Eng) in other languages, like Jakobus (Afr) or Jacques (Fr).
Once one understands this, all the allegations about “Jesus” representing the names of the pagan gods Ieso, Isis or Zeus, wilts into ignorance and ridicule. It simply fades into Israel Vision, British Israelism and Hebrew Roots baloney.

Dire Consequences of the “Sacred Names”.

Why would one go into such technicalities as above to explain this to regular Christians?
Because these shameful lies from Torah teachers, in whichever movement they’re found, has caused havoc, and is still causing havoc in people’s relationship with Messiah. I’ve seen good Christians’ prayer lives ruined, utter despair and doubt about whether they are saved in the “right” name at all, health breakdowns, second baptisms in the “right” name, etc. In short: Serious confusion in the Body.
It seems as if the very anchor cables of one’s human spirit get cut by these nonsensical teachings – leaving one to helplessly drift and get knocked about by life’s waves. That is not from the Spirit of the Father, but from Satan himself.
Among the teachers of these lies, I invariably encounter conceit, self-righteousness, haughtiness and alienation from the rest of the Body.

The “Sacred Names” Merry-go-round.

Moreover, these teachers have confused the flock with a myriad of spellings and pronunciations of “sacred names” for the Father and the Son. Invariably, teachers of each individual name claim that “their” rendition represents the best researched, most original and most correct name! Also, they emphatically explain that they “cannot use another name” since they have come to “so love the Person by THAT name” – which represents little more than sentiment.
[I have a pet name for my wife Isabel. I lovingly call her Bella (Italian for “pretty”). I also “so love her by that name.” But I’m sure I’d be able to call her Isabel, or even Isabella – her true name, if I had to! It’s simply a matter of sentiment.]
Here are all the “true, best researched, most original, most correct names” for the Father and the Son:

The Father: Ieue, Ieueh, Iehue, Ieuweh, Iehuweh, Yahuweh, Yahuwah, Yehuweh, Yehuwah, Yaweh, Yahwheh, Yeweh, Jawe, Jaweh, Jahwe, Jawhe, Jawheh, J’we, J’hwe, J’hweh, etc.
The Son: Yahushua, Yahushuah Yehushua, Yahushua, Jahushua, Jehushua, Yeshua, Yehshua, Jeshua, Jehshua, Jashua, Jahshuah, J’shuah, etc.

In stead of “restoring” the Names, this has turned into a circus! With self-righteousness and shallow sentiment right at the bottom of it.
Are we really better off with this merry-go-round of names than simply with “Jesus”?
And please don’t accuse me of blasphemy. I’m not scoffing. It’s simply a ridiculous situation created by over-eager, competitive pedantry.

Two questions these teachers need to answer:
1.   In which name were you saved at the time when you got saved? Was your salvation in the name of Jesus by any means an inferior salvation? And if “Jesus” can save, then Jesus must be the Messiah, right?
2.   If you want me to use the sacred names, which one in the above mix should I use? Which ones are best or correct?

Even if one would revert to the Hebrew spelling (JHVH or Tetragrammaton), it still needs to be pronounced.
Or do we go the Jewish and Masonic route and never pronounce it?

The “Power” Claim.

But once again, these teachers don’t give up without a fight:

No”, they say, “but the sacred names have MORE POWER than the ‘Greek’ ones.
I’ve even heard the claim that “since I’ve started using the sacred names, the name ‘Jesus’ has no power anymore”!


I’ve put these claims to the test – in real-life situations. And after many years of putting the sacred names to the test in prayer, deliverance sessions and baptisms, I can confidently proclaim:
There is absolutely NO observable difference in the power behind the name “Jesus” and any variation of the sacred names. Not in prayer (answered prayer), baptisms (in terms of the baptisee starting to speak in tongues) or deliverance (demons leaving).
It seems that both the Father and the Son honour their “nicknames”. Who do you think you are to do different?

So, even the POWER claim of sacred names adherents gets exposed to be a lot of hot air.

Corporate Prayer in the “Sacred Names”.

Corporate prayer in the Hebrew sacred names is a most effective way of letting brothers and sisters “who are not in the know” feel inferior. And I’m sure that many who use the sacred names in corporate prayer are fully aware of this. This is a subtle, but infinitely effective way of establishing oneself just one or two notches above “the rest”.
Personally, I avoid doing this.
Would the Father or Messiah really approve of me having a little cozy prayer “insider” with Him to the exclusion of my prayer partners? Or would He rather have me call Him by His “nickname” to the inclusion of others, and unity in prayer with them?
Which of the two would be an honest reflection of His character?

Folks, could we please put an end to this indulgence? If you would prefer to use some variants of the sacred names, I’d be the last one to nag you not to do so. But please, stop shoving your brand of sacred names down other people’s throats! You’re not honouring the Father by doing so – you’re simply enforcing your will onto other Christians. Is “MY will be done” part of your daily prayer?

Blasphemy by the Sacred Names Movement

I wish I were wrong in saying this, but I’m afraid I’m not:
I have good reasons to believe that the majority of intentional, scornful, targeted blasphemy and denial of the name “Jesus” in the world today does not come from non-Christians, Hollywood or Satanism. It comes via the Torah movement.
This is sobering.

Is Jesus a pagan God?

If you teach that “Jesus” is a pagan god, you’re simply deceived. I fear for you. Whoever would dare blaspheme the Name “Jesus” would have to answer to that very same Name – One Day. Not only for blasphemy, but also for those whom you’ve led astray by your teaching, whose prayer lives have been ruined, and weak ones whose faith you’ve eroded. It would have been better for you in that day if you’d been thrown into the sea with a millstone around your neck.
And if you look down your nose at those who don’t use your brand of the sacred names – the Father hates haughty eyes. I fear for you also.

If this article, by the Spirit of the Father, has created in you an urge for repentance, then do so without delay. The Faithful One will forgive you.
If you were guilty, but would refuse to repent, I fear for you even more.

Dreadlocks, here we come!

For further reflection:
One of my earliest memories of evangelism as a young, naive Christian in the early 1980’s was when I encountered a Rastafarian (with dreadlocks and smoking pot) on the streets of Cape Town in the middle of the night. After politely asking him whether he knew Jesus, he defiantly retorted: “I serve Jah!” At the time, I had absolutely no idea of what he was talking about.
Later that night, he was laboriously trying to convince me from the book of Revelation that the Biblical Tree of Life was actually the marijuana plant!
Would you serve Jah (or Yah, or any rendition thereof), the god of Rastafari, if you’d pray in any of the names above?

Session 8
The Nature of the New Covenant

The New Covenant Announced

In Jer. 31 the Father via his prophet announces the nature of his New Covenant – one of the most brilliant moves by anyone in world history!
It was not really a NEW covenant – it was more of an EXPANDED or EXTENDED covenant. But the clauses added were completely new to the covenant: “I shall write my Torah onto your innermost flesh, and onto your mind.” In the NT, this process of writing the Torah onto our innermost flesh and minds is called “circumcision of the heart”.

What’s the Difference?

Why was this such a brilliant move?
We lack space in this article for a lengthy explanation.
Suffice to say: Instead of instructions on tablets of stone (Stone Torah) – which, from the OUTside, commanded rebellious people to do, and not to do specific things – those instructions were now written on the fleshy tables of our hearts (Flesh Torah) in much more detail! – on the INside – urging us from withIN to do whatever is right.
Instead of doggedly striving to live a set apart life, wrestling against one’s own urges, the New Covenant makes us WANT to do the right thing – urging us on from INside!
And instead of a human rabbi interpreting the stone Torah and explaining such Torah to his followers, we now have an Inner Rabbi – the Spirit of the Living Father – interpreting our flesh Torah. He knows the Torah perfectly. He perfectly explains to us not only what the written letter says, but also the Spirit or intent of the inner Torah:
what it actually hopes to accomplish in our hearts. This deeper meaning is totally absent from the content of the original stone Torah!
The Spirit of the Father knows and searches the heart of the Father – that heart which can NEVER be adequately expressed in human language on tablets of stone (or pages of paper!). The Spirit of the Living Father relays to us the intent (or Spirit) of the flesh Torah, as opposed to the instruction (or letter) of the stone Torah.

The content of the Stone Torah
and the content of the Flesh Torah
are radically different!

The difference between the New and Old covenants is almost like speaking face to face to a real person, as opposed to merely reading his books or letters.
Similarly, observance of the Stone Torah is like reading the Father’s Book and following the instructions according to the letter, whereas observance of the Flesh Torah is like speaking to the Father face to face, asking Him what He would want me to do in a specific situation, and receiving His detailed answer.
The Stone Torah acts from without; the Flesh Torah acts from within.
The Stone Torah speaks from pages of a Book; the Flesh Torah speaks from the Spirit.
The Stone Torah says: “Do as I say!”; the Flesh Torah says: “Hear my Heart.
The Stone Torah changes behaviour; the Flesh Torah changes attitude.
The Stone Torah is a system; the Flesh Torah is a relationship.
The Stone Torah gives no reasons; the Flesh Torah explains intent.
The Stone Torah requires a Book, a rabbi and obedience; the Flesh Torah requires the Spirit (no book!), listening and surrender.
The Stone Torah requires study; the Flesh Torah requires a life lived.
Study of the Stone Torah yields some measure of intellectual revelation; living from the Flesh Torah yields intimate relationship.
The Stone Torah kills; the Flesh Torah gives life!

Study of the Stone Torah reveals letters – and yields idioms, pictures, numbers, patterns and shadows – beautifully interweaved into the pages of a Book – but dead.
Living the Flesh Torah reveals a Person and His mindset – and yields understanding, intimacy, love and power in an abundant life!

Jesus explains the Difference

On the mountain (Mat. 5) Jesus explained this concept to his disciples six times in succession:
You have heard that it was said …” and He would quote a law from the Stone Torah. And then he would proceed: But I tell you …” and He would reveal to them the Father’s heart behind that particular law – an intent – which was never expressed, and entirely absent from the words of the Stone Torah.
This He does six times in succession. As a carpenter by trade, He was really knocking this nail in hard, and driving his point home!
So if anyone would still stubbornly insist that he and everybody else should keep the letter of the Stone Torah (and only that!), he would not only brutalize the Father’s heart behind the Stone Torah (represented by the Flesh Torah on the tablets of our hearts), but I sincerely wonder what would be needed to change such a person’s mind – since he obviously doesn’t grasp what Jesus tries to explain repeatedly! How hard should Jesus have to drive the nail home for such an individual?
He was explaining to his disciples that the contents of the Stone Torah could never ever encompass what the Father had in mind when he gave those instructions (to Moses). Jesus revealed the intent or Spirit of the Torah (Flesh Torah), as opposed to the letter or body of the Torah (Stone Torah).

2 Cor. 3:3:  Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

Eze 11:19 I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

Col. 2:11 In him you were also circumcised, in the putting off of the sinful nature, not with a circumcision done by the hands of men but with the circumcision done by Christ ...

This circumcision done by Christ is the writing of the Spirit of the Torah on the fleshy tables of our hearts.

The letter kills, whereas the Spirit gives life:
He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant – not of the letter, but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” – 2 Cor. 3:6.

If you would stubbornly insist to follow the mere letter, then please die alone. Don’t take others with you. Please don’t infect others with your gospel of death.

Literal obedience to the letter,
as opposed to literal obedience to the Spirit

Please don’t get me wrong on this:
Because we’re opposing obedience to the letter, don’t think that we’re opposing literal obedience. There’s a BIG difference!
And because we’re promoting obedience to the Spirit, don’t think that we’re promoting some ‘spiritual’ obedience. There’s a BIG difference!

We’re opposing literal obedience to the letter.
We’re preaching literal obedience to the Spirit.

We’re NOT preaching ‘spiritual’ obedience to anything. In other words, we’re not preaching some airy-fairy, non-specific obedience, just because we’re in a covenant of the Spirit.
Obedience is literal. If the Spirit tells you, you obey. Literally.

Righteousness that does not exceed that of the Pharisees.

In the verse preceding his six-fold explanation in Mat. 5, Jesus urges his disciples:
“… for I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of Torah, you will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mat. 5:20).

In our day, many observers of the Stone Torah don’t deem this verse to apply to them. They simply soothe their own consciences by telling themselves that they are very different from “the Pharisees and teachers of Torah” of Jesus’ time.
Because they have accepted Jesus! “The Pharisees and teachers of Torah” of Jesus’ time didn’t. “That makes me different”, they reckon. “I love Jesus. So this verse does not apply to me.”
Let’s take a hard look at that long-time favourite verse of modern-day Gentile Torah teachers:

If you love me, keep my commandments. – John 14:15

In the past, this verse has been misused abundantly to preach observance of the Stone Torah. Is that really what it says?
1.   Did or didn’t Jesus explain the difference between the Stone and Flesh Torahs six times in succession in Mat. 5? Did Jesus urge his disciples to obey what “was said of old or to obey what He said, following “but I tell you …”? Stone Torah or Flesh Torah?
2.   Did or didn’t Jesus proclaim himself “Lord of the Sabbath?” Was he reinforcing observance of Stone Torah or Flesh Torah?
3.   Did or didn’t Jesus have several squabbles with the Pharisees concerning the Stone Torah interpretation of several Mosaic laws?
4.   Did or didn’t Jesus command his disciples in the upper room to observe the signs of the New Covenant – of the Flesh Torah?
I’m afraid, my dear Stone Torah observing friend, if you are sticking to the letter of the Torah, you are NOT keeping the commandments of Jesus.
 His covenant with you is a Flesh Torah covenant, and you are seriously violating its clauses! If you loved Him, you would have kept his Flesh Torah. If you’d accepted Him, you would have observed His Torah of Flesh!
So, dear Stone Torah observer, you are NOT different than “the Pharisees and teachers of Torah”. You testify that you accept Jesus, but you blatantly reject His flesh covenant. You testify that you accept Jesus, but you don’t accept the terms and conditions of His covenant. Your righteousness does NOT exceed those of the Pharisees and teachers of Torah.

Do you embrace a stone, or do you embrace Spirit?
Are you having intellectual relations with a system of rules, or are you searching out the Father’s heart via his Son?
Are you like the prodigal son’s older brother who perfectly obeys his Father’s rules (system), but has no relationship with Him, and cluelessly questions His heart?
Which voice do you primarily follow: The voice of the Stone Torah, or the inner voice of the Spirit?
Have you ever cared to ask the Ruach to explain to you the intent of the Father’s heart behind the laws you so doggedly observe?
Have you ever cared to take time to listen to what He might answer you?

What would be left of your daily walk if your Bible were taken from you?
 Would you know the voice of the Spirit well enough to live a set apart life? What would happen to the activities of your Torah group if you don’t have a Torah to study any more? If you have nothing more to say “How wonderful!” about?

Why is it that I almost NEVER see anything about the meaning of the Flesh Torah in any Hebrew Roots or Torah teaching literature?
Why have I NEVER heard a Hebrew Roots or Torah teaching on this concept?
I personally think the answer is rather simple:
Torah teachers who only teach Stone Torah, simply don’t understand the New Covenant! In their minds, the Flesh Torah is an exact replica of the Stone Torah.
 They reckon the Flesh Torah is just the Stone Torah written anew on flesh. BIG MISTAKE!
Whenever I explain this concept to Torah and Hebrew Roots teachers, and then inquire how they would define the Spirit of certain Torah instructions, they are invariably at a complete loss for words. It is obvious that they have never even contemplated the concept – i.e. what the writing on our flesh actually means. Most of these teachers erroneously regard this as a mere metaphor. And because none of us have human access to the writing on our own flesh, they simply revert to the stone version. They sincerely believe that the flesh Torah is simply a fleshy rendition and an exact copy of the stone Torah! BIG MISTAKE!
That, dear friends, is undeniable evidence of bondage. Bondage of the mind. Caused by observance of the letter of the stone Torah. Which equates a mental prison.

Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts [mind]. – 2 Cor. 3:15

An Explanation in the Style of a Torah Class.

Let me try to meet you where you’re at, and explain this to you Torah-class style:
Jesus proclaimed Himself to be “the Way, the Truth and the Life” – the three curtains of the temple. When, at His death on Golgotha, the “Life”-veil tore – it did not only yield us that famous, glorious bold access to the Mercy Seat. It also rendered us bold access via the Shekinah to the Torah on Stone within the Ark of the Covenant.
As our new, eternal High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek, when He sat down in the holiest of holies, Jesus took over Aaron’s blossoming rod as He rose from the tomb as a sign of being his Father’s favourite – His Chosen One. As Bread of Life He took the place of the manna of the Mosaic order. He took out the “heart of stone” (tablets) and replaced it with a “heart of flesh” within the New Covenantal Ark of believers!
If this is NOT the case for you, dear reader, then you are in bondage:
The steel doors of the Old Testament prison have clanged shut behind you! Did you notice the creaking of the keys as they locked you away?

The Terms and Conditions of the Covenantal Meal.

Do you realize that you are actually denying Messiah by embracing a stone covenant? Do you realize that it’s irrational to accept the Person of the covenant, whilst at the same time rejecting the terms of this Person’s covenant?
Do you celebrate Communion (the signs of the New Covenant) on YOUR terms? If you celebrate a covenant of stone, then you are on YOUR terms! Messiah is not in that! His covenant is a covenant on flesh!
The actual observance of the letter of the Old Covenant (as opposed to obedience to the Spirit of the same Covenant) constitutes DIS-obedience to the New Covenant! Mere obedience to the letter of the former constitutes rebellion to the Spirit of the latter!

Just as current-day observance of the sacrifices for sin (as required by the Torah) would deny the sin-conquering work of Messiah, similarly any mere observance of the letter of any other part of the Torah, without the Spirit behind it, would constitute denial of Messiah and of His (New) covenant.

Being Torah-observant, but clueless concerning the intent behind each carefully observed law, constitutes denial of Messiah. Yes, dear friend, your very salvation is at stake! Jesus said that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of Torah, “YOU WILL CERTAINLY NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN”! (Mat. 5:20.) This is serious!

The Spirit of the Torah.

There is only ONE way of accessing the Torah on our flesh. That is via the One who wrote it – the Ruach. And we need no other rabbi:

As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit––just as it has taught you, remain in him.” – 1 John 2:27

Literal, blind obedience to the letter of the Torah results in spiritual death. Jesus was saying that teachers of Torah were missing the point. They missed the point by a millimeter, but missed it 100%. If you miss the Spirit behind the letter, you miss everything 100%.
Moreover, if you miss the voice of our Spirit teacher (or Rabbi), expounding the Torah from inside, and you stubbornly cling to the letter, then you embrace death. If you teach the letter of the Torah whilst missing the Father’s intent behind it, your righteousness does not surpass that of the Pharisees and teachers of Torah of the time of Jesus. “You will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Neither will your followers. And you, as their teacher, will be held responsible for their deception. This is a fearsome thing.

“… for I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of Torah, you will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven” – Mat. 5:20

The Torah without the Spirit is dead. And it leads to death. Its goal was to find a way to deal with sin until Jesus would come. It merely foreshadows the fullness which Jesus, and the era of the Spirit, have brought.
The Ruach knows and searches the heart of the Father. The Ruach is also the Spirit of Jesus. He knows the letter of the Torah, but even more so, He knows the heart, the intent, the meaning behind the Torah. And as our Rabbi, He interprets, teaches, reminds, reprimands and convicts us.

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it." – Is. 30:21

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” – Gal. 5:25

So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” – Gal. 5:16.

The Spirit of the Father will never contradict the Spirit of the Torah, although it might seemingly violate the letter of the Torah.

I have two teenage sons. As their father, I have made a rule in my house that my boys should be in at 10 o’clock on weekdays. That’s my rule – the LETTER of my rule.Why?
Because as an adult I know that bad things happen to the children of good people after 10 at night. And my boys lack experience to understand that. I love my boys – and want them to be safe. That’s the SPIRIT of my rule.
But, say one of my boys would phone me at 10 o’clock on a Wednesday night, telling me that, due to unforeseen circumstances, he would sleep over at a friend’s house.
If I know the parents and trust their judgment, I would have absolutely no objection to my son not sleeping in my own home that night – although he would be violating my instruction.
Because my intent, my heart, my meaning behind the letter of my rule has been fulfilled. My son is safe. That was the reason, the intent, my heart behind my rule.The letter of my rule got violated, but the intent behind it was fulfilled. And I, the rule-maker, am perfectly happy.
Moreover, my rule was never in the first place about ME. It was about THEM. THEIR safety. Obedience to my rule is not about MY ego. It’s primarily about THEIR safety. Likewise with the Father’s rules. It’s not primarily in HIS interest that we obey Him – it’s in OUR own interest.
If we disobey, HE loses nothing. WE lose. It’s simply stupid to disobey.
And even more so: Once my boys have grown up, and start to understand WHY I, their dad, had made such a rule, they would gladly look after their own safety at night. Then they no longer need my instructions in this regard.What made the difference?
They’ve developed the same heart as me, their dad.
As their dad, I would actually have liked to replicate myself WITHIN them, so I could speak to them 24 hours per day. This is exactly what the Father has done by his Spirit.
Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law. – Gal. 3:25.

The Pharisees, Sadducees and teachers of the Torah in the time of Jesus simply never grasped this. They just couldn’t ever wrap their minds around this principle. After all: It’s simply much easier to doggedly follow a set of written rules than to search out the heart of the Father. They were missing the point by a millimeter, but missing it wholly.
That’s why they came into so much conflict with Jesus – the One who really understood what the Torah was all about, and knew the Father’s heart behind it!


If I learn to obey the voice of the Spirit within me, I would walk in perfect obedience to the Torah, even though I might violate its letter. And as I would gradually grow up in this process, I would have almost no need of the letter any more – since I would have developed the heart of the Father.

when we were children, we were in bondage under the elements of the world [a system of law like the Stone Torah]. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law [Stone Torah], to redeem those who were under the law [Stone Torah], that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, "Abba, Father." – Gal. 4:3 – 6.

This, to most Torah teachers, constitutes utter heresy.
But this, dear fellow believers, is exactly what the Scriptures say:

But if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law [or Stone Torah]. – Gal. 5:18

Scripture even says that we will not be teaching each other LETTER any more (since the Spirit – our inner Rabbi – shall lead us in the SPIRIT of the Torah):
For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. – Heb. 8:10 – 11 (quoting from Jer. 31)

Ultimately, Jesus summed up the Spirit of the entire Torah (and the prophets) in a nutshell (Mat 23:37 – 38)):
1.   Love the Father thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind.
2.   Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Maintaining Responsibility.

We are no longer in bondage – but this does not mean that we can now do whatever we want:

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion of the flesh, but by love serve one another. – Gal. 5:13.

But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak. – 1 Cor. 8:9.

Biblical Example: The Sabbath Day.

What is the letter of the Sabbath commandment?

Which day of the week it should be celebrated.
When it should start.
When it should end.
What one should do.
What one shouldn’t do.
Which rituals should be performed.
How these rituals should be performed.

What is the Spirit of the Sabbath commandment?
Jesus himself was very clear about that:

The Sabbath was made for man; not man for the Sabbath.” – Mark 2:27.

The Sabbath is in service of man – not man in service of the Sabbath.

If we would comply only with the letter of the Sabbath day, then we’d scorn what Jesus said. Sabbath would become a Spirit-less exercise, a burdensome load which would actually accomplish the exact opposite of what it was intended for – it would put man in service of the Sabbath.
Right from the start, Scripture was unambiguously clear: The Spirit of the Sabbath day was simply that man should REST one in every seven days – so man would be BLESSED.
If one chose to ignore this grace, one would pay the dire consequences – in health, in finance and relationships.
God doesn’t lose anything. We lose.
God never intended to force Shabbat onto man – then man would be made for the Sabbath, and Jesus would be a liar.

[There are absolutely no historical grounds for the claim that this expression of Jesus is a so-called “Hebrewism” – an idiomatic expression in Hebrew which shouldn’t be taken literally.
Since this verse overthrows the legalistic Shabbat apple cart of many Torah teachers, they have dashed for this dishonest escape route.
For this expression to be a true “Hebrewism”, somebody needs to come forward with an original Hebrew text from the pre-Christian era where this phrase is clearly used as an idiomatic expression.
Such examples, I’m afraid, don’t exist.]

How about having your Sabbath on a Thursday if the Spirit might lead you such? Having family time or just chilling? Without any rituals?
Focusing on the voice of the Spirit inside? Enjoying true rest? True SHALOM!

Now, I know a Thursday would be inconvenient for most people. Society is not geared that way. But for me personally, a Tuesday is just perfect, since I often have to minister over weekends. It suits my schedule and allows me to take my wife for coffee so we can communicate on levels not possible on workdays. And a Tuesday has become my delight. I look forward to it. I use it to ponder the things above. It allows me to really REST. Yes, I keep the Sabbath Day – the New Covenant (flesh Torah) way – on a Tuesday.

And contrary to almost all Torah teaching, my family and I aren’t cursed. The proof of the pudding, dear friend, is in the eating. Despite our vulnerability and many weaknesses, we are exceedingly blessed. This exposes regular Hebrew Roots and Torah group teachings on the Sabbath as a lie.
By his Spirit, Jesus has taught my family and I over many years to live in the Spirit by faith – not according to the first principles of the world by letter. Praise His Name for setting us free from the death-blows of the letter!

[If you don’t agree with this, please don’t send me all your Sabbath scriptures and arguments to sell me a tablet of stone. I know all those verses almost by heart. Over the course of many years, I’ve heard those arguments over and over, and have sincerely and honestly considered them all. I doubt whether you could offer me a new one. Have you sincerely and honestly considered the above? I reserve the right to simply reply with “Peace” if your email would reveal the opposite.].

Session 9:
The Religious Spirit behind most Torah Teachings

The Nature of a Religious Spirit

The Religious spirit is an ugly demon. It represents just one of the many faces of pride and puffed-upness.

It loves system and structure.
It loves rule and ritual.
It loves solemnity and holier-than-thou.
It loves pompous, grandiloquent language.
It esteems outward display.
It loves tradition and resists change.
It loves exclusivity.
It uses all of the above to put itself one notch above the rest.
It is proud and haughty.
It considers itself superior and untouchable.
It feels comfortable inside a familiar cage, and feels threatened by freedom.
It deems itself to be right, and all others wrong.
It is unteachable and pedantic.
It is intolerant and short-fused.
It lacks creativity.
It serves as a smokescreen for deep insecurity.
It is Spirit-less.

The Religious spirit could be recognized by the same principles wherever in the world one might encounter it – amongst Christians or unbelievers. Whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism, Judaism or whatever – the Religious Spirit lacks the creativity to disguise itself.

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Headwear & hairstyle:
Curiously, the use of peculiar headgear and hairstyles seems to be one of the primary symptoms of a residing Religious Spirit.
 It somehow loves to wear some or other form of (traditional) headgear or hairstyle of recognition on his/her head. Whether it be a miter, turban, headcloth/hijaab/niqaab, medora, fez, kippa/yarmulke, flower wreath, sun or moon disc, tonsure, dreadlocks, baldness, crew cuts, beards, mohawks, mullets or whatever – the Religious Spirit loves the outward display and associated elevation and exclusivity.

2. Attire:
For the same reasons as above, the Religious Spirit loves to make an outward display of attire: Togas, mantles, burkas/jellabas/abayas, prayer shawls/talits, tsit-tsit, habits, frocks, cowls, pallia, suits, etc.

3. Language:
The Religious Spirit loves the elevation and exclusivity that the use of ancient or foreign, ‘original’ languages allow:
Latin (Roman Catholicism & Freemasonry), Arabic (Islam), Hebrew (Hebrew Roots & Torah Groups), Hindi (Hinduism), Mandarin (Buddhism), etc.

4. Special symbols of authority or power:
Titles like Professor, Doctor, Reverend, Padre, Pope/Papa, Father, Master, Rabbi, Lama, Prophet, Priest, Sheik, etc.
Physical instruments like crosiers, scepters, crosses, staffs, flails, shofars, etc.

5. System, Structure, Ritual & Solemnity:
Lack of Spirit life causes a vacuum – which is then filled with system, structure, ritual & solemnity. Actually, system and structure represent the crutches or wheelchair of a paralytic or lifeless body. The Religious Spirit thrives on these:
Set, prescribed rituals for actions and speech.
Prescribed songs.
Emphasis on rule & correctness.
Relationship with books, rather than a Person.

I think you get the idea.

Even amongst regular Christians I know quite a few who have an excellent relationship with their Bibles, but almost no relationship with Jesus. Amongst many Torah followers this phenomenon is just magnified many times.

Above, I attempt to demonstrate to you the context of the distinctive features of Messianism, Torah groups and Hebrew Roots in our time.
The context is religiosity – absolutely no different than the religiosity of almost every heathen religion on the face of this planet.
It was like that under the “Old” Covenant, and is the same under the “New” Covenant.
But, under the “Old” Covenant, though religious, it was valid, since much of what is mentioned above was sanctioned by Moses – who received it from the Father personally.
And this is exactly why, in retrospect, the apostle Paul calls these things “the elements of the world” (Gal. 4:3) and “weak and beggarly elements” (Gal. 4:9). Although these weak and beggarly elements of the world were ordained by the Father, and came in glory (remember Moses’ face?), they still represented LETTER.
Paul was a minister of a much BETTER covenant – a covenant of the SPIRIT which by far surpasses the glory of the covenant of LETTER.

He is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises. – Heb. 8:6.

our competence comes from God. He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant–– not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. Now if the ministry that brought death, which was engraved in letters on stone, came with glory, so that the Israelites could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of its glory, fading though it was, will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious? If the ministry that condemns men is glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness! For what was glorious has no glory now in comparison with the surpassing glory. And if what was fading away came with glory, how much greater is the glory of that which lasts! – 2 Cor. 3:5 – 11.

Now that [covenant] which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away. – Heb. 8:13.

Personal Experiences

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of gloryless religiosity present amongst most Torah and Hebrew Roots groups.
Wherever I travel across our beautiful country, I usually find more than 50% of the above symptoms amongst most groups.
Whenever members would speak to me, their faith language would be a concoction of Afrikaans and Hebrew, or English and Hebrew, with a strong shot of sacred names in between. When asked why they mix their language thus, the response is usually that the Hebrew terms are more correct, or that they so love these words – seemingly because they are so “original”. It never seems to occur to them that nobody besides their own insular group understands their Hebrew jargon – however correct it might be.

"If a leader can’t get a message across clearly
and motivate others to act on it,
then having a message doesn’t even matter.

– Gilbert Amelio

Why call Biblical Mortals by their Hebrew Names?

These members even call mere mortals in the Bible by their (sacred?) Hebrew names, like Jacob (Jakov), Moses (Moshe) or Paul (Shaul), etc.
The use of sacred names of the Godhead at least have Biblical merit, but why call Biblical characters by their Hebrew names? Once I know that “Peter” means “rock” in the
original, can anybody please explain to me why I should call him by his Hebrew name?
If these believers were to be honest and consistent in this, then they need to call South Africans with the surname Roux by their original French surname, i.e. Rouge (meaning “red”). Also, Viljoen should be “Villion”, Terblanche should be Terra Blanche, Fourie should be Faure, etc.
But these Torah people don’t call South Africans such. Why then do the “original” Hebrew thing with Biblical characters?

Why pray with Talits (prayer shawls)?

Torah people often pray with Jewish prayer shawls (talits) over their heads. Personally, I still don’t understand why.
The talit was supposed to foreshadow the tabernacle (of David).
The tabernacle, in turn, was supposed to foreshadow the temple (of Solomon).
The temple (of Solomon), in turn, was supposed to foreshadow the bodies of believers (as a temple of the Ruach) – with rent veil and bold access to the throne room.
Why on earth would one desire to force the fulfillment (our bodies) under the shadow (talit) all over again?
That’s not forward progression – it’s backward regression!

The Star of David/Remphan?

To add insult to injury – most of these talits (straight from Jerusalem!) sport the deeply occult “Star of David” – often even ritually kissed by devotees. This symbol can be found in virtually every branch of the occult. If you don’t believe me, go and have a look yourself! No other symbol in the world so permeates the occult world than the “Star of David”.
In the past, I’ve heard laborious Hebrew Roots teachings on how this symbol stems from the rose of Sharon – which teaching is firstly extra-biblical, and secondly utter nonsense. Not even this forced teaching explains the inner lines of this symbol. Actually, the inner lines defy this dubious teaching!
The odds lean heavily towards the fact that this symbol rather hails from the Biblical star of Remphan – on which topic the Bible is not too positive.Do you really desire to put yourself physically under the authority of the star of Remphan?
Even more so:
Why do we see such an utter obsession with this star amongst Torah people? Where do they get it from?
Or is this just another manifestation of the worship and esteem of everything Jewish or Judaic? Just another form of idolatry?

Absence of true Godliness.

Perhaps the most evident symptom of a residing religious spirit is the abundance of activity, study and ritual amongst many Torah folks, but frequent absence of godliness:

What good is it if one can recite prayers and passages in Hebrew, but have no idea (and could honestly care less about) how to bring the gospel to your Xhosa or Zulu housekeeper in her native tongue?
What good is it if one knows the Hebrew names of the Godhead and Biblical characters, but has no idea (and could honestly care less) what the names of the unbelievers at one’s workplace are?
What good is it if one can conduct lengthy arguments from Scripture why the apostle Paul (sorry, Shaul) seemed to keep the Biblical feasts, but have never brought the gospel to (and could honestly care less about) any other soul like Shaul did?
What good is it if one knows exactly how to count days to celebrate Biblical feasts, but has never counted (and could honestly care less about) how many unreached countries there are in the world?
What good is it if one has been to Israel several times but could care less about the unsaved in Timbuktu?
What good is it if one can explain the symbolism of the Tabernacle, but has no idea how to explain the gospel to an unbeliever?

What good is it if one knows exactly when, how and for how long to fast, but one has never fed one hungry person?
What good is it to have one’s regular Shabbat meal, but one could care less about those with no meal?
What good is it if one prides oneself in being the priest of one’s home, but could care less about fathers who don’t have homes to raise their families in?
What good is it if one knows the Torah by heart from many readings, but cares less about those who cannot read?

What good is it if one can follow intricate prophetic lines throughout the Bible, but have no idea what the rhema voice of the Ruach sounds like?
What good is it if I can recite prophetic passages in Hebrew, but have no idea how to teach new believers how to hear the voice of the Ruach?
What good is it if I can see Jesus in every Torah verse or symbol, but I reject the flesh covenant of Jesus?
I could go on and on and on along this line.
No one Christian can do EVERYTHING I suggest above. But you should be into at least SOME of them!
Are you? Or are you only into Torah?

Not surpassing the Righteousness of the Pharisees.

The point of the matter is this:
Jesus came to earth as a man to teach, suffer and die to save mankind. He fed the hungry, healed the sick, comforted the broken-hearted and wept for his friends. He did nothing that He did not see his Father doing.
If your study of the Torah does not press you to do likewise – then you have simply lost contact with the reality of the Spirit of Jesus. The Ruach is not behind what you are doing. Then you are simply hamster-milling the Torah. Parshah after parshah. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.

Disappearing behind the “Torah veil”.

Sadly, over many years, I’ve seen several dear friends entering, and disappearing behind a proverbial “veil” labeled “Torah. Once inside, they are somehow kept rather busy, since one sees very few re-appearing.
Having once been devoted, passionate folks with a good measure of godliness, they become entangled in a web of Torah must-do’s and programs.
Gone are their prayers and intercession (they now pray in Hebrew and primarily for Israel, and not any more for the lost), their compassion (they now travel to Israel in stead of running soup kitchens), their zeal for the lost (they now rally believing folks together to study Torah, rather than rallying people for prayer and intercession).
They are seldom available for simple friendship, because they are forever attending Torah or Hebrew classes, away on tour through Israel, resting on Shabbat, planning a
feast or manufacturing menorahs.

The steady, unbridled Perversion

And in order to keep people motivated, the level of “revelation” of these groups has to deepen every year.
So, somewhere along the line, the Talmud slips in unobtrusively.
A while later Judaism becomes progressively sensible and attractive.
Meanwhile, slowly and unnoticed, progression is made through the Scriptural interpretation levels of p’shat, drash and remez.
When sod level arrives, Cabbala suddenly seems acceptable, logical, clever and appealing …
Never in any Torah group or Hebrew Roots study have I ever encountered any warnings against these, seen any parameters laid down or noticed boundaries drawn.

The ever-changing Flavour

And, as in the institutional church, the flavour changes every year:

Every year the State of Israel is in a new crisis to rally Torah people behind.
Every year new archaeological discoveries are made.
Every year American Torah and Hebrew teachers produce new books, DVDs and teachings.
Every year new pictogrammic interpretations for Hebrew words become available.
Every year a new eschatological “event” happens in Jerusalem.
Every year a new international teacher visits South Africa.
Every year a new pattern is discovered in the Torah, yielding instant fame and prophetic status to its discoverer.
Every year new tours to the Holy Land get organized.
Or whatever.
There’s enough “stuff” there to keep one busy for three or four lifetimes. Keeping one occupied and away from everything that was important to Jesus.

Very few ever re-appear from behind that “Torah-veil”. The few who do, are usually somewhat bewildered for quite a period, struggling to fill the “busy” gaps with sensible Christianity. Others eventually become rather strange and estranged people. Eventually, most of them gradually fade or completely disappear from the Kingdom radar screen.

Why would anybody opt to live this kind of life?
Simply because it is much easier to follow a set of rules than to search out the Father’s heart by his Spirit.

In the former, I’m in control. In the latter, He’s in control.
The former requires no faith. The latter runs on faith!

Hamster-milling the Torah is dead religion. Lifeless works. Lethal letter. Puffing-up knowledge. Not surpassing the righteousness of the Pharisees and Sadducees.
No life-giving Spirit.

In a thousand pounds of law, there’s not an ounce of love.
– Proverb

At first glance legalism seems hard,
but actually freedom in Christ is the harder way.
It is relatively easy not to murder, but hard to reach out in love;
easy to avoid a neighbour’s bed, hard to keep a marriage alive;
easy to pay taxes, hard to serve the poor
– Philip Yancey in What’s so amazing about Grace?

The Torah cannot satisfy

On a recent ministry trip I met up with a kind, devoted lady who was really excited about what she was learning in her Torah group. She’d been a member for a number of years. She was learning so much, she said, that her learning makes her ever hungrier for more.
She excitedly told me that she had even asked her group “When is this hunger going to stop? I just forever crave for more and more …!”
I had to restrain myself not to reply with the following two verses:

Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” – John 6:35

whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. – John 4:14

Have you ever contemplated this:
Those whom Jesus addressed above, already had access to the Torah for more than a thousand years. But the Torah could never satisfy.
Only when Jesus arrived in their midst, true satisfaction was possible.
And today, if your Torah studies cause you to forever hunger and thirst, you need to know that Jesus is not in it. If you were into the Bread of Life or Living Water, you wouldn’t hunger or thirst any more. If you grow ever hungrier, it is indicative that you’re into something else than Jesus.
Remaining forever hungry is actually what happens to an inmate in a prison. You are hamster-milling the Torah, and simply enjoying the exercise.

Which Items were on Jesus’ Priority List?

Despite being a rabbi Himself, of the four times that Jesus sent out His disciples to do practical training, He never sent them to teach people to observe the Torah. What was His practical Training Curriculum about?

1.   Preaching this message: The Kingdom of Heaven is near – Mat. 10:7
2.   Healing the sick – Mat. 10:8
3.   Raising the dead – Mat. 10:8
4.   Cleansing those who have leprosy – Mat. 10:8
5.   Driving out demons – Mat. 10:8
6.   Ministering without money – Mat. 10:9
7.   Ministering from a position of little convenience – Mat. 10:10
8.   Blessing homes that receive you – Mat. 10:12
9.   Acting prophetically against towns who don’t – Mat. 10:14
10.    Being shrewd and innocent – Mat. 10:16
11.    Being flogged in synagogues – Mat. 10:17
12.    Witnessing before rulers about Jesus – Mat. 10:18
13.    Being hated because of Jesus – Mat. 10:22
14.    Persecution because of Jesus – Mat. 10:22
15.    Being called worse than demonic names because of Jesus – Mat. 10:25

Torah groups and Hebrew Rooters have little interest in Jesus’ curriculum.
Here’s what usually happens:

1.   Preaching this message: Heed the Torah. – Ex. 19:5 – 6.
2.   Talking about kosher to stay healthy.
3.   Raising the stone tablets.
4.   Cleansing by the Torah.
5.   Driving out all pagan names, languages and feasts.
6.   Ministering without the New Covenant.
7.   Ministering from a position of superior knowledge.
8.   Blessing wife and kids on Sabbath.
9.   Acting prophetically against those who don’t receive the Stone Torah.
10.    Being clever and learned.
11.    Suffering because we’re different from the rest of the Body.
12.    Witnessing about the Torah and the Feasts.
13.    Being hated because of Moses.
14.    Persecution because of Moses.
15.    Being called bad names because of Moses.

Whether these last 15 items be good or bad is debatable – I have exaggerated them on purpose.
But they serve as a reality check: If you never get into the first 15, you have simply lost contact with the reality of Jesus.
If you have despised your Christian birthright to be a co-worker with Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven and sold it for a slab of stone, you might later find that, like Esau, even your tears before the Father won’t bring it back.
The first 15 priorities are on His heart for us – and we need to align our hearts with His.

Session 10
The Torah was the Father’s Plan B

Circumcision of the Heart

And the Lord thy God will circumcise thine heart,
and the heart of thy seed,
to love the Lord thy God with all thine heart,
and with all thy soul,
that thou mayest live.

– Deut. 30:6

And I will put my Spirit within you
and cause you to walk in my statutes
and be careful to obey my rules.

– Ezek. 36:27

What, then, was the purpose of the Torah?
It was added because of transgressions
until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come.

– Gal. 3:19

Plan A and Plan B.

The Father’s original plan, right from the start (in Deuteronomy already), was to circumcise the hearts of his people. This means that His plan was to write His Torah on the fleshy tables of our heart by the power of the resurrection of Jesus. This inward spiritual Torah, interpreted by our inner Rabbi, the Spirit, would then guide our every thought and decision towards an abundant life.

But until the promised Seed, the Messiah, would come in the fullness of time, the Father’s people had to settle for His Plan B – the Torah written on tablets of stone, the Torah of the letter – not of the Spirit. The written Torah was the Father’s temporary ruling in order to find a way to deal with sin until Messiah (Plan A) would come.

It is vitally, vitally important to understand this. If we don’t get this, we miss the central message of the Bible.

Why do we stress this point?
Simply because many erroneously believe that the written Torah was the Father’s original Plan A. The Torah is good and perfect. But it was never plan A.
At Sinai, the Father gave his Torah to a people who cringed at hearing his direct voice:
He desired to lead the Israelites by his own voice, but they failed the test. They feared a relationship with the Father – and opted for a mediator: Moses. Moses had to stand between the Israelites and direct relationship with the Father. And in stead of being guided day by day by His own voice, the children of Israel, for fear of their lives and unbelief in the Father’s good intent, did not allow Him to speak to them directly. Therefore they had to settle for a set of good instructions via Moses – relationship at a distance. Remote love.
And until Jesus arrived millennia later, that was all they had – the voices of prophets. Long distance calls from their Lover. Besides the prophets, the only Israelite who’d ever experience the Father’s closeness, was the high priest on the great day of Atonement when he would venture into the presence of the Shekinah.
But only for atonement. For just one day. Nothing more. Just Plan B.
Everything changed when Jesus arrived. Suddenly there was relationship, intimacy and fun with the Father via his Son. But because of their previous remote relationship via the Torah, the children of Israel did not recognize Him. Through the Torah, they knew the Father so poorly that they did not recognize His full embodiment when Jesus stood before them! Actually, understanding of the Torah was what the leaders of the time employed to kill Him in the end!
And when He ascended to heaven, He sent his Spirit to dwell inside His followers – so He could have day to day, minute by minute intimacy with them. The Torah was safely tucked inside their hearts – the intent of which He would lovingly explain to them by his Spirit on a never-ending journey of sanctification. Plan A was fully deployed and implemented! The Grand Original was in place!
Causing plan B to wither away
for lack of necessity and – eventually – lack of interest.

Today we see a revival of Plan B. Some Torah folks deem Plan A to be inferior. They think they understand the Big Plot better than the Father. They love Plan B – distant love – and call it Plan A. They also call it the “Original.”
They say the rest of the Body have everything back-to-front – blissfully ignorant of their own lack of understanding. And they submit good-sounding arguments:
1. The Old Testament came BEFORE the New – right?
2. The New Testament flows forth from the Old – right?
3. The Old Testament foreshadows the New – right?
4. One cannot understand the New if you don’t understand the Old first – right?
5. The patterns of the Old describes the fulfillment of the New – right?

Such people suffer from linear thinking:
“A always comes before B!”
“Therefore, if the Torah came before Jesus, then the Torah must be A, and Jesus must be B!”
[Ironically and amusingly, this is a beautiful example of Greek thinking!]
This thinking constitutes the basic cornerstone of the arguments of almost every international Torah teacher I’ve ever heard. (I can name them if you want, but to save them the embarrassment I won’t).

The entire Torah movement stands on this erroneous assumption:
The Torah was plan A. Jesus was plan B. Jesus flows forth from the Torah.

Big mistake!
I’m afraid it’s the Torah teachers who have put the cart before the oxen.

They simply fail to understand the concept of a “delayed plan A”. Somehow they’ve never watched a game where the impact players are only sent on the field in the last quarter of the game. That last quarter was what the entire rest of the game was about. Three quarters of the game is a mere preparation for the final knock-out.

I don’t blame them. They’re just as human as the Israelites of old at Mount Sinai. But one would think that humanity should have learnt something during the past millennia. To repeat the same old mistake of Sinai (opting for Moses and his stone tablets over intimacy) all over again is not exactly smart. To call observance of the stone Torah
LOVE for the Father is … well … love from a distance at best:
Then Moses with his divine revelation remains the mediator. The stones remain in the Ark of the Covenant. We still live off manna. We still dwell the desert. We still hunger. We still thirst. We never arrive. We never enter rest.

This, folks, is possibly the worst insult one can ever slap in the Face of the Spirit of the Father – to shove away His consultation from inside and to substitute Him with a carved slab of rock. To reject His counsel and settle for a human rabbi to expound the Stone Torah on His behalf in a Torah class.

Jesus didn’t flow forth from Torah. Torah flowed forth from the Father – which means that it flowed forth from the Son, because He is in his Father.
The stone Torah was NEVER meant to be the original. It has ALWAYS been, and shall ALWAYS be a temporary ruling. It was ALWAYS Plan B.
Jesus was ALWAYS Plan A! The Extended (New) Covenant – of which He is the High Priest – was the original Plan A. The Covenant of the Spirit – not of the letter – was the original Plan A. But it could not be implemented until the fullness of time – when Jesus finally conquered sin as He rose from the grave by the mighty Hand of his Father.

Enter the Gentiles.

During the course of the past 2000 years, millions and millions of Gentiles (non-Jews) have believed what the Scriptures reveal concerning the reconciliation of Abraham’s spiritual children unto the Father:

Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham. – Gal. 3:7.
No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. – Rom. 2:29.

By faith, these Gentiles (non-Jews) are included in the covenant of the Father with Abraham. And by faith in Jesus millions of Gentiles have found salvation. By the mysterious working of the Spirit (not by the Torah) these Gentiles have recognized Jesus and believed that He is the Son of the Father, the Messiah, the promised Seed of the woman who would crush the serpent’s head.

He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant – not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. – 2 Cor. 3:6 During these same 2000 years, millions of Torah-obedient (but Spirit-disobedient) Jews have died unsaved in unbelief unto an eternal pool of fire because they’ve stubbornly refused to recognize Jesus as the promised Messiah.
Because He didn’t suit their understanding of the Torah.

Jews were in the best Position imaginable.

Seen from the position of Torah, these Jews were in the best position imaginable to recognize Jesus – since the entire written Torah (which they devoutly obeyed to the letter) foreshadows Him! The entire culture of Jewish people flows forth from Torah. Of all people in the world, they speak and understand the hues and shades of Biblical Hebrew best. By far. They are familiar with, and understand the idiom and symbolism of the Torah best. They bear the very DNA of Abraham in their flesh.

But despite everything working in their favour, their Torah glasses were unable to let them recognize Jesus as the Messiah when He came. Or thereafter.

Putting on Torah Glasses.

So in our day we see a phenomenon which utterly amazes me:
Torah teachers gather unto themselves believing Gentiles (i.e. these Gentiles who have already recognized Jesus as the Messiah by faith – not by Torah).
Then these teachers encourage their believing Gentile disciples to make giant leaps in terms of language and culture. They teach them Hebrew and its idiom, as well as the cultural interpretations of Torah symbolism – i.e. they issue their students with a pair of Torah glasses.
Then these teachers point out to their students how the Torah foreshadows Jesus:
Do you see Jesus here … and here … and there … and there …?”
Then all rejoice and say: “How wonderful!”

Hallo? These students have already recognized Jesus through the Spirit by faith (the only way which pleases the Father) unto salvation and sanctification. Long before they even got to Torah classes!
Why issue them with Torah (letter) glasses? Glasses which couldn’t even enable Jews to recognize Jesus? Glasses which require giant cultural and language leaps?

How wonderful?

And let’s be honest:
What are most of the exclamations of “How wonderful!” about?

They’re not about Jesus. They’re not about his Person. They’re not because somebody had a deeper revelation of Him. They’re not about a more intimate relationship with

They’re about the intricacies of the shadow. They’re about the beauties and elegance of symbolism, code and ritual. They’re about the mind-boggling way by which the Father had planned and assembled the shadow. They’re about the eloquence of the Hebrew language, its gematria and pictograms. They’re about patterns and its supposed prophecy.

In short, 95% of the “How wonderful”s are about the beauty of the work of the Father’s hands – the shadow.
And although it is right and good to praise the Father for the works of His hands, this is very little different from studying any other works of His hands – and then exclaiming: “How wonderful!”
Like studying Astronomy – the wonders of the earth, the sun, the moon, planets, the stars and galaxies.
Like studying Physiology – the wonderful workings of the human body.
Like studying Ecology – the wonderful way in which nature fits together.

Anybody for a couple of Physical Science classes? As an ex-schoolteacher I have a good number of “How wonderful”s in store for the Torah folks about the works of the Father!” Or would you prefer Maths? :-)

Have we lost our Minds?

In a nutshell:
The Torah teachers mentioned above find Gentiles who recognize and accept Jesus by faith through grace – the only way pleasing the Father. Then they gather these gentiles unto themselves and, after assisting them to make huge linguistic and cultural leaps, teach them to look at Jesus through Torah-glasses – the Father’s plan B, the shadow – which the apostle Paul calls “those weak and miserable principles” (Gal. 4:9).
These Torah teachers are well aware of the fact that the same “weak and miserable principles” were, and still prove to be unable to reveal Jesus to the Jewish nation – those who happen to be in the best position imaginable to interpret the Torah correctly. But still these teachers insist that Gentile believers see Jesus through the glasses of these “weak and miserable principles” – as if the faith by which they already see Him isn’t sufficient! And as if their Inner Rabbi, the Ruach, doesn’t know the Spirit of the Torah or could speak to them!
And to add insult to injury, more often than not these teachers teach their followers to painstakingly follow the LETTER of many of the Torah laws (which kills)  – of which the Shabbat is usually first!
Alarmingly, many of these teachers, when asked for clarification on this, in their answers show that they’ve never even contemplated what the SPIRIT of, for example, the Shabbat law would comprise.
For the trees (letter) they literally fail to see the forest (Spirit).

Torah Studies could lead to serious Deception

When, as part of my initial 17 questions, a well-known South African Torah teacher was asked:
Do you put more emphasis on relationship with Yeshua than Torah knowledge?”
he confidently wrote:
I cannot see how Y’shua can be divorced from the Torah. He is the Torah.

It should be pointed out that the question was about “Torah knowledge”, i.e. LETTER.

Taken at face value, this gentleman’s answer seems to imply that he is under the sincere impression that the Torah saved him, since he puts an equal sign between Jesus and the Torah – which not only indicates dire deception, but constitutes outright heresy.
Also, this would mean that if I held a Torah book or scroll in my hand, I would be holding Jesus in my hand – as opposed to Jesus holding ME in HIS hand – which is utter heresy as well.
And, it would mean that Jesus’ coming to earth was a mistake and unnecessary, since Israel already HAD the Torah at the time – which is utter blasphemy.
This teacher is so impressed and taken by the shadow that, for him, the shadow has become the fulfillment. Talk about back-to-front!
He thus puts an equal sign between what the apostle Paul on the one hand calls weak and miserable principlesand Who the writer of Hebrews on the other hand calls the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being (Heb. 1:3).
I greatly fear for the spiritual destiny of this man’s disciples.

We are not in the Religion of the Torah.

Followers of Jesus are not in the Religion of the Bible. Much less are they in the Religion of the Torah.
My faith unto salvation is not in Scripture. Scripture helps me greatly to know my Saviour. But my faith is in Jesus.
We’re not in the Religion of a Book. Almost every major religion on earth has a book. We’re in a personal relationship with a Person.
The Scriptures is not a goal in itself. It is merely a means towards a goal. The Goal is Jesus.
As soon as the means would become the goal, I’ve simply lost sight of the Goal!

Grieving the Spirit

My dear fellow believer, I hope I’ve been successful in this session to allocate and bring forward the most basic mistake made in Torah groups who eventually lose their way: Interchanging of Plans A and B.
Simple errors like these have huge spiritual consequences. One of them is that the Spirit of the Living Father always gets grieved and quenched. Eternal Gentleman, He then simply withdraws.
I sincerely don’t want to see you going through what I’ve seen others go through because of letter observance. I sincerely don’t want to see your whole group get entangled and lost in a myriad of tangents that will take you away from everything that was important to Jesus. I don’t want to see good, sincere people getting so hurt that they later don’t want anything to do with Jesus or the Bible ever again.

Dear Jesus, would You please in this moment touch the heart of my brother or sister reading this article, and have them experience the warmth of Your presence by your Spirit. Would You please show them who You are – and reveal Yourself to them by faith.


Session 11:
My Identity in Jesus

Our Road up to Today

Since 2001, Trumpet Call has published several research documentaries on CD, video and DVD.
In the process, we’ve exposed the lies of Freemasonry and the Catholic Church. We’ve documented the manifestations of the Queen of Heaven and her prevalence in today’s denominational churches. We’ve documented the philosophy and manifestations of the Kundalini spirit and its prevalence in pentecostal and charismatic churches.
In the process of exposing lies, we’ve angered many people and made enemies by the hundreds. (Also, by the grace of Jesus, we’ve made friends galore – simple people who love the truth. I thank the Father for them!)
Throughout these years, people pleasing ministry leaders have rejected our “political incorrectness” and distanced themselves from us. Many ministry doors were closed in our faces. For years on end we’ve suffered financial lack and hence much humiliation and embarrassment. We’ve been ridiculed in the media. We’ve been slandered and lied about behind our backs. We’ve been accused, tried and convicted in our absence – more than once by those who claimed to be our friends. Our telephones have been tapped. The members of my family and I have been attacked by spirits at night. Witches have targeted us. I’ve survived several attempts on my life – in the physical as well as the spiritual.

The Response of Torah Folks

But never in my life have I received such an avalanche of hate mail as I did since the publication of this article. Never have I been so sworn at, insulted and cursed. Never have I been threatened so often. Seldom before have I and my family been so spiritually attacked by manipulative witchcraft prayers as during the past months. We could FEEL the darts and daggers in our spirit man.
All in the name of Torah.
Seldom have I had so many technical problems with computers and email. It got to a point where it became so ridiculous that you know it’s demonic.

The non-verbalized message beamed at me via numerous emails from Torah folks was this:

Eben, you clearly don’t understand how this works:
We aren’t the guys who are supposed to be rebuked. WE are the chosen ones to rebuke others and show them the Way. You have it all wrong, Eben.

Sadly, if the average email I’ve received from Torah devotees were to be representative of the Spirit of the Father, then I would seriously have to reconsider Christianity and the Bible. But by grace, I have a relationship with Jesus, and know from experience that this does not represent Him.
Friendly emails were few and far between.

Folks, there’s a dark, lurking spirit behind vast parts of the Torah movement. Not all of it, but vast parts. It is not the Spirit of the Father. It is a demonic spirit. And this article was stepping on its toes. Up to the point where it got so uncomfortable that it manifested abundantly via its hosts – in the ways described above. By the discernment of spirits the Lord has shown us exactly what kind of spirit it is:
It is a Religious spirit.
It is the very same spirit that opposed Jesus when He was on earth. It is the very same spirit which conspired against, set the trap for and hunted Him down.
I don’t know at which point this spirit enters an individual. I don’t know at which point it takes hold of a group. What I do know, is that it just LOVES observance of the letter, with all the associated religious bells and whistles.
To those who have ears – let them hear.

My Identity in the Torah – a Disaster!

A baby’s identity is in its mother. It has no identity of its own.
When it gets older, its identity gets based in both parents.

When it goes through puberty and adolescence, it starts out to discover its own identity.
It asks itself: “Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who do I want to be known as? What kind of person do I need to be in order to be comfortable and secure with myself?

Sadly, teenagers often build their identity on stupid things, things that spring forth from doubtful value systems – like physical appearance, cell phone brand, status amongst peers, etc.
When they enter the world of grown-ups, many continue this sad trend.
They build their identity on possessions, money, sexuality, influence, power, social status, etc.
Some with stronger value systems build their identity on self-devised ethics, standards and norms, belief systems – and religion.

Every single one of the above identity foundations represents a disaster waiting to happen:
One can lose one’s physical appearance, cell phone and status. Likewise, possessions, money, sexuality, influence, power and social status all possess a notorious non-permanence.
And similarly, even ethics, standards, belief systems and religion could be non-permanent – the only thing needed to topple them is some powerful disillusion with whatever one has valued before.
The same is true for the Torah. Although good and perfect, it was never meant to provide a basis for one’s identity. Nevertheless, many have used it in the past for exactly that purpose.

When I lose my Identity

What happens when a person loses his identity?

The person does not know who he is anymore. He becomes unsure how to respond to stimuli. He loses his ability to navigate himself through the treacherous waters of everyday life. He loses his ability to assess whatever life might throw at him. He loses his moral compass.
In short – he is in the middle of a serious personal crisis!

Jealously protecting my Identity

And in the same way that a child would, as he grows up, learn to stay away from things that might physically harm him, he learns to stay away from anything that might trigger an identity crisis.

But sometimes in life it becomes impossible to avoid physical harm. Sometimes it comes your way, hunts you down and hurts you!
So how do we then usually respond?
Well, we defend ourselves: In life-threatening situations our primal survival instinct prompts us to fight for our lives! Then rules don’t apply any more. You do whatever is necessary to survive. Even the justice system recognizes that.

So what do we do when our identity gets hunted down?
Well, we defend ourselves in the very same way. Rules don’t apply anymore. You do whatever might be needed to avoid an identity crisis. You fight for your “life”!

This is exactly how Torah people responded when I started this article. They somehow seemed to view me as their enemy, hunting down their identity. And they started fighting for their lives - rules forgotten.
You swear and curse.
You bite and scratch.
You growl and spit.

The Identity Crisis of some Torah Folks

There are no better symptoms than those mentioned above to demonstrate that we’re dealing with an identity crisis. Which means that many folks have built their identity on the Torah and the way they interpret it.
Since the letter of the Torah happens to be such a comprehensive “recipe for life” and would encompass almost every aspect of an individual’s personal life and behaviour, it could serve as a most powerful force to determine identity. And because the letter of the Torah has as its aim set-apartness, it causes adherents to become extremely and radically different from the rest of society. And most often we find that Torah folks find their very identity in their “differentness”. And although there is certainly nothing wrong with living a set-apart life, building one’s identity on letter obedience spells havoc.
These people know that if such identity were to change (by substituting letter obedience with Spirit obedience) they simply wouldn’t know who they were anymore. They wouldn’t know how to behave anymore. They wouldn’t know how to assess anything that life might throw at them anymore.

Growing into the Image of Jesus

… and become mature,
attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves,
and blown here and there by every wind of teaching
and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.
Instead, speaking the truth in love,
we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head,
that is, Christ.

- Gal. 4:13 – 15.

The ultimate aim of a follower of Jesus is not be Torah observant.
My ultimate aim is to grow up, to mature into the image of Jesus by his Spirit – so we can serve as co-workers in the Father’s Kingdom.

He is my Rock. He is my Fortress.
He is THE ONLY ONE with Whom my identity will be safe forever.
He will never be obsolete.
He is unshakable.
He is indestructible.
He can never be surprised.
He cannot be eroded.
He cannot be undermined.
He cannot be corrupted.
He cannot be conquered.
He will never forsake me
He will never disappoint me.
He knows everything there is to know.
He permeates the very life of everything that is.
He is everywhere.
He has all authority.
He has all power.
He is the Beginning.
He is the End.
He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE!

Defending the Stone Torah forever in order to preserve one’s Identity is HARD!

My dear Torah friend:
If you have built your identity on anyone or anything but Jesus, you are a disaster waiting to happen!
Do you really want to forever carry on defending adherence to the Stone Torah with your life – in order to preserve your Torah identity? If so, you’re opting for a hard and difficult life. You might get tired, because many other followers of Jesus also understand the New Covenant. Obedience of the letter is simply not worth your life-long efforts.

There is a much better and more excellent route: Jesus.
Learn to hear and recognize the inner voice of his Spirit. Obey Him. Speak to Him. Worship and love Him.
Jesus is the kindest Person I know.

For me, personally:
I am a South African, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I am subject to the SA Constitution, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I have political preferences, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I prefer to speak Afrikaans, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I am white-skinned, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I love my culture, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I am a husband and a dad, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I support the Stormers and Western Province, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I drive a Volkswagen and Honda, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I greatly value the Bible and Torah, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I greatly value prayer and intercession, yes, but over and above that I’m a follower of Jesus.
My identity is in Him, and hopefully in nothing else!

Some things the Torah is NOT

The Torah was never meant to save anybody.
The Torah was never Plan A.
The Torah can never replace the Ruach.
The Torah was never meant to be the object of any relationship.
The letter of the Torah was never intended to continue past Pentecost.
The Torah was never intended to serve as the basis of any Christian’s identity.

Some things the Torah USED TO BE

The Torah was meant as instruction to avoid curses and live a blessed life.
The Torah was added to find a way to deal with sin until Jesus would come.
The Torah foreshadowed Jesus.
The Torah was a supervisor for an immature people.
The letter of the Torah was the recipe for life in the Old Testament.
The Torah was a schoolmaster to bring Jews to Christ – to be saved by faith.

Some things the Torah IS

The Torah reveals to us the origin of all things.
The Stone Torah remotely reveals the Father.
The Stone Torah mandates Jesus as the Messiah.
The Stone Torah has a prophetic function.
The Flesh Torah intimately reveals Jesus, and through Him, the Father.
The Flesh Torah is our guarantee towards an abundant NT life!
The Flesh Torah mandates our road of sanctification.

What is the true, but limited value of Hebrew Roots and Torah groups?

1. Hebrew Roots teaches us to read our Bibles from a Hebrew perspective – which radically improves the perception that Western folks have of the Bible.
2. Hebrew Roots serves as an excellent tool to lead Jewish people to Jesus.

But I struggle to find any further valuable applications of Hebrew Roots. Anything beyond the values above seriously sets off alarm bells and red lights.

At which points do Hebrew Roots and Torah groups veer off course?

1. At any point where the “Hebrew perspective” mentioned above narrows down to “an Old Covenant Hebrew perspective”. Or a Judaic perspective.
2. At any point where the Hebrew perspective serves to mandate, obscure or soothe the presence of idols in our hearts – such as racism, religiosity, intellectualism, the Hebrew language, power, influence, legalism,  etc.
3. At any point where the Hebrew perspective serves as a coping mechanism for emotional or spiritual woundedness – such as insecurity, pride, rejection, rebellion, etc.
4. At any point where literal Torah observance mandates personal identity.
5. At any point where the letter of the Torah starts to replace the voice of the Spirit.
6. At any point where the Book replaces the Person.
7. At any point where study replaces relationship.
8. At any point where busyness replaces godliness.
9. At any point where knowledge exceeds maturity.

Dear Jesus, I pray that in this moment by your Spirit you would ease and take away the fear of loss of personal identity in the reader of this article. Please comfort this person by the warmth your Spirit, and grant forgiveness where repentance is made.

Testimony Time

Hi Eben.

Here are my reasons as a Gentile believer for leaving the Hebrew Roots Movement:

1. The people in the group become concerned mostly with all things "Jewish" – eventually all striving to become "Jewish".
2. They are convinced that somewhere in their bloodlines, they must have had Jewish ancestors.
3. Mysticism and secrecy starts creeping in – parts of Judaism and deception starts taking a hold.
 4. Rituals begin to take place such as observing Shabbat, traditional Jewish prayers, secular Jewish holidays, visiting synagogues, etc.
5. Learning Hebrew so that it can be spoken amongst the group.
6. Reading of the Torah each Saturday morning.
7. Singing mostly Hebrew P&W songs even including some Israeli traditional songs.
8. Reading mostly Old Testament Bible – little from the New Testament.
9. Such things as never using the name "Jesus" or writing out God's name in full, or it's sinful to eat pork or bacon, etc.
10. They become performance orientated, having to observe the strict Jewish ways.
11. Shunning brothers and sisters who don't adhere to certain "Laws" or observances.
12. They believe they are an elite group chosen by the Lord – the only ones who know "the truth".
13. They break away from "The Christian Church" and form small Torah groups.
14. They are both "born-again" believers in Jesus the Christ who has saved them from eternal damnation and also followers steeping themselves in rituals of the Jewish nation who still await the appearance of their "Messiah".
15. They say they can't fit into society and therefore desire to go and live in the Holy land Israel, even if God has not called them to – eventually the group loses all perspective of who they actually are in Jesus Christ. As born-again Gentile believers we are to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy; that is to be God's instrument of stirring them up to the realisation of their need for the gospel news of salvation, like any other nation on Earth. The Jew should be able to see the light, truth, love and freedom of Jesus in true believers.
Yes, Israel and it's beloved people are not forgotten by the Lord nor will Father God ever forsake them. Yes, they are the nation that God has chosen to use in the final days and where Jesus will return to. Yes, we are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem but we are not called to convert to Judaism or to practice any things Jewish.

Abba Father, in Jesus’ name I pray for my brothers and sisters who belong to you but who are being held captive in this movement by spirits of lies and deception, pride and arrogance, fear and confusion. Please soften their hardened hearts with Your melting, loving kindness – please begin to woo them away from these groups with Your absolute truth through the power of Your Holy Spirit. We love them Lord and we long to have them back amongst us. Thank you Lord that we can put our trust in You alone.

Blessings to you.


Next, a testimony from a minister:

Hello Eben

The first thing that struck me was the strong Hebrew theme to this Christian Community (where the kundalini is active) in this small town.
 Not expected.
 The theme extended from clothing, to food, to festivals …

The strongest advocate was a woman, who lives as if she is 100% Hebrew, right down to “Jewish” humour.  She is convinced and openly proclaims that she is Jewish – although she has no proof/reason to say so.  She is also exceedingly influential in the congregation and her marriage – and disruptive in group work. She is also regarded (her admission) as “peculiar” by the larger community.
Ministering to and teaching them was distracting, there were ram horns being blown, Jewish flags being waved and so on.  This was met by my team in prayer, after which all these “festivities” immediately ceased, persons then took their seats -and ministry continued normally.



Hier’s ‘n Afrikaanse een:

Hi Oom Eben

Ek wil net dankie sê vir jul gehoorsaamheid aan die Gees om hierdie e-posse te skryf en beskikbaar te maak aan die publiek ten spyte van teenstand.
Ons hele vriendeking wat almal tot radikale bekering gekom het, het die laaste twee jaar al dieper in die Hebrew Roots in beweeg. Ons het al die feasts gehou, begin om Hebreeus te leer en dit gesien as ‘n heiliger taal, begin kosher eet, tallits, shofars, you name it. Ons het parshahs begin lees en later boeke en boeke van kommentaar op die parshas. Dit het gelei dat ons amper nooit tyd gehad het om by die Nuwe Testament uit te kom nie. Ek het selfs mense jammer gekry wat nog die naam Jesus gebruik!

Ons almal het so ‘n dood oor ons geeste begin voel en condemnation omdat ons nie by al hierdie standaarde kon hou wat ons vir onsself gestel het nie. En ek het so onsensitief geraak vir die Gees, ek kon nie meer intercede soos ek voorheen kon nie. Vader se stem het al hoe sagter begin word en ek het al hoe meer gewens dat ek terug kon gaan na daardie eerste dae ná my bekering. Daar was ‘n skuldlas op my skouers soos nog nooit tevore nie. Ek het ook begin dink dat ek nie net een commandment kan hou en nie die ander nie, so ek sou ALMAL moes hou! Die gedagte daaraan het my begin insluk en ek het nie kans gesien om dit te doen nie.

Ek wou al vandat ek ‘n jong dogtertjie is Frans leer, maar ek het begin voel hoe durf ek eerder Frans wil leer as Hebreeus, dis seker net my ‘flesh’ wat dit wil doen.  Ons almal het begin besef dat iets nie reg is nie, maar ons kon nie presies besluit wat dit was of hoekom nie.
Oom se e-posse het op die perfekte tyd gekom en die spyker op die kop geslaan! Halleluyah! Dit het regtig daardie dinge kom ontbloot wat tussen my en Jesus gestaan het. Ek het alles bely en wil net van voor af Sy stem hoor en loop in Sy wil – uitgaan en iets doen!


Liewe Eben,

As jou skrywe net was om my uit die Torah Roots te kry, dan sê ek DANKIE! Ek is al 15 jaar in die ding, maar ek prys die Here dat Hy my bewaar het dat ek nooit "Joods" wou raak nie! Tog was ek solidly in die Torah teachings ens, ens. Maar die Heilige Gees het aan my begin "krap". Vandat ek jou eerste mail oor die "Roots" gekry het, het ek besef dat die Heilige Gees jou gebruik om ons te waarsku!!!
Die Vader het my net genade gegee om te sien 1) in hoeveel PRIDE ons loop en 2) hoe n verskriklike rol DIE MIND/KENNIS in dit alles speel!
Eben, dis DOOD, want die Gees is nie daar nie!!! En ek wil amper sover gaan om te se God/Jesus (met al die redenasies oor wat ons Hom mag noem!!!) is ook nie daar nie, want dit gaan nie oor Hom nie - ons het Torah (d.i. geskrewe een) -aanbidders geword!!!

Wel Eben, danksy jou en die Here se werking in en deur jou, het ek "bedank", uitgeklim, whatever!!! Ek het met my groepleier probeer praat, maar weet jy, hulle HOOR mens nie!!!! Ek het op n baie mooi en liefdevolle manier net vir hulle gesê ek is KLAAR met die Roots!!!! WAT 'N VRYHEID!!!!

So, met die lang gesels wil ek net se DANKIE!!! En ek huil soos ek hier sit want ek besef net die Here is ontsettend genadig!!!!


Beste Eben,

Hier is my getuienis:

I have personally been following Trumpet Call for over 10 years and regard Eben Swart as one of the leading Spiritual researchers in South Africa.
His latest work regarding “Hebrew Roots South Africa in crisis” is a prompt and timely tool in the hand of the discerning believer. I was fortunate to be present at the first reading of the rough draft of the article to find Eben moved to tears with compassion for the church as well as the 1000s being misled by this doctrine of demonic origin.
It was then that I realized the weight of this serious issue facing the body of Christ. It is the same spirit that worked through the Pharisees and religious leaders opposing Jesus directly and makes the spirit behind this movement anti-Christ. I have also witnessed the devastating effects of this doctrine firsthand and believe it to be very poisonous.
Thank you Eben, we now have the knowledge you have again given us to fight the good fight of faith in defending the truth of the only Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Ps. Jack Martin

Another one from an ex-Hebrew Rooter:

We managed to be set free by the Spirit of the God of Abraham, Yitsaq and Ya’acof only when we came to understand that:

The Name of our Almighty Father is indeed “Yod Hey Vav Hey” but as yet the correct pronunciation has not been revealed to any person.  Where the Spirit of the Almighty Father is not present, the Spirit of Confusion reigns.  Note: There is no grammatical rules in personal pronouns.

Proving one statement incorrect, does not automatically by default make the other alternative correct.

The use of the names of other gods in the days of the week and months is not a sin. The correct translation of  “do not let the names of other gods pass your lips” is in actual fact “ do not give priority or acknowledgement to the working of other gods”.

The constant “in-fighting” and slandering amongst people confirm that the Spirit of the God of Abraham, Yitsaq and Ya’acof is not present.

Where there is no Prayer and no true Worship – beware, for the Holy Spirit is not there.

A cult is described as exclusive with exclusive knowledge and if you don’t belong to them you cannot tap into this knowledge or have eternal life.  Sounds familiar?


Another one in Afrikaans:

Liewe Eben,

So ‘n wyle terug het ek by ‘n Torah-groepie aangesluit, omdat ek meer van die Hebreeuse wortels van my geloof te wete wou kom.

Ons is aangeraai om die voorgeskrewe gedeeltes in die Ou Testament, of Torah (soos wat ortodokse Jode wêreldwyd  doen) daagliks te bestudeer, sowel as die kommentare van verskeie rabbi’s wat daarmee saam gegaan het. En aanvanklik het dit goed gegaan, dit was fassinerend om die Torah te ontdek soos wat Jode dit interpreteer.

My probleem het begin toe geen teenargumente werklik geduld was nie – my eposse met ander sieninge is net geignoreer.  Dit was asof die feit dat iemand ‘n “Messiaanse Jood” is, hom outomaties kwalifiseer om die enigste waarheid oor ‘n saak te kan insien.

Die hele Jood vs Gentile saak is so gestel:  Aanvanklik was daar ‘n skeiding tussen Jode en Gentiles, en die Jode het God, die tien gebooie, die Torah ens. gehad.  Die gentile: niks.  Toe het Christus die skeiding tussen die twee weggevat, en dit beteken nou dat die gentile, wat mos niks gehad het nie, nou ook vir God, die tien gebooie, en die Torah het.  Eenwording as Jode moet dus eers plaasvind voordat die gentile vir God aanneemlik sal wees.  Terwyl ek nie sien dat 2 Kor 5:17 ‘n  onderskeid maak tussen groepe mense nie, dit lyk vir my asof daar in daardie vers gesê word ALMAL word nuut, dus sekerlik Jode ook?

Dit was toe mense begin gesels oor hoe moeilik dit dan nou is om net linne te koop en dra, (wol en linne  mag nie volgens Torah wette gemeng word nie); en hoe die kinders dit moeilik verstaan as hulle ma’s Saterdae niks mag doen nie, wat beteken dat Pa maar die kinders moet rondry en inkopies doen en skottelgoed was ens; en een dame begin wonder hoe sy haar man en seuns gaan oortuig om besny te word;  dat die gevaarligte vir my helder begin brand het.

Want die feit dat Jesus die volle omvang van al wat ‘n wet is kom vervul het, beteken vir my dat Hy alleen in staat is en was om AL die wette  namens my perfek te onderhou!  En omdat Hy dit namens my kom doen het, hoef ek niks te doen nie, ek moet Hom alleen liefhê en gehoorsaam!

Ek is nie teen bv Shabat hou op Vrydagaande nie – dit is ‘n wonderlike manier om die familie bymekaar te bring.  En ook hou ek daarvan om bewus te wees van die Bybelse feeste, en hou ons so nou en dan bv die Loofhuttefees. Dit is ‘n wonderlike manier om kinders Bybelwaarhede te leer.  Maar as dit belangrik word dat Joodse gebruike en feeste deel van my identiteit in Christus moet wees, het ek daarmee ‘n probleem.



This one is from a subscriber to a different newsletter:

I have listened to HR/Messianic teachings off and on (not really getting "into it") but I heard enough to get me to stop eating "unkosher" meats and become afraid of breaking Sabbath, etc. When you sent out these two newsletters, I did not actually know what to think, so I just left it alone. But later, I realized that your letters were seeds of truth that God would use to bring me out of these deceptions. I want to share with you how He pulled me out of it because this movement is far more dangerous than people realize.
Over the past 3 years, I was lured into the HR/Messianc movement. At first, it is like a "gateway" drug, just listening to "soft" Hebrew roots teachings like Mark Biltz and Bill Cloud. But later, it's like you need stronger drugs, so then you start dabbling into Monte Judah and Rico Cortez. By this time, spiritual bondage begins to set in because so many seeds have been planted into the heart and mind, that now it's time for an even stronger drug. That's when people begin to move into the more extremes like Michael Rood and Avi Ben Mordechai, etc.
By the time a believer has made his way into the more extreme groups, the bondage is full-blown and very difficult to get out of. Fortunately, I never made it to the more extreme teachers, but it was enough to blind me severely.
The Lord has recently opened my eyes and brought me correction concerning the doctrines and teachings of the HR/Messianic movement. By His grace, I was able to break from the very powerful demonic bondage of those false doctrines they teach. After He opened my eyes, it felt like I came out of a very long dream – I was stunned, and it almost did not seem real. That is how powerful those demonic spirits are.
I would also like to add that in the process of the Lord bringing me out of this demonic stronghold, He showed me something that I think every Christian must become aware of: this HR/Messianic movement is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE. I do not make these statements lightly nor in exaggeration. I will share with you part of the process of how He brought me out of this so you can understand my concern.
First, the Lord permitted the adversary (through demonic spirits of various sorts) to torment me, both body and mind. As I sought Him in extended fasting, He showed me various visions to lead me to the truth; two of these visions occurred back-to-back, that is, two nights in a row. These two visions were messages telling me that there was a "breach" in my hedge of protection. The following night, He gave a vision and a verse of Scripture. Rather than detailing the vision itself, I'll just share the main message of the vision, which was this:"You have lost your ability to receive forgiveness."
As you can tell, this is no light matter!! To put it in Paul's terms: "You have fallen from grace."
The verse that accompanied this last vision was 2 Corinthians 4:2:
"But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God."
He then led me to look up the word "craftiness" in the original Greek, which is "Panourgia," Strong's 3834. The meaning that the Holy Spirit slapped me in the face with was "specious wisdom." I had not heard this word before, so I looked it up, and this is what it means: apparently correct or true, but actually wrong or false.


* Names changed on author’s request.


Dear reader

If you consider yourself part of the Hebrew Roots or Torah movements, I would humbly submit to you that what I’ve tried to communicate in the course of twelve sessions comprises deep concern about these movements. I sincerely hope that I could communicate the content of my message to you in a digestible format – on both intellectual and emotional levels.
My quest is not to be “right”, or even “more right” than others. My motive is not to point out where others have erred or stumbled and then to scoff at them.
I have gained absolutely nothing by writing this article – in fact, it costs me dearly. But I have to obey the urgent Voice of the Spirit within me. For me, disobedience to that Voice would be far more disastrous than whatever any Torah movement could throw at me. So I simply obey.

Once again, I would like to iterate that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with Messianism, Torah studies or Hebrew Roots. People merely pervert it and “take it too far”.
My concern lies with the Kingdom of Heaven. My compassion is with the Body of Christ. If anything hurts the body, it hurts me as a part of it.

I hope that I could be instrumental in deterring you from evil. I hope that I could clarify at least some deceptions to you. I hope that, in the minefield of doctrines, I could point out at least a couple which you should seriously avoid.
And if you would dare to be honest towards yourself – is your group free from these deceptions? Or is your teacher constantly wrestling the boundaries of sound New Covenant teaching further and further afield?
Have you escaped from the prison of Christian Institutionalism just to walk open-eyed into the prison of Torah-ism across the street? Have its steel gates already shut and locked behind you?
If so, get out! Rather sooner than later. Repent of your folly.
And, by faith, throw yourself headlong onto the grace of the Father in Jesus the Messiah by the power of their mighty Spirit.

Eben Swart

The End.
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Judy 6 Sep 2011 at 10:32
Looking forward to more of what you have to say!!!

Have recently been enjoying looking at the Feasts which I have never looked at before, and it is incredible how going back to the Torah deepens the richness and depth of what Yeshua has done and will do. There are so many layers and as you mentioned - foreshadows. I agree that we need to be aware of Legalism and Religiousness that can easily creep in...which Yeshua has already paid the price for!
Corra 8 Sep 2011 at 12:57

I have also gone and deepened my knowledge about the Torah, studied all about the feasts, laws and learned so much about God and still do…..whilst studying some torah group teachings on the other hand something did not feel right about it and still bugs me.

Therefore I would like to use this opportunity for someone in this organizations to answer me my question:

Do you or/and your religion believe Jesus(Yeshua) was the Son of God AND ALSO YHWH Himself, that created everything?

If not, red lights needs to start flashing!! No created being other than GOD can forgive sin – the One whom we sinned against!!!

John 8:24 - I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am HE, ye shall die in your sins.

John 8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I AM.

Because look at what shocking information I found on this site:


Site: “Based upon theBible we believe in Henotheism - The worship of ONE God´s, Iesous Heavenly Father´s Hegemony (- leadership and supreme commander), over all Pantheons, and that means that we are not precluding the existence of other gods or others in the heavens of God, who may also be worthy of praise (for example Iesous Christos).(By "the heavens of God" we do not mean the "heaven" Hades/Sheol where the majority of deceased earthlings are, but that heaven is our Father in the heavens The Ruler of as well.)”

Me: So this mean they believe in more than one God?

Site: “We believe that Iesous(Jesus)(Yeshua) is The Arch Angel Michael”

Me: I certainly don’t think so!!!! Read Revelation 1 11 - 18 KJV
Danie 9 Sep 2011 at 13:54
Die webwerf waarna jy verwys.... as jy opgelet het en die pragtige groot Fleur de Liue gesien pronk het op hulle blad, dan moes jy mos dadelik al begin snif in die neus kry...!!!

Jacques 9 Sep 2011 at 15:26
Hi Eben,

I also moved to a house group about 5 years ago which forced me to start studying the Word myself like never before. That led me to discover the Old Testament and then the gems of Torah afresh and for the last 2 years I have been studying the Torah in depth. I appreciate your warnings as I have come across many of the "sectarian" groups you mention during my studies. Realizing that there are traps we formulated a statement of faith which I add below. Would appreciate your feedback on whether this statement would fall within your view of a "kosher" Torah view?

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Bible, both the TaNaKh (Old Covenant) and the Brit
Hadasha (Renewed Covenant), is the only inspired, infallible, and
authoritative Word of God (2 Tim 3:16-17).

We believe in one God, as He has revealed Himself in the Scriptures.
“Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” (Deut 6:4, John
10:30). We believe that the intended meaning of this word “one” as
found in Hebrew (echad), means a “composite unity.”

We believe that Yeshua is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Eternal One
in Whom all the fullness of deity dwells in bodily form, and who is the
Word who became flesh and dwelt amongst us, and whose glory we
beheld, the glory of the uniquely begotten Son of God, full of grace and
mercy (John 1:1-14, Col 2:9).

We believe that the Spirit of God comforts, teaches, leads, indwells and
empowers all whom He regenerates.

We believe that all have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of
God (Rom 3:23).

We believe that Yeshua’s death and resurrection accomplished the
atonement for all who would place their faith in Him. Whoever trusts in
God, in His work alone, is made a new creation in Messiah, indwelt by
the Spirit of God, and is transferred from the kingdom of darkness into
the kingdom of His own Son (Eph 2:8-9, Rom 5, 6).

We believe salvation is by faith through the grace of God alone, and not
by human efforts. One may not earn, merit, or keep this eternal
salvation by his own efforts. A new creation is the work of God alone
(Eph 2:8-10; Rom 8:29-36).

We believe in the spiritual unity and equality of all believers in Messiah
Y’shua (Eph 2:11-22).

We believe in the continuity of God’s covenants with the physical
people of Israel according to Jer 31:35-36 and parallel passages. Part
of the fulfillment of these covenants is the physical return of the people
of Israel to their Promised Land (Deut chap. 30).

We believe that all non-Jewish people who trust in Yeshua are grafted
into Israel; and while this does not make them Jewish, they are granted
the privilege of following the Torah (God’s instructions), having had it
written upon their hearts as participants of the New Covenant (Rom
11:11-24; Jer 31:33).

We believe that the Torah (first five books of the Bible) is a revelation of
the righteousness of God and the description (along with the rest of the
Scripture) of the lifestyle of the redeemed community (Mat 5:17-19; 2
Tim 3:16-17). We also believe that the Torah can't give you salvation.

We believe that Yeshua came the first time fulfilling the Spring Feasts of the LORD (Lev. 23) as the suffering servant, Messiah Ben Yoseph (Messiah the Son of Joseph) and will come again to fulfil the Fall Feasts of the LORD (Lev. 23) as the conquering King, Messiah Ben David (Messiah the Son of David). We believe in a literal, physical return of Messiah to rule and reign upon
the throne of David in Jerusalem (Zech 14; Rev 19-20).

We believe in the resurrection of both the wicked and the righteous.
Those who have trusted in Yeshua will be resurrected unto life and
those who died without having believed in Yeshua will experience
Elize 9 Sep 2011 at 17:46
I am deeply depressed by my Nation falling into this sick trap.
Thanks for your article.
Corra 11 Sep 2011 at 19:45
Hi Jacques,

Die bybel se: Soos kole die gloed en hout die vuur laat opvlam, so is ’n twisgierige man om ’n twis aan te hits.

jy het die laaste sin van "jou" statement of fait uitgelos:

"eternal wrath of God (Rom 1:18ff; 1 Cor 15; Rev 20-21)."

Andre 13 Sep 2011 at 07:54
Hallo Eben
Ek sien dat jy besig is om dit te doen wat jy die kerk van beskuldig in jou Vals Priesterdom DVD, naamlik "die beskikbaar maak van opsetlik selektiewe inligting uit 'n ivoortoring van akkreditasie, om 'n/jou standpunt te staaf". Dit is jammer dat jy geen ruimte laat vir debat oor jou artikels nie. Dit is 'n eensydige stroom en geen reaksie behalwe hier op jou webtuiste word toegelaat nie. Is dit hoe ons mekaar moet vermaan en waarsku?

Ek is ook nie gelukkig met die neerhalende trant van jou artikels teenoor mense wat uit geloofsoortuiging 'n suiwer pad wil stap nie. As dit die manier is hoe Christene mekaar hanteer, dan wil ek nie meer 'n Christen genoem word nie. Christus self het in 'n oop gesprek sy standpunt gestel en altyd slegs dit wat in die Woord van daardie tyd (die Tanakh of OT) gestaan het aangehaal om sy standpunt te staaf. Hoekom het jy dan daarmee 'n probleem? Terloops, hy was 'n Jood wat Hebreeus (en Aramees, 'n dialek van Hebreeus) gepraat het en nie 'n Griek wat Grieks gepraat het nie! Daar is ook geskrifte, soos die Shem Tov Matteus, wat met die val van die muur in Rusland beskikbaar gekom het en bewys dat die NT in Hebreeus geskryf is en daarna in Grieks vertaal is. In Rusland is al vier die evangelie-boeke in Hebreeus in die staatsbiblioteek beskikbaar, maar slegs op versoek. Verskeie Hebreeuse studente is tans besig om dit te bestudeer en met die Griekse kopiee te vergelyk. Hoekom word dit nie genoem nie?

Wel, ek is nie eintlik hier om jou en dit waarmee jy besig is aan te val of te kritiseer nie, maar slegs om die enigste forum wat beskikbaar is om te reageer te gebruik om dit te doen. Ek bid dat jy jou mede gelowiges met respek sal behandel in jou artikels en dat jy jou 100% van jou feite sal vergewis voordat jy dit uitstuur.
Eben Swart 13 Sep 2011 at 15:41

Jy is welkom om hierdie forum te gebruik. Ons stuur tans hierdie artikel sessie vir sessie op ons eposlys uit. Jy is welkom om in te teken onder "newsletter" hierbo. Epos is die primêre forum, en omdat jy nog nie ingeteken is nie, voel jy duidelik uitgesluit! Met elke nuwe sessie wat op epos uitgaan, vul ons die artikel hierbo aan.

Ek verneem graag van jou van presies watter "ivoortoring" jy praat waarvandaan ek skynbaar praat, asook oor presies watter "akkreditasie" ek skynbaar beskik. Ek is nie bewus van enige van hierdie middele nie.

In my artikel nooi ek al die aanspraakmakers op oorspronklike, egte Hebreeuse evangelie-manuskripte om sulke manuskripte na vore te bring, want die wêreld wil hulle BAIE GRAAG sien! Andre, het jy enige idee hoeveel groepe daar tans in die wêreld is wat deesdae daarop aanspraak maak dat hulle sulke manuskripte het? Maar ALMAL van hulle het tot dusver nog net verskoning op verskoning uitgedink waarom hulle nie daarmee te voorskyn kan kom nie. Totdat hulle daarmee te voorskyn kom, glo ek hulle gewoon nie meer nie. Moenie alles glo wat jy lees nie - veral nie as dit inpas by wat jy graag WIL glo nie!

Jy verstaan duidelik nie wat ek oor Grieks sê nie: Dit maak nie saak HOE Hebreeus die OT is, HOE Hebreeus Jesus was, HOE Hebreeus sy kultuur en denkwêreld was, of HOE superieur Hebreeus ookal mag wees volgens wie ookal se siening nie. Die feit bly dat die Vader sowerein besluit het om sy Woord oor sy Seun vir ten minste die eerste 2000 jaar van die Christendom vir ons in GRIEKS te gee.
Enigiemand wat hiermee wil verskil of die Griekse taal in vlamme probeer afskiet, beweer dat die Vader foute maak. So 'n persoon is totaal mislei, en probeer voorgee dat hy beter weet as die Vader. So 'n persoon ontbloot sy misleide, trotse hart. Iemand het jou 'n leuen verkoop, en jy het die aas gesluk.

Oor my sogenaamde "neerhalende trant":
"Truth is like a lion. You needn't feed it - it feeds itself. And if you stand in its way, it will feed on YOU!"
As die waarheid tans 'n paar happe uit jou vat, is dit nie die waarheid se skuld nie. Kom liewer uit sy pad uit.
Persoonlik probeer ek my bes om nie in Waarheid se pad te staan nie.
Rina 16 Sep 2011 at 10:38
Understanding of the ancient original Hebrew text of the Bible can make a remarkable difference in the world today. The morals and values transmitted from within its pages are universal truths present in most western law forms and societal systems of modern times. In order to harness these incredible guiding forces to the benefit of mankind, we need to develop our understanding of what they are and how they operate. This information may be vital to human survival on this planet, as individuals and as societies, offering a sane alternative to radical and destructive ideologies prevalent in the world today. Teaching Hebrew and Torah will help facilitate reverence, understanding and closeness to the divine word and to the people who kept it alive for 3500 years.
What makes Hebrew different from all other languages? The most important feature that sets Hebrew apart is the fact that Hebrew is NOT a language that is based on agreement, like all other languages. Hebrew is a CONCEPTUAL language.
In the English language, for example, words do not have an inherent meaning. The meaning of a word in English is determined by agreement only. So if we say the word CAT, the word itself does not have meaning, except the meaning we assign to it by agreement.
Uri Harel – Centre for Biblical Hebrew (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Christo Nel 16 Sep 2011 at 11:38
Hi Eben
I really want to honor your faithfullness and courage to proclaim the truth as you understand and belief it to friends who are struggling with the teachings coming from out of the Jewish Roots-quaters.

I only can echo what you are saying about seeing so many followers of Christ, who moved into renewal a while back, but were dumped into this pot of misleadings and half truths that were taught to them.

O, when will the people of God discover the sword of the Word and start practising using only that to distinguish between truth and deception!
theo 16 Sep 2011 at 14:03
Eben, ek wil graag die geleentheid gebruik om 'n persoonlike vermaning aan jou te rig, veral na jou reaksie op Andre se opmerkings. Ek vind jou fokus op die negatiewe aspekte van die Hebrew Roots movement eensydig. My beskeie opinie is dat die ekponensiele groei van die beweging juis spruit uit die kerk se rigting- en riglynlose onderrig en styl. As Christendom in geheel het ons vergeet of verleer wat reg en verkeerd is. In die kerk is enigiets welkom, 'n homoseksuele lewensstyl, promiskuiteit, veroordeling van broers sonder om die spreekwoordelike balk uit jou eie oog te haal, afgodsdiens, towenaary en vals leringe. Hierdie dinge is deel van die Christendom, en die Hebrew Roots movement dien as 'n teenbalans vir hierdie bandeloosheid.

Ek gee toe dat daar gebruike in die beweging is wat weer aan die ander kant van die skaal afval, maar om die beweging te verkleineer en 'n onomwonde taal te aanvaar dat wat jy kwytraak die waarheid "in die vorm van 'n leeu is wat verslind" (verskoon my vry vertaling) is om jouself skuldig te maak aan presies die dinge wat jy die beweging van beskuldig.

Daar bestaan op hierdie aarde nie een mens wat die volle waarheid het nie. Ons sien net gedeeltelik, nie ten volle nie. En, as 'n byvoeging, volgens die Bybel is dit net Satan wat soos 'n brullende leeu rondloop en kyk wie hy kan verslind, nie die waarheid nie. As die Hebrew Roots movement nie van God is nie, laat dit sy eie dood sterf. Tot dan, kyk wat jy kan leer daarvan sonder om dit af te kraak uit jou eie sienswyse en interpretasies.

So, neem dalk die vermaning ter harte. As jy regtig met insig en outoriteit van 'n beweging binne die Christendom wil praat, laat dit met gebalanseerheid wees en in liefde, nie met die swaard van jou eie woorde nie.
Ben van der Merwe 22 Sep 2011 at 20:43
Dear Eben,

HalleluYAH, Praise Yah, Praise the LORD - for Watchmen on the Wall.

Thank you for your Boldness, risking your Ministry for the TRUTH.

May I remind you and the reader, that our fight is not about the flesh BUT Spiritual.

Eben, I personally believe you are entering one of the strongest strongholds of the Queen of Heaven, and may we all as the BODY of Messiah remember this, pray continiously for protection & discernment.

Having been involved in the "Hebrew Movement" for the past 5 years and facilitating a Messianic Fellowship, I am BUT to aware of the POTholes.

By definition, you may call us a Messianic House Church, Studing Torah, Prophets, Writings and Brit Hadashah(NT).

I truly believe Father is moving Sovereign amongst the BODY and the enemy is to aware of this and is always ready with the counterfeight.

If the Father chose to reinstall House Church after 2000 years, SURELY HE can chose to restore TORAH to the Body of Messiah and the Hebrew Language, to bring the balance back from a EMPHESIZE to Greek understanding of the Scripture.

BUT,Have the Gospel of Good News became an ENTERPRIZE?

Does the Ruach Ha Kodesh ONLY speak to AMERICAN(self proclaimed JEWS)?

I have had the honour to understudy most of the modern American and European "Teachers" on "Hebrew Roots"(At a COST, sorry for the lost in unreached Africa, who cannot affort this "EXTRA Blessing")

Hebrew Roots teaches that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil leads to DEATH.

May I remind myself , Eben and the reader to this, MAY we allways focus on the Tree of Life.

Sha'ul(Paul) needed only ONE Encounter with the Messiah, to count ALL his "Knowledge" as garbage.

Php 3:4 even though I certainly have grounds for putting confidence in such things. If anyone else thinks he has grounds for putting confidence in human qualifications, I have better grounds:
Php 3:5 b'rit-milah on the eighth day, by birth belonging to the people of Isra'el, from the tribe of Binyamin, a Hebrew-speaker, with Hebrew-speaking parents, in regard to the Torah, a Parush,
Php 3:6 in regard to zeal, a persecutor of the Messianic Community, in regard to the righteousness demanded by legalism, blameless.
Php 3:7 But the things that used to be advantages for me, I have, because of the Messiah, come to consider a disadvantage.

Php 3:8 Not only that, but I consider everything a disadvantage in comparison with the supreme value of knowing the Messiah Yeshua as my Lord. It was because of him that I gave up everything and regard it all as garbage, in order to gain the Messiah

May we ALL long for such an Encounter with the Messiah!

Do I agree on all Eben is saying, NO. Do I disagee with all Eben is saying, NO.

Father is not in the business of manufacturing "cupcakes" and I rejoice in that.

May we all keep seeking the TRUTH, from a position of Meekness and Humbleness, because we ALL see vaguely(dimly) in a Mirror.

Marietjie 11 Oct 2011 at 16:53
Die hele Bybel is God se woord.Die wortels van die Bybel le in Hebreeus en Grieks. Feit. Jesus was Jood. Feit. Deur die naam JESUS word mense gered. Selfs in drome verskyn hy as JESUS aan mense. In enige volk en in enige taal.Die BYBEL in enige taal is vir jou en my genoeg om JESUS daarin te kry en Hom as Saligmaker te volg. Om persoonlik met HOM n verhouding te he. Huiskerk of ander. JESUS geen nie om. Dien HOM persoonlik oral waar jy is. Laat HOM jou enigste GOD en HERE wees. HY is genoeg.Kom ons bly by die Waarheid van God se HELE WOORD.Wortels is nodig. Niks groei daarsonder.Hebreeus, Grieks wat maak dit saak. Seen in die naam van JESUS vir al sy kinders.
Helene 18 Oct 2011 at 17:44

Ek het baie geleer al van jou aanbiedinge, maar is die keer baie teleurgesteld. Dit blyk jou navorsing die keer was nie voldoende nie en jy maak jouself skuldig aan dit waarvan jy ander beskuldig: MISLEIDING, waaroor jy sal moet berou.
Ek vind dit baie eienaardig dat jy 'n link op jou webwerf het na Kanaan Ministries, wat duidelik Hebraic Roots ondersteun en leringe daaroor aanbied!
Uit watter koppie drink jy?

Liefde en vrede in Messias vir jou.
Corra 19 Oct 2011 at 13:09
Net 'n vraag vir die gene wat nie saam met Eben stem nie: Adam en Eva – hulle was perfek gemaak in die beeld van ons God, het hulle die Hebrew roots/Torah/reëls/feeste gehad?

En wie het die Jode met hulle Hebrew Roots/Torah/reëls/feeste gekruisig?
Eben Swart 20 Oct 2011 at 00:24

Vind jy dit nie interessant dat ook die Sonaanbidders, Vrymesselaars, Rooms Katolieke en New Agers my beskuldig van swak navorsing en misleiding nie? Daarom is dit vir my GEEN verrassing dat Torah-mense dit nou ná my artikelreeks oor hulle leringe doen nie.
Die Vrymesselaars repent nie, die Rooms Katolieke repent nie, die Vrymesselaar-leierskap van institusiekerke repent nie, en Kundalini-predikers repent nie. So ek is GEENSINS verbaas dat Torah-mense ook nie repent nie.
Voorheen het jy met my saamgestem, want jy was nie in die beskuldigdebank nie. Noudat jy is, is my navorsing swak.

Ek wil 'n raaiskoot waag:
Jy repent nie - oor presies dieselfde rede as die ander: As wat ek sê korrek sou wees, sal jy aampassings in jou lewe moet maak waarvoor jy tans nie kans sien nie. Niemand hou daarvan om te erken dat hy 'n fout gemaak het nie. Daarom vind jy redes om te besluit dat ek nonsens praat.
Hoewel ek en Kanaan Bedieninge nie oor alles saamstem nie, speel ons steeds in dieselfde span vir dieselfde Koninkryk. Dit geld ook al die ander bedieninge na wie ons skakels op ons webblad vertoon. Vir watter koninkryk speel jy?
mc 31 Oct 2011 at 18:14
Ek gaan nie teen Eben baklei nie. Ek kan net getuig uit my hart:

Ek is lief vir Vader en wil Hom gehoorsaam omdat ek Sy gesag aanvaar en ek begeer om onder Sy beskerming te bly.
Ek kan nie gered word omdat ek Vader se wette/riglyne probeer gehoorsaam en uitvoer nie, maar kan slegs gered word uit genade omdat Jesus my van die dood verlos het en ek dit met dankbaarheid aanneem.
Ek is lief vir die Hebreeuse taal omdat dit so 'n ryk en beskrywende taal is. Twee derdes van die Bybel is oorspronklik in hierdie besonderse taal geskryf!
Die Woord en Woord alleen is my Rots. Die wat interpretasies van mense navolg is dwaas.
Ek bestudeer tans die Torah (omdat dit deel is van die Bybel) in parallel met die profetiese en EVANGELIESE boeke omdat dit die begin, hede en eindtye beskryf. Ek kan in alle opregtheid getuig dat ek die afgelope jaar meer van die WOORD , Vader se wil vir my lewe, Vader se karakter ens. geleer het as wat ek vir 48 jaar in 'n kerk geleer het .
My verhouding met Vader is versterk en opgebou omdat ek begeer om Sy wil te doen en om 'n pad van gehoorsaamheid te stap. Wanneer ek dit nie reg kry nie, bedek Sy genade my.
Ek wil slegs by die ware Leermeester leer.

Met liefde en ‘n dankbare hart
Kallie van der Merwe 1 Nov 2011 at 22:22
Eben my broer, jy veralgemeen so erg dat ek jou nooit weer kan glo nie, jy manipuleer data om jou standpunt te bewys, 'n tipiese gedrag van navorsers. Jy onderskat die intellek van jou lesers en jy oordeel verskriklik. Hierdie paar dinge laat my wonder of jy nie net sensasie soek nie en agter die geld en faam hardloop nie. Dis 'n afgruwelike studie hierdie, jy sal moet vergifnis vra en ernstig met Vader praat en dinge regstel. Jy het baie vyande gemaak, getroue gelowiges wat jou vorige werk hoog geag het. Jy het nou verval in ellende, jou werk is teen die Ruach haKodesh en teen Vader se Plan, maar dalk is jy deel van Vader se Plan om ander bewus te maak van die waarheid, wat jy verkondig as 'n leuen. Ons sal aanhou bid vir jou en ons glo daar sal iets goeds hiervan kom. Shalom Kallie
Wynie 9 Nov 2011 at 00:52
Dear Eben,

Thank you for your article! It's great that someone in South Africa is publicly speaking out against this deception. Though those who are involved in this may have good intentions and probably mean well, it causes many inacurracies and stronholds in their lives, and certainly distracts them from their main calling. Christ is sufficient. We need to go with HIS final revelation and stick to GOD's final WORD (Heb.1:1-2). This Jewish roots thing is the very thing PAUL had such problems with. It's now just in another "jacket"...

I don't know if it's allowed to refer to other links on the internet in this comments, so, please scrap it out if it's not allowed. I found the following articles also quite helpful at the following link:


See the articles named:
"Feasts of Israel"
"Attack of the Judaizers coming soon to a Church near You!"

The Hebrew and Torah root movement is just another manifestation of a religious spirit. It is not the letter that deceives, it's the spirit behind it that deceives.

The reason why people who are from the HEBREW ROOTS MOVEMENT respond in such a vicious way, is because it's the religious spirit in them that responds like that. A religious spirit will defend till death, and will go along with you (love you and be your friend) as long as you don't hinder them, but will turn on you the moment you want to want to bring discipline or correction. It doesn't want to be told what to do, just want to be "applauded and appreciated". It's a rebellious spirit, and it is this spirit that will eventually (and already started to) persecute the true church / bride of Christ.

Religion is satan's replacement for relationship. It might not start off right away like that, but it surly has that as it's final destination for the "victim".

Kind regards,

Braam 20 Nov 2011 at 08:49
I will have to read again to really internalise. Your blunt approach is refreshing and reflect what I 'feel' inside but are unable to express as you so eloquently succeed in doing.

Please tell me in plain language how to explain the gospel to an unbeliever. I find that I have a fear of driving them away rather than drawing them near - and it results in passive 'waiting' for a better opportunity that never seems to arrive.....
Eben Swart 21 Nov 2011 at 16:36

Rather scare 10 away and get the gospel to the next 1. You'll never learn if you never start. It's okay to make mistakes. The Lord mops up a lot of our imperfections.
Johan 24 Nov 2011 at 10:58

Ek besef dat die tipe gesprekke is altyd kennend van gelowiges van een spesifieke oortuiging, wanneer hulle die oortuigings van 'n ander kritiseer, afbreek of oningeligde opmerkings maak met die doel om jou groeps-gevoel te versterk. Dit is hoekom ek Eben al herhaaldelik gevra, gesmeek / gepleit het om die verdeeling van die liggaam van ons Verlosser te staak - sonder sukses.

Bespreek eerder homoseksualiteit in die kerk, saamblyery wat verdra en goedkeuring kry ens. Kruis en dwars se program van hoe christene, budhiste en moslem "gelowiges" raakpunte het en mekaar se gelowe en gode moet respekteer. Dan verbind ons die groter christen groep as 'n eenheid. Hierdie gesprekke is egter daarop gemik om te verdeel.

Dit is fyn dat julle op die manier mekaar "versterk" - probeer net in die prosses darem 'n ingeligde opinie te kan gee.

Ek kan insien dat Eben met sekere radikale elemente binne die Torah groepe gesels het en sy opinie gevorm het, jammer dat Eben so veralgemeen, ek voel dit is uiters onverantwoordelik om dit so te benader - doen meer skade as goed. Maar aangesien hierdie sy webwerf en koninkryk is, is dit sy opinie ... LET WEL - SY opinie wat weergegee word.

Met betrekking tot die "fel aanvalle" op Eben vanuit die Torah gelowiges soos hy so baie vertel - Onthou asb. volgende keer as daar 'n inbreker in jou huis instap, en afbreek en steel wat vir jou kosbaar is - OM KOEKIES en KOFFIE aan te bied - enige weerstand sal as tipies van huis inwoners afgemaak word, en die wat nie huise het nie sal weet dat huis bewoners die wreedaardiges is wat hulle oorspronklik gedink het.

Jou vraag - was Adam en Efa in Sy beeld gemaak? - ek neem Sy Woord aan as waar, en die Skrif sê wel dat Adam in die beeld van God (Elohim) gemaak is, en dat Hy gesê het dat dit goed was.. SO my opinie is wel dat hulle in Sy beeld gemaak was, en dat dit goed was volgens ons Vader se maatstaf. Hier is 'n vraag vir jou - in wie se beeld is jy gemaak toe jy gebore is?

Het hulle die Torah gehad? - Kom ek vra jou - Hoe het Noag geweet watter diere was rein en onrein (soos die Torah dit duidelik maak), Lees gerus Gen 26:5 - (VOOR berg Sinai) het Abraham reeds die ordonansies, gebooie en wette gehoorsaam? - hoe kan dit wees voor Moses?

Wie het Yeshua gekruisig? - Die Romeine - onthou die jode het hulself nie regeer nie en kon nie doodstraf gee nie. 'n Bekende feit is ook dat ten tye van Yeshua se aardse bestaan, die geestelike leiers in Juda deur die Romeine aangestel is, en nie die seuns van Aaron was nie.
So wie het dan vir Yeshua gekruisig? My sondes en joune... anders het ons moeilikheid.

Dit is miskien nie 'n slegte idee om wel die Torah bietjie te bestudeer 'n mens se fondasie uit te sorteer nie. Om die Torah te bestudeer is nie 'n keuse om ons Verlosser eenkant toe te skuif nie, Sê 2 Cor 3:14 die Torah is vernietig in Christus --- of die sluier wat die Torah bedek? sodat ons dit kan bestudeer, en met die hulp van die Gees die voetstappe van ons Messias van verstaan, en insien. Onthou volgens Joh 1 is Hy die Torah wat lewend geword het in menslike vorm.

Ons Verlosser is die hoeksteen van die huis rêg? Die Torah is die fondasie van die huis waarvan die hoeksteen deel is. As jy die Torah verwyder vanuit jou geloofslewe is jy soos 'n huis sonder fondasie.

Om die Torah te bestudeer sonder die doel om ons Messias beter te leer ken, is soos om in 'n motor te klim sonder om die enjin aan te skakel. Sy voetspore en karakter is orals te vinde in die Fondasie van die Skrif - doen jouself die guns en bestudeer dit sonder vooroordeel, jy sal verstom wees oor die beeldspraak, en skadus wat ons verwys na Hom, en wat jou aanbidding en prys van Hom sal verdiep. 'n verloofde paartjie se liefde is veronderstel om te verdiep soos die 2 mekaar beter leer ken. Deur ons studie van die Skrif met die Torah as fondasie leer ons Hom al hoe beter ken - dit kan jou wete en kennis van Hom net goed doen.

Wat snaaks is die opmerking aan Helene - dat sy as "Torah gelowige" nie wil repent nie.....
My vraag is, as ons glo die Torah mee weggedoen - waarvan sal ons dan repent? aangesien ons geen standaard het waarmee ons lewens gemeet word nie. (Moet nie verwys na Yeshua (Jesus) nie) - want Hy het die Torah uitgeleef en kan dan nie as ons voorbeeld dien nie want dit sal beteken ons moet die Torah onderhou - wat weggedoen is mee??? dit maak 1 Joh 2:6 bietjie moeilik om te verstaan (miskien moet dit dan ook maar ter syde gestel word tesame met die meer as 1000 dinge wat ons moet en nie moet doen in die "Nuwe Testament" nie.

REPENT - Beteken onder andere om te besef daar is iets in jou lewe waarin jy terug moet keer na die bron van lewe - ONS VADER. - Hoe? deur jou lewe in gehoorsaamheid tot Sy Woord te rig, (te repent) en te lewe deur die leiding van die Ruach en die voetstappe van elke gebod te volg as die lamp vir jou voet, en onderwysing as lig - en teregwysinge van die tug tot die lewe.(Prov 6:23 - anders moet ons maar daarvan ook ontslae raak.)
Eben Swart 24 Nov 2011 at 12:32
Die skrywer hierbo se uitgangspunte is tekenend van wat ek in die artikel sê:

1. Torah-mense verkeer onder die FOUTIEWE indruk dat die Torah Plan A was - met verwysing na die "hoeksteen" in Johan se skrywe hierbo (sien Sessie 10 van die artikel). Jésus is die hoeksteen - nie die Torah nie. Jesus is Plan A. Torah is Plan B.
En nee, Jesus en die Torah is NIE ekwivalent nie. Die Torah is die SKADUWEE van Jesus.
Jy, Johan, en jou skaduwee is NIE ekwivalent nie. So ook nie Jesus en die Torah nie.

2. Torah-klasse gaan oor die "Hoe wonderlik!"-uitroepe. Dit het min meer om die lyf.

3. Ná die publikasie van die artikel probeer Torah-mense walgooi en die valse indruk skep dat ek met "sekere radikale groepe" binne die Torah-beweging gesels het. Nee, Johan, die artikel is 'n reaksie op die terugvoer van die prominentste Torah-leiers in SA. 17 Diagnostiese vrae is aan hulle gevra, en hulle het gereageer.
Hierdie walgooi-taktiek herinner sterk aan die reaksie van Vrymesselaars sodra mens enigeen van hul skrywers begin aanhaal. Dan is hulle vinnig om te sê dat daardie spesifieke skrywer se opinies nie verteenwoordigend is van wat Vrymesselaars glo nie. Hierdie taktiek is gewoon integriteitsloos.
Om die Torah-leiers met wie ek gepraat, en wie se opinies ek aanhaal, as "radikale" te tipeer, kom op presies dieselfde taktiek neer.

Johan, wat op aarde help dit jou as jy die Torah gehoorsaam, maar jou Torah-vrinne se SONDE vergoeilik in hul optrede teenoor my? Waar is die Torah dan? Ek het niemand beroof of besteel nie. Ek het bloot hul denkfoute uitgewys - soos ook hierdie een deur jouself.
Terloops, Johan, Adam se vrou was Eva. 'n Efa is 'n Bybelse inhoudsmaat.
Johan 24 Nov 2011 at 19:42
Klippe en harte en harte van klip.

Die feit dat die Torah op on harte geskryf is verwyder nie die toepassing en gehoorsaamheid daartoe nie, die aanvanklike doel van Vader by Sinai was wel om Sy huweliks vebond op hulle harte te skryf, maar a.g.v. die goue kalf sonde gebeur dit toe eers later in die tyd van Yeshua.
Met jou omvattende menings opname sou nog ‘n belangrike vraag aan gelowiges wat Torah erken as toepaslik vir ons sou wees: (die 18’de)
“Wie glo steeds aan die eksterne geskrewe 10 Woorde op klip tafels geskryf, en verwerp die besnydenis van die hart en ge-asosieerde hart geskrewe Torah?”
Jy sal geen “takers “ kry nie…– dis onsinnig

Jou verdeling van die eerste 5 boeke van die Bybel is ‘n totaal radikale nuwe doktrine wat die eenheid tussen Vader en Yeshua afbreek, en Sy kinders die indruk laat dat Yeshua se Torah anders daarna uitsien as Vader sin.
Tog sê Yeshua Hy verkondig nie Sy eie boodskap nie maar die Vader sin.

Onthou dat indien daar ‘n verskil in die inhoud van die huweliks verbond (Torah) is tussen die “klip” weergawe, en hart geskrewe weergawe, beteken dit dat Mal 3:6 ook problematies is.
Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Die skryf op die kliptafels was vir ons ‘n beeld van Sy eerste koms toe mense se harte in die algemeen verhard was, en hulle Sy gebooie verontagsaam en verbreek het. (daarom is die eerste 2 klip tafels ook verbreek – ook verwysing na Yeshua se liggaam wat verbreek is) Met Moses se 2de afkom vanuit die berg (verwysend na Yeshua se 2de koms vanuit die Vader se teenwoordigheid ) het sy gesig geskyn – soos Yeshua verheerlik sal wees, en die volk het in afwagting hulle gereed gemaak, soos ons nou doen – (deur heiligmaking, met besnyde harte )
Dit verander egter nie die Torah realiteite nie, dit maak dit net meer prominent vir ONS – Soos Yeshua in Matt 5 verduidelik het. Jy haal Eseg 36:27 aan wat dit uitwys. – Die doel van die Ruach in ons lewens is om ons instaat te stel om gehoorsaam tot Hom te wees, en ‘n liefdevolle geloofsverhouding met Hom te hê. Gelowiges in Yeshua is Sy bruid, en ons moet onsself reinig in gehoorsaamheid tot Sy Woord. Rom 7:14 – sê deur die Torah uit te leef wandel ons in die Gees.
Diè is die verstaan van Yeshua by die huwelik seremonie op die DERDE dag, verander water in Wyn – en Sy dissipels wat die Torah ken sien die Waarhede van Torah aan hulle gedemonstreer, en glo! – Eers die eksterne skoonmaking – dan reinig die bloed van Messias ons van binne.
Die medium waarop die Torah geskryf is het verander, maar Sy openbaring van Sy karakter (inhoud van Torah) nooit nie. Die stipulasies van die Torah is dieselfde van voor Sinai tot nou Gen 26:5. Hy het dit nou net meer intensief en radikaal gemaak vir ons. Kyk na Sy interpretasies van Torah in Matt 5.
Ons probeer nie judaisme navolg en Yeshua verwerp as saligmaker nie, of hulle tradisies wat die Torah weerspreek navolg nie!
Onthou Paulus en Apostels het die Torah onderhou met die getuienis van Yeshua in hul harte.
Daarom het Paulus in Hand 21, sy gelofte tydperk met ‘n offerhande aan die tempel afgesluit volgens die voorskrifte van Numerie 6 van 12 tot ± 16. Dieselfde voorskrifte as altyd in OT tye.

Jy sê: The Torah was a supervisor for an immature people (Is alle gelowiges in Messias nou skielik volwasse van die begin af? Wie is dan die babas wat Paulus van praat? – Ek lei hiervan af dat babas of nuwe gelowiges dan die Troah moet onderhou…?

Jy sê - The letter of the Torah was the recipe for life in the Old Testament. (Paulus sê volg my soos ek Yeshua volg (die perfekte onderhouer van die Torah) – is Pualus nou ook van die bus af? – dit beteken dat ons dan moontlik moet wandel volgens 1 Joh 2:6 - (in die voetstappe van Yeshua – Torah onderhoudend)

Ander Christene maak ook foute (Kersfees, Paasfees, lydens tydperk, Sondag aanbidding, kinderdoop, aanvaarding vanseksuele perversie nl. Homo seksualiteit, saam blyery ens en vele ander – egskeiding en hertrouery – oor beklemtoning van die gawes van die Ruach en misbruik daarvan, algemene blaze gevoel oor sonde – ouderlinge en leiers wat totaal die pad bysteris in hulle uitlewing van geloof en gepaardgaande vrugte),
hoekom ons uitsonder?
Ja ons het ook foute maar probeer die Vader dien deur ‘n innerlike begeerte om gehoorsaam te wees aan Sy Woord.

Al die mense wat kommentaar lewer hier – Elise, Corra, Christo en ander (met enkele pro-Torah uitsonderings) glo dat die Torah verdwyn het…

Tog sê jyself
“This means that His plan was to write His Torah on the fleshy tables of our heart by the power of the resurrection of Jesus. This inward spiritual Torah, interpreted by our inner Rabbi, the Spirit, would then guide our every thought and decision towards an abundant life.”
“And when He ascended to heaven, He sent his Spirit to dwell inside His followers – so He could have day to day, minute by minute intimacy with them. The Torah was safely tucked inside their hearts – the intent of which He would lovingly explain to them by his Spirit on a never-ending journey of sanctification.

Die hart geskrewe Torah is daar om ons te lei in die openbaring van wat is sonde en wat is gerêgtigheid, rein en onrein. die onderhouding van die feeste van YHVH (nie jode nie) ens 2 Cor 3:14 sê die sluier is gelig om die Torah te verstaan en toe te pas – jy sê dit ook
Hoekom help jy hulle nie rêg nie! Hulle is belydende gelowiges – Torah veronderstel om in hulle harte te wees, nou verwerp hulle dit openlik en jy sê niks ! verstommend

Waarskynlik omdat jy net daarna sê
Have we Lost our Minds?
Dit voel so !
Then they gather these gentiles unto themselves and, after assisting them to make huge linguistic and cultural leaps, teach them to look at Jesus through Torah-glasses – the Father’s plan B, the shadow – which the apostle Paul calls “those weak and miserable principles” (Gal. 4:9).
Nou skielik is die Torah – die verteenwoordiging van ons Vader se karakter – “ weak and miserable”

Van ons predikante en pastore word ook verwag om Grieks en Hebreeus te verstaan, wat is die probleem? Jy doen dieselfde - hoekom is dit 'n probleem as ander gelowiges dit probeer verstaan in hulle uitlewing van geloof? Niemand is in 'n slawe kamp nie, die groeps bywoning is vrywillig!
Eben Swart 24 Nov 2011 at 22:05

Jy snap duidelik nie wat ek oor en oor in die artikel sê nie:
Jy beweer steeds dat die klip-Torah en vlees-Torah se inhoud dieselfde is. Watter deel van Sessie 8 verstaan jy nie? Die inhoud van die klip- en vlees-Torahs verskil radikaal - soos verduidelik in Sessie 8. Ja, God verander nie - maar God is NIE die Torah nie! Dit raak vir my al meer ontstellend duidelik dat in Torah-mense se koppe God en die Torah, en Jesus en die Torah ekwivalent is. Dis AFGODSDIENS, Johan!
Ek het dit teen Torahgroepe se wettiese onderhouding van die klip-Torah. Self onderhou ek die vlees-Torah. Wettiese onderhouding van die klip-Torah MISLEI mense en kos hulle hul SALIGHEID. Hoekom? Want dit trek 'n streep deur die Uitgebreide (Nuwe) Verbond wat Jesus in die verbondsmaal met ons gesluit het. Dit trek 'n streep deur wat Jesus op aarde kom doen het ter wille van mense wat die klip-verbond verbreek het. Hy bring vir ons 'n Nuwe Verbond wat ons in staat is om te onderhou - en Torahgroepe trek WEER EENS 'n streep daardeur! Wat moet Jesus NOG vir julle doen?
DIT, Johan, is waarom ek hierdie malligheid voor die bors vat in die artikel: Torahgroepe MISLEI mense. Jul Jesus-gedienstigheid is lippediens. Julle VERBREEK sy verbond. Hoe kan ek sê ek dien Jesus, maar verwerp sy Nuwe Verbond?
Ek raak meer en meer ontsteld om te sien hoe DIK die wol is wat Torah-groepe oor mense se oë trek:
Net so ontsteld en ernstig as wat Torah-mense is oor dié wat nie die ganse klip-Torah wil gehoorsaam nie - PRESIES net so ontsteld is ek en vele andere, Johan, oor Torahgroepe wat Jesus se Nuwe verbond verwerp.
Verkort asb jou bydraes op hierdie blad DRASTIES. Dis nie 'n plek vir Torah-leringe nie en "clog" my blad. Ek wil jou bydraes graag behou, maar moenie dit vir my moeilik maak nie.
Nadia 27 Nov 2011 at 02:05
"met alle nederigheid en sagmoedigheid, met lankmoedigheid,terwyl julle mekaar in liefde verdra en ernstig strewe om die eenheid van die Gees te bewaar deur die band van die vrede" - Effesiërs 4:2-3.

Ek dink elkeen van ons moet mooi kyk na hierdie vers en onsself afvra of ons sagmoedig teenoor ander optree en hulle verdra in liefde.

Eben, jou laaste kommentaar op Johan se kommentaar toon nie verdraagsaamheid in liefde of sagmoedigheid nie. As mede-gelowiges in Christus moet ons oppas dat ons nie die wat anders as ons dink of dinge anders sien as ons veroordeel of onverdraagsaam teenoor hulle optree nie. Die Bybel (Nuwe Testament spesifiek) sê baie duidelik dat as ons en 'n broeder nie "eye to eye" sien op n geloofsaak nie ons nie lelik en neerhalend teenoor mekaar moet raak nie, maar in liefde saamstem dat ons op daardie punt verskil en ons broeder die reg gee op sy opinie.

Hoekom moet ons hare kloof wanneer ons almal saamstem dat Jesus (Yashuah) ons Verlosser is deur wie ons die ewige lewe beërwe? Dit moenie gaan oor "die wat Torah onderhou" of "die wat nie Torah onderhou nie", maar eeder oor mede-gelowiges in die Messias wat tot die beste van hul vermoeëns, verstaan en kennis probeer om Hom te dien en te eer uit dankbaarheid en gehoorsaamheid volgens Sy Woord.
Eben Swart 27 Nov 2011 at 06:29
Jesus sê self aan sy dissipels dat indien hul geregtigheid nie meer inhou as dié van die fariseërs nie, sal hulle die Koninkryk van die Hemele nie sien nie.
Torah-groepe mislei mense. Torah-groepe kos mense hul saligheid met hul fariseër-agtige wetsonderhouding.
Dis 'n bitter ernstige saak.
As hierdie groepe jou kind, jou man of jou ma verlei het - gaan jy maar net stilsit en "in alle sagmoedigheid" niks sê nie?
Ek herhaal: Ek kan nie sê Jesus is my Verlosser as ek Sy Uitgebreide (Nuwe) Verbond verwerp nie. Want uiteindelik is dit die Verbond wat my red - deur geloof, uit genade.
Marius 27 Nov 2011 at 11:44
Ek het begrip vir jou kommer oor Torah groepe, maar waak net daarteen dat die baba nie met die badwater weggooi word nie. Jy noem heel aan die begin van jou skrywes, dat die Torah gedeel word deur ‘n verskeidenheid “isms” en ‘n paar ander bewegings, waaroor jy kommer het. Ek deel jou kommer, want daar is gelowiges wat heeltemal oorboord gaan en die balans tussen gees en waarheid heeltemal verkrag, maar daar is diegene wat Torah bestudeer om by die oorspronklike uit te kom, dit wat oorspronklik gesê en bedoel is, selfs dit wat deur Yashua en Sy dissiepels gepredik is. Wanneer Paulus vir Timoteus versoek om te bly, by dit wat hy van die begin af geleer het, waarna verwys Paulus? Verwys Paulus na die Nuwe Terstament, of die boek van Galasiers of dalk die Torah?

Sien Eben, ons kan bladsye en bladsye skryf oor vir Torah of teen Torah en dit is reg dat die strikke uitgewys word. Dieselfde geld vir die bestudering van die Bybel vandag (Ou en Nuwe Testament). Honderde verskillende denominasies bestaan vandag, met een ding in gemeen, Die Bybel. Dit gaan daaroor, oor hoe jy daarmee omgaan. Dit geld vir vandag se Bybel sowel as vir die Torah. Kyk hoe gaan sommige kerke vandag te kere, met die Bybel, om bv. “prosperity” en gawes van die ”gees” te bevorder.

Anti Torah groepe, moet net waak, dat hulle nie in dieselfde strik trap as dit waarvan die Jode vir Stefanus van valslik beskuldig het nie. Lees Hand 6 en sien dat daar Jode was, wat besluit het om Stefanus valslik te beskuldig, deur te sê dat hy teen die Torah en Moses praat. Presies dit wat hulle hom valslik van beskuldig het, dit verkondig anti Torah groepe en die kerk vandag as waarheid.

Ons kan die Woord neem en dit vergelyk met ‘n stroom drinkwater. Baie wat Torah volg beywer hulle om by die oorsprong van hierdie stroom uit te kom en daar te drink, want daar is die water die suiewerste. Die wat laer af in die stroom wil drink, is welkom om minder suiwer water te drink, want besoedeling vind langs die pad plaas. Anti Torah groeperings, moet asb. nie in die pad staan van hulle wat suiwer water wil drink nie. Joh 8:31-32 As julle in my woord bly en my dissipels wil wees sal julle die waarheid ken en die waarheid sal julle vrymaak. Na watter Woord verwys Yashua hier? Dalk net die boek van Galasiërs of dalk die Torah?

Ons sien in die Skrif dat die grootste gebod die liefde is. Yashua sê aan hierdie gebod hang die hele Torah en profete. Sien, die liefde het dit nie vervang nie maar dit is onlosmaaklik van mekaar, hulle “hang” aan mekaar. 1Joh 5:3 Want dit is die liefde tot God, dat ons Sy gebooie bewaar.

Yashua is die eindoel van die Torah, die skrif is baie duidelik daaroor, Die Torah is ‘n heenwysing na Yashua/Jesus van Nasaret. Wanneer iemand dus vir my sê om nie Torah te bestudeer nie dan sê so iemand eintlik vir my om nie moeite te doen om Yashua te leer ken nie. Dit is dan wanneer hierdie vals “Jesusse” verkondig word waarteen Paulus ons waarsku, want ons het dan nie ‘n riglyn om dit teen te meet nie.

Handelinge 17:11 …… hulle het die woord met alle welwillendhied ontvang en elke dag die Skrifte ondersoek of hierdie dinge so was.(gekyk of alles wat Paulus
en Silas gepredik het volgens die Skrif was. Wat was die Skrifte? Torah?)

Ps 119: 27 - 29 Laat my die weg van U bevele verstaan, dat ek u wonders kan oordink. My siel drup weg van kommer, rig my op na u Woord. Verwyder van my die weg van leuens en verleen my genadiglik u wet(Torah)

Die vyand is besig om op alle terreine te steel. Dit is waarteen ons moet waak en bid.

Vader, lei ons nie in versoeking nie, maar verlos ons van die bose.


Eben Swart 27 Nov 2011 at 13:45

Dankie vir 'n beter beredeneerde brief as 90% van dié wat ek gewoonlik ontvang. Jy maak goeie punte, maar jou fundamentele uitgangspunt is ongeldig.
Die Torah is NIE die oorspronklike nie. (Sien Sessie 11 van my artikel hierbo). Dat die Torah die oorspronklike is, is een van die mees diepgewortelde leuens onder die ganse Hebrew Roots/Torah/Messiaanse gemeenskap.
Jésus is die oorspronklike. Hy was van die begin af by God - lank vóór Moses en die Torah.
Dit beteken dat die Torah in beginsel aan Jesus onderhorig is (onthou al die onderonsies met die Fariseërs oor die Sabbat) en nie Jesus aan die Torah nie. Jesus het bloot die Torah op aarde gehoorsaam omdat dit deel van sy Vader se "job description" vir Hom was om die mensdom van sonde te red. Iémand moes die Torah volmaak nakom.
Ek verstom my altyd daaroor dat mense beweer dat die Torah hulle help om Jesus beter te ken: As dit waar was - waarom het die Fariseërs en Skrifgeleerdes (wat die Torah vorentoe en terug geken het) Hom dan nie herken toe Hy op aarde aangekom het nie?
Marius, die OORSPRONKLIKE plan was dat die mens Jesus deur GELOOF sou leer ken - nie deur die Torah nie. Gaan lees weer Heb. 11. Wat nie uit GELOOF is nie, is SONDE. Om Jesus via die Torah te wil ken, is om te wandel in ONGELOOF - deur dit wat ek kan sien en wat vas en sigbaar is.
Is dit nie insiggewend dat Jesus tydens die Groot Sendingopdrag (Mat. 28) sy dissipels opdrag gee om aan die nasies (vir wie hulle die evangelie moes bring en moes doop) moes leer om alles te onderhou wat JESUS (nie MOSES nie!) hulle beveel het.
Nou wil ek graag hê dat enige Torah-teacher vir my net EEN Bybelse voorbeeld bring van waar Jesus 'n Torah-klas vir sy dissipels hou. Sulke voorbeelde bestaan gewoon nie!
Waarom leer julle vir Jesus se volgelinge MOSES se leringe? Julle is veronderstel om vir hulle JESUS se leringe te leer!
Marius - dit behoort ook jou vraag te beantwoord oor wat Paulus vir Timoteus geleer het. Dit was beslis NIE Torah nie! Paulus was nie ongehoorsaam aan Jesus se opdrag nie!
Johan 27 Nov 2011 at 15:06
MAttheus 5:16 aanwaarts - wat jy soveel keer na verwys is sekerlik 'n voorbeeld van Yeshua wat die waarde van die verstaan van Torah uitwys, die verskillende aspekte van 10 Gebooie wat geskryf is deur die Heilige Gees, en Sy dieper insig daarin, om dit vir ons groter en dieper toepassing te gee. Hy vervang nie betekenisse nie, maar brei daarop uit.

Mat 5:19 Elkeen dus wat een van die minste van hierdie gebooie breek en die mense só leer, sal die minste genoem word in die koninkryk van die hemele; maar elkeen wat dit doen en leer, hy sal groot genoem word in die koninkryk van die hemele.

Joh 7:16 Jesus antwoord hulle en sê: My leer is nie myne nie, maar van Hom wat My gestuur het. Joh 7:17 As iemand gewillig is om Sy wil te doen, sal hy aangaande die leer weet of dit uit God is, en of Ek uit Myself spreek. Joh 7:19 Het Moses julle nie die wet gegee nie? En niemand van julle hou die wet nie. M.A.W Toets My leer aan dit wat vir Moses gegee is.

1Jn 2:7 Broeders, dit is geen nuwe gebod wat ek aan julle skryf nie, maar ‘n ou gebod wat julle van die begin af gehad het. Die ou gebod is die woord wat julle van die begin af gehoor het.

Joh 1:1 In die begin was die Woord, en die Woord was by God, en die Woord was God. 1:2 Hy was in die begin by God. Die Woord is dan 'n verteenwoordiging van Hom.

Wie se voorbeeld volg jy? 'n Dissipel is om die voorbeeld van sy Meester te volg - Sy "job description" soos jy dit noem (ek glo dit is Sy karakter) is om die Leering van Vader wat ons Sy karakter vertoon uit te leef

Jy beskuldig my van Afgode diens omdat ek die Woord bestudeer deur leiding van Heilige Gees, aangesien volgens jou insig die Woord nie 'n verteenwoordeging van Hom is nie.
1Jn 5:7 Want daar is drie wat getuig in die hemel: die Vader, die Woord en die Heilige Gees, en hierdie drie is een;
Eben Swart 27 Nov 2011 at 17:09

ENIGIETS wat hoër of gelyk aan Jesus gestel word, is 'n AFGOD. Vir sommiges is dit die Bybel. Vele het 'n verhouding met die Boek, ipv die Persoon. Vir Torah-mense is dit slegs 'n gedeelte van die Boek - maar steeds 'n afgod. Jou pogings om te bewys dat die Torah en Jesus (of die Torah en Vader) ekwivalent is, is potsierlik in hul oneerlikheid. Waarom haal jy nie hierdie ou teksie ook aan nie:
"In die begin was die Woord." Was die Torah aan die begin daar? Nee, Johan, dit het eers met Moses gekom. "Die Woord" hier is dus NIE die Torah nie.
Die Woord, Johan, is Jesus.
Hy is die vleesgeworde Woord. Hy is die ruiter van Openbaring op die wit perd met 'n tweesnydende swaard wat uit Sy mond kom - met die naam: Die Woord van God.
En ja, die Vader, die Woord en die Gees IS Een. Maar nie ekwivalent nie. Ek en my pankreas IS een, maar nie ekwivalent nie.
Johan 27 Nov 2011 at 17:27
So in jou opinie is Genesis tot Deut nie deel van die Woord van God nie...

O ja Jy het dit mis gekyk - ek het die teks aangehaal - Joh 1:1 In die begin was die Woord.....

Jy sê dis 'n afgesaagde teks...Jy praat nie van MY NIE, JY PRAAT VAN DIE SKEPPER - Jesus is die Woord... Jou haat en veragting van Mense wat die Torah as fondasie van die Skrif beskou - maar die Hele Skrif sien as die Woord is besig om jou logiese denke - te verteer, en jou vrugte is besig om suur te word - in geen van jou antwoorde aan my was jy ordentlik nie, wat nog van vriendelik en behulpsaam, maar hanteer my soos 'n vyand - en bespreek geen van enige onderwerp wat ek aanhaal nie.
Wat gaan jou houding wees teenoor die een in
Isa 2:3 En baie volke sal heengaan en sê: Kom laat ons optrek na die berg van die HERE, na die huis van die God van Jakob, dat Hy ons sy weë kan leer en ons in sy paaie kan wandel. Want uit Sion sal die wet uitgaan en die woord van die HERE uit Jerusalem.

Ek neem aanstoot dat jy sê ek maak 'n afgod van die Woord, en om dit bo Yeshua te stel. Die Woord is Sy karakter vir ons gegee, en ons bestudeer dit onder leiding van die Heilige Gees om Hom beter te leer ken.


Ek het dit herhaaldelik aan jou gestel - maar jy kan dit nie inneem nie.

WEEREENS - Ek beskou en glo in die ge openbaarde Karakter van YHVH soos ons sien van GENESIS Tot Openbaring met die eerste 5 as fondasie vir die verstaan van die rês.
Eben Swart 27 Nov 2011 at 18:15

Daar is slegs EEN weg na die Vader - via Jesus die Messias. NIE via die Torah nie. Jesus en die Torah is NIE ekwivalent nie.
As jy Jesus se Verbond van die Gees verwerp deur die klipverbond aan te hang, KAN JY NIE by die Vader uitkom nie. Jy wil tergelykertyd die klip- en vleesverbonde aanhang. Dis ONMOONTLIK, Johan! Die een sluit die ander uit.
So dit help niks jy bely 1000 keer jy glo in die Vader, maar verwerp Jesus se Nuwe Verbond nie. NIEMAND kom na die Vader behalwe deur Hom nie - en Hy doen dit dmv sy Nuwe Verbond.
Jy sal jou knie MOET buig voor die Nuwe Verbond, Johan - anders verwerp jy vir Jesus - en sodoende ook die Vader. Jesus is die enigste weg na die Vader.
Marius 27 Nov 2011 at 18:18
Wat is dan die verskil, volgens jou, tussen Torah en die (eertse 5 boeke van die Skrif, profete en Psalms) 2 Tim 3:16 Die hele Skrif is deur God geinspireer en is nuttig om ons te leer wat waar is en om ons te laat besef wat verkeerd is in ons lewe. Dit ruk ons reg en kweek ‘n regte lewenstyl.

Die hele Skrif is vir ons gegee, van gen tot Openb. Die hele pakkie, nie net dit wat my pas nie of in jou geval dit wat jou “teachings” ondersteun nie. Eben, ek het baie by jou geleer, maar ons moet bietjie om die Boom van die lewe beweeg en nie net op een plek stilstaan nie, ons moet ook hoor wat ander sê en hoe hulle hierdie Boom van die Lewe sien en dit gaan toets aan die Woord, die HELE woord.

As jy sê dat dat Torah deur Moses gekom het, waarom sê jy dan in jou Kundalini DVD dat YHWH Sy Torah op ons DNA geskryf het? Ek verstaan nie. Eks 18:18 Ek sal ‘n profeet soos jy(Moses) onder die mede-Israeliete opwek. Ek sal die profeet vertel wat om te sê en hy sal die volk alles vertel wat Ek hom beveel het. Hierdie is reeds profetiese woorde geuiter deur Moses.
Lukas 9:35 bevestig hierdie woorde, Dit is My Seun, My uitverkore Een. Luister na Hom.

Die Meester se eie Woorde, Joh 5:46 As julle Moses maar vertrou het, sou julle in My geglo het, want dit is hy wat oor My geskryf(Torah volgens jou) het. As julle egter nie glo in wat hy geskryf het nie, hoe sal julle ooit in my woorde glo?

Die feit dat die Farriseers Yashua gemis het, was nie agv wetsonderhouding nie, dit was/is alles deel van Vader YHWH se verlossingsplan. Rom 11:25 Dit gaan daaroor dat die verharding net vir ‘nbeperkte tyd oor Israel gekom het, totdat die volle getal van die heidennasies in die Koningryk van God ingekom het.
Yashua het met die Farriseers baklei oor hul onderhouding van die Talmud, ekstra mensgemaakte wette, om nie die Torah te oortree nie. Nie omdat hulle die Torah onderhou het nie.

"Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city." (Rev 22:14)

Na watter “Commandments” verwys hierdie Skrif Eben, nadat jy verduidelik het wat is die verskil tussen Torah en die eertse vyf boeke? Wat is dan die Woord/Yashua en waaraan meet ons dit as Johanes sê As julle Moses maar vertrou het, sou julle in My geglo het, want dit is hy wat oor My geskryf het. As julle egter nie glo in wat hy geskryf het nie, hoe sal julle ooit in my woorde glo?

As ons nie dieTorah ken en verstaan, in Gees en Waarheid nie, gaan ons nie die vals Jesus kan onderskei van die Ware Jesus van Nasret nie. Wanneer die antchris sy verskyning maak, sal die liggaam kan ondeskei tussen die ware en die vals een? Onthou die vyand gee hom voor as engel van die lig. Die vals een gaan ‘n nabye kopie van die ware een wees.

Bankamptenare bestudeer nie die vals note om die vals en ware note te kan onderskei nie, hulle bestudeer die Ware note. want dan sal hulle die vals een herken as dit verbykom.

Vrede vir jou

Marius 27 Nov 2011 at 18:27
Eben jammer, hierdie geggriffel,Johanes sê verwys na Joh 5:46.
Eben Swart 27 Nov 2011 at 19:55

Ek verstaan nie hoekom jy wil hê ek moet 'n verskil maak tussen die Pentateug en die Torah nie. Watter doel sou dit dien?
Die doel van die (klip-) Torah was om 'n slawevolk te dissipeleer (nie saligheid te bring nie!) tot die grootste nasie op aarde in die tyd van Salomo. Die klip-Torah was die resep vir 'n suksesvolle lewe vir mense met wie die Vader nie direk gekommunikeer het nie (agv hul weiering daartoe by Sinai).
Maar sedert Jesus die Trooster gestuur het, en sy Gees binne ons lewe, en sy Torah op ons DNA geskryf is (vlees-Torah), geïnterpreteer deur ons Gees-Rabbi, dissipeleer DIT 'n geregverdigde volk in Jesus (nie meer slawe nie!) en is DIT die resep vir 'n suksesvolle lewe vir 'n volk met wie Hy direk kommunikeer via sy Gees.
Nog een van HR/Torah/Messianisme se leuens is dat Jesus met die Fariseërs gebots het slegs oor die Talmud. Ja, Hy het met hulle gebots oor die Talmud. Maar dis slegs die helfte van die waarheid. Maar Hy het ook met hulle gebots omdat hulle Hom nie erken het as Here van bv. die Sabbat nie. Hulle het nie sy gesag oor die Torah erken nie. Hulle het nie besef Hy was die een wat in die eerste plek al die Torah-reëls gemaak het nie! Hy het Hom uit eie beweging by daardie reëls gehou om sy Vader se doel te bereik, maar Hy kon enigeen van die reëls skrap as Hy sou wou! Dit was immers Sy reëls om mee te maak soos Hy goedvind. Maar ook DIT het Hy uit eie beweging nie gedoen nie.
Hy het deur swakke mense se geloof in Hom hul harte besny - maw sy Torah op hul DNA geskryf om hulle in staat te stel om dit na te kom. Daardie Torah word deur ons Gees-rabbi vir ons geïnterpreteer en verduidelik om dit nommerpas te maak vir elke denkbare situasie in die lewe. As ek na die Gees luister, kom ek dus die (vlees-) Torah na - want Hy sê niks anders nie. Daarom is ek nie onder die Torah as ek deur die Gees lewe nie.
Maar die inhoud van die klip- en vlees-Torahs verskil dramaties. Sien Sessie 8.
"nDie feit dat die Farriseers Yashua gemis het, was nie agv wetsonderhouding nie, dit was/is alles deel van Vader YHWH se verlossingsplan." Dis 'n deksels gevaarlike stelling hierdie. Dit maak van die Vader 'n skelm - en pak die skuld vir mense se sonde op Hom. Pasop!
Jy is 100% in die kol as jy sê dat die Torah Jesus as die Messias mandateer. Ek sê dit ook in my artikel. Maar ons weet reeds Hy is die Messias. Enigeen wat ná Hom kom en op Messiasskap aanspraak maak, is bloot 'n foefie. Ons hoef nie weer te gaan studeer om dít vas te stel nie!
Terloops, die stokou teoloog-storie oor die bankamptenare wat net egte banknote bestudeer, is snert. Gaan kyk maar op die internet. Hulle bestudeer die vervalsings IN DETAIL!
Madelein 5 Jan 2012 at 13:07
antastiese artikel, en inligting. Prys die Here vir jou! Mag Hy al die gevegte vir jou veg en jou altyd toemaak onder Sy beskerming.

Liefde in Jesus

Divine Love Ministries
Elsabè 5 Jan 2012 at 16:19
Joe 3 Feb 2012 at 17:09
Net 'n paar opmerkings oor die antwoord aan Marius

Die Torah bestaan nie slegs uit Eks 20 (gee van die 10 gebooie nie.) Dit sluit in van Gen 1 - tot Deut 34. Soos ons Messias gelykenisse vertel het om Sy punt te maak, het ons Vader fisiese mense se lewens gebruik om Sy punte en leeringe te demonstreer aan ons soos 1 Cor 10 duidelik maak.
Ook interesant wat die belydenis van Deut 6 is juis dat ons Hom moet liefhê met ons hele wese, wat hart insluit, trouens :6 is duidelik waar die Torah is.
Deu 6:6 En hierdie woorde wat ek jou vandag beveel, moet in jou hart wees...

Dit was op klip geskryf - as verduideliking en simbolies, maar die realiteite was vir die wat gelowig was in hul harte - soos ook ons.

'n Tegniese punt van onduidelikheid is " Hy het gesag oor die Torah gehad" is onwaar, Hy leef wel Sy gesag uit deur die werklikhede soos beskryf in die Torah - en sal nie verander nie soos Matt 5 belowe.

Torah is nie net reëls nie. dis nie 'n wetboek nie - maar 'n illustrasie, en leering van wie ons moet wees en word deur 'n geloofslewe gekenmerk deur genade en gehoorsaamheid aan die een wie die Torah gegee het.
Eben Swart 3 Feb 2012 at 20:09

Indien die stelling "Hy het gesag oor die Torah gehad" foutief is, verduidelik asb. vir my en al die ander op watter gesag Jesus sê: "Ek gee julle ‘n nuwe gebod: julle moet mekaar liefhê. SOOS EK JULLE LIEFHET moet julle mekaar ook liefhê." - Joh. 13:34. Dít terwyl die Torah sê ons moet ons naaste liefhê SOOS ONSSELF.
Martin Hoffmann 3 Feb 2012 at 23:53
Ek dog ek verstaan baie... Ek kan wel een ding sê. Dit wat in my is en van waar ek kom en waarheen ek gaan, SKRUM nie een keer TEEN Eben nie. Iets laat my nie toe nie.

Just a thought


As die Lig deurkom, moet nie die gordyn toetrek nie.
Joe 5 Feb 2012 at 12:13
Eben. Dankie vir die reaksie.

In my opinie en huidige insig:

Jesus het nie nuwe doktrines verkondig nie, aan gesien HY sê Ek doen niks uit myself nie maar net wat die Vader sê. Daarom is die Torah onlosmaaklik deel van die "nuwe Testament". Joh 7:16 - 17 (sien onder)

Ek besef hierdie is 'n strik vraag, maar as jy wil, sal jy verstaan.

Die ander 9 verwysings in die Nuwe Testament sê wel jy sal jou naaste liefhê soos jouself. bv. Mat 19:19, Mat 22:39, Rom 13:39, Gal 5:14. Die Woord kan homself nie weerspreek nie, en is die aanhaling uit Johannes deel van 'n groter konsep wat ons almal hoort te verstaan.

Ek glo waarna Hy (en ook jy) verwys het was waarskynlik. In Lukas 10:27 Haal Hy aan:

Lev 19:18 ...., maar jy moet jou naaste liefhê soos jouself. Ek is die HERE.
Deu 6:5 Daarom moet jy die HERE jou God liefhê met jou hele hart en met jou hele siel en met al jou krag.

Indien jy as fondasie die liefde van ons Vader in jou hele wese het - soos Deut 6:5 sê, dan leef jy Sy liefde uit aan jou naaste. Immers is ons in die proses om jou psuche lewe neer te lê en Sy Zoe op te neem. Wanneer jy dan iemand lief het sal dit deur Sy agape wees nie met jou eie nie.

Hy sou nie, en kon nie die "reëls" soos jy dit stel verander nie aangesien Hy 'n "gestuurde" was om die wil van Sy Vader uit te leef, nie Sy eie nie. Hy was die spreekbuis waardeer ons Vader gespreek het.

Volgens Joh 7:16 - 17
Jesus antwoord hulle en sê: My leer is nie myne nie, maar van Hom wat My gestuur het. As iemand gewillig is om sy wil te doen, sal hy aangaande die leer weet of dit uit God is, en of Ek uit Myself spreek.

Om mekaar lief te hê met Sy liefde hoort die norm te wees, indien ons Hom liefhet met ons hele hart.... Ons kan nie optree in Sy liefde indien Hy nie in ons is nie. (Miskien beter ons in Hom is nie).
Eben Swart 13 Feb 2012 at 09:52

Jy sê baie, maar antwoord nie die vraag nie.
Dis ook nie 'n strikvraag nie - dit gaan gewoon oor Jesus ooglopende gesag oor die Torah. Hier's vir jou 'n soortgelyke vraag:
Presies wat bedoel Jesus as Hy verklaar dat Hy die Here van die sabbat is (Mat. 12:8; Mark. 2:28; Luk. 6:5)? Volgens Strongs beteken "Here" (Grieks: "kurios") die volgende:
1) he to whom a person or thing belongs, about which he has power of deciding; master, lord
1a) the possessor and disposer of a thing
1a1) the owner; one who has control of the person, the master
1a2) in the state: the sovereign, prince, chief, the Roman emperor
Ons soek antwoorde, Joe!
Joe 13 Feb 2012 at 21:22
Ons beskouing van die Skrif verskil fundamenteel en mors ek jou tyd, en myne om hierdie geprek verder te neem.
Jy het 'n verstaan van 'n "klip Torah" en 'n vlees Torah, wat uiteenlopend verskil van my insig soos jou verduideliking hierbo itv Mat 5.
My siening van Mat 5 is (dat geen Yota of tittel sal vergaan nie) dat Hy uitbrei en Sy insig van die geskrewe Torah aan ons oordra en dit vir ons interpreteer sodat ons Sy aanvanklike intensie beter kan verstaan - dit is immers waaroor die mense so verstom was.
Indien ons nie oor die basiese beginsel kan saamstem nie gaan detail vrae nie help nie.
Die kliptafels was as simbool en getuienis gegee van wat op mense se harte geskryf staan, net soos ons met die insluiting van die verbond in Yeshua Hom nooi om Sy Torah op ons harte te skryf. Deu 6:6 En hierdie woorde wat ek jou vandag beveel, moet in jou hart wees;
Dit bevestig dat gelowiges van daardie tyd Sy Woord in hul harte gehad het, en ten alle tye oordenk het, en togepas het tot Sy eer - nie net op klip nie.
Aangesien Hy gestuur is deur ons Vader om met Sy lewe as perfekte voorbeeld vir ons te wys hoe ons hoort te lewe.
My interpretasie van die stelling "Hy is die Here van die Sabbat", is gegee as daar ekstra bygevoeg is by Sy aanvanklike intensie. Hy is ook die Here van Hemel en aarde is:
Kom ons eer Hom, deur gehoorsaam te wees aan Sy voorskrifte en eer Vader dat Hy in 6 dae ons geskape het, en 7'de dag gerus het, en Yeshua die 7'de dag sal terugkeer. Hy is die een aan wie alles behoort, die eienaar, Sowereine Heerser, wat vir ons 'n dag as geskenk gegee het om op te rus, en met Hom te spandeer tesame met ons geliefdes, as getuies van die ewige verlossingsplan.
Eben Swart 13 Feb 2012 at 23:18

Hierdie is 'n uiters belangrike saak - dankie dat jy dit aangeroer het. Dit skep vir ons almal 'n leergeleentheid.
Indien Jesus op enige ander wyse as uit eie vrye keuse aan die Torah onderwerp was, was Hy gewoon nie God nie. Jesus is die Vader, en wie Hom gesien het, het die Vader gesien (Joh. 14:9). Dus het Hy "saam met sy Vader" die Torah geskep. Dís waarom Hy gesag oor die Torah het.
Indien ons enigiets gesagsgewys bo Jesus stel, maak ons per definisie daarvan 'n afgod. Enigiemand wat beweer dat die Torah gesag oor Jesus het of gehad het, is gewoon besig met afgodsdiens.
Hierdie is een van die fundamentele flaters van die Hebrew Roots en Torah-bewegings. En nie net 'n flater nie - dis gewoon afgodsdiens en sonde - al is die bedoelings daarager ook hóé goed!
En sodra 'n Hebrew Rooter Jesus in sy eie denke konseptueel "toelaat" om onder die Torah se dwingelandy uit te ontsnap, tuimel die grootste gedeelte van die Roots en Torah-leringe konseptueel inmekaar.
Die Rooters en Torah-leraars sit met 'n onbenydenswaardige dillemma:
Hou vir Jesus gevange onder Torah-gesag en behou jou eie teologie
Laat Jesus ontsnap en aanskou hoe jou teologie inmekaartuimel.

Persoonlik aanbid ek 'n Jesus aan wie ALLE gesag in die hemel en op die aarde gegee is. Hy staan NIE onder Torah-gesag nie, hoewel Hy homself uit eie keuse tydens sy aardse lewe daaraan onderwerp het - om sy Vader se verlossingsplan uit te voer.
joe 14 Feb 2012 at 20:44
So verstaan ek jou rêg . Die Seun is die Vader en die Vader is die Seun? Uit jou brief “Jesus is die Vader” lyk dit so.
So net weer volgens jou teologie – “JESUS IS DIE VADER” – maar in jou laaste reël kom Hy om Sy Vader se verlossingsplan uit te voer – verstommend.

Die Torah is nie geskep nie, - Dit is die openbaring van wie ons hoort te wees (Sy karakter) as ons meer soos Hy word om in verhouding met Hom te kan wees - as dit 'n skepping was - is Sy karakter per definisie geskape.

Daar is soveel probleme met die stelling wat nie inlyn is met die Skrif nie.

MEt jou stelling misken JY die bestaan van 'n Vader en 'n Seun met individuele persoonlikhede, maar wie in Totale eenheid funksioneer deur die krag van die Heilige Gees.

Jy sê "JESUS IS DIE VADER" DINK AAN DIE VOLGENDE. - Hoe het Hy dan kon sê:
Mat 27:46 My God, my God, waarom het U My verlaat?
Joh 5:30 ..omdat Ek nie my wil soek nie, maar die wil van die Vader wat My gestuur het.
Mat 26:39 My Vader, as dit moontlik is, laat hierdie beker by My verbygaan; nogtans nie soos Ek wil nie, maar soos U wil.
Mat 20:23 - berus nie by My om te gee nie, maar is vir hulle vir wie dit deur my Vader berei is
Mar 13:32 - daardie dag en dié uur weet niemand nie, ook nie die engele in die hemel of die Seun nie, maar net die Vader.
Joh 5:37 En die Vader wat My gestuur het, Hy het van My getuig. Julle het nog nooit sy stem gehoor of sy gedaante gesien nie.
Joh 3:17 Want God het sy Seun in die wêreld gestuur nie om die wêreld te veroordeel nie

Dit was nog nooit my missie om die presiese funksionering van die Elohim wat ons aanbid te probeer analiseer nie, aangesien ons dit verseker gaan mis. Maar om in so gesprek betrokke te wees bring Sy Naam nie eer nie, so --
aangesien ons beweeg in die rigting om Ons Vader en Messias se identiteite te ontleed, en in die lig van die onlangse leergeleentheid verkies ek om nie verder aan die gesprek deel te hê nie.
Eben Swart 14 Feb 2012 at 22:48

Nee, dis reg so dat jy uittree uit wat jy geopen het, Joe. Jy kasty my oor iets wat jy jou verbeel ek gesê het, maar wat ek nooit gesê het nie.
Nee, Joe, ek glo wel in die drie aparte persone (of aspekte) van die Godheid. Maar ek glo ook dat Hulle Een is.
Jy skuld ons nog 'n antwoord voordat jy uittree, Joe:
Is jou Jesus gevange onder die Torah of nie?
Daar's net twee moontlike antwoorde: Ja of nee. Daar's niks moontlikhede tussenin nie.
Niemand sal jou kwalik neem as jy hierdie een ook probeer wegverduidelik, of glad nie reageer nie, Joe. Dis bloot menslik om nie te wil hê die hele wêreld moet toekyk hoe jou Torah-afgod uitmekaarval nie.
Pierre 27 Mar 2012 at 11:07
Ek het verlede jaar jou website besoek, en die "waarskuwing" rakende die Hebrew Roots baie fassinerend gevind. Ek het weer deur die kommentare gelees en moet sê, jy verstom my. Ek is nie 'n skrifgeleerde, farriseer, Jood, Samaritaan of heidin nie, maar volg Torah in liefde en gehoorsaamheid. 'n Paar stellings wat jy dalk nie verstaan nie:
1. Torah gehoorsaamheid, IS Messias gehoorsaamheid, die Torah vervang nie ons Messias nie. Dus fouteer jy deur te redeneer, ons dink so. Torah is nie ons afgod nie, dis ons riglyn.
2. Torah onderhouding, loop saam met die genade aspek. Ons ontvang genade, deur die onderhouding van Torah.
3. Torah is nie net die 10 gebooie nie, lees gerus wat Vader van ons vra in Deuter 11:1. Daar bestaan 4 aspekte in Torah...Insettinge, Verordeninge, Ordinge en Gebooie. Jy bly aan vassteek by die een (Gebooie) wat op kliptafels geskryf staan. Die ander is reeds in ons harte gegrafeer. Waarom was die kalf aanbidding verkeerd in Vader se oë? (onthou, Moses het nog nie met die "klip-gebod" gekom nie.) Dit was verkeerd, aangesien die Israeliete die ander 3 fasette van die Torah verwerp het. Dit, Eben, is wat ons nie vandag meer, soos in die verlede, wil verwerp nie. Dit sluit heidinse gewoontes soos kersbome en paashase in, sowel as die gebruik van Griekse Metologiese verwatering van die Heilige Name, na afgods name soos ons dit ge-erf het. Punt is, Vader het destyds aan Daniël gesê dat hierdie verborgenhede aan die laaste geslag openbaar gaan word. Indien 'n mens nie kan sien dat dit na ons verwys nie, sal hulle dit nooit sien nie. Deur alle fasette van die Torah te onderhou, wat reeds aan Israel gegee is voordat hulle die beloofde land in is (op hulle harte geskryf), ontvang ons genade, en dit deur die Kruisiging van ons Messias, wat die "VERVULLING van die Torah" is, nie die VERVANGING nie.
4. Aangesien Yeshua se koms in vlees, die vervulling van Torah is, sluit dit die "Merk" van Vader in, wat die onderhouding van die Shabbatte is, daarom dat Hy die heerser oor Shabbat is, die "merk" van Sy Vader. Ook genoem, INSETTINGE.

Ek het iewers gelees, waar jy vir iemand gesê het, die feit dat jy op Sondae werk, verkies jy om jou Sabbat, op Dinsdae te hou en dis tyd wat jy saam met jou vrou spandeer deur 'n koffie te gaan drink etc. En dan noem jy, "die proof is in the pudding", met verwysing na die genade wat jy ontvang. Feit is, dis jou keuse, en beoefen dit op die manier wat jou goed pas. Ons manier is die onderouding van die Insettinge, 7de dag Shabbat, sonder om te werk, te koop, of toe te laat dat ons arbeiders werk, want dit is aan ons so deurgegee, deur die onderhouding van Torah. Dit sluit ook in, die onderhouding van die 7 Feeste van Vader. Dit liewe Eben, is alles behalwe afgodery, dit is Torah.
Eben Swart 28 Mar 2012 at 17:13

Op jou beurt verstom jy weer vir MY! As die pennie ná die lees van my artikel nóg nie vir jou "drop" nie, dan is daar werklik nie veel salf aan jou te smeer nie. Wat gaan dit kos om die sluier oor jou oë te skeur?
As die term "stone Torah" wat ek geskep het jou hinder, vervang dit dan gerus met "the letter of the Law" (daai letter wat doodmaak!) soos wat die Skrif dit noem, want dis wat ek daarmee bedoel. Ek bedoel nie slegs die 10 gebooie nie: Ek bedoel die ganse Torah - van Genesis tot Numeri.
Watter "kommentare" het jy gelees? Die Talmud, of straks Judaïstiese Rabbi's s'n? Dink jy werklik jy gaan die regte antwoorde daar kry? Hulle knoop hulself al sedert Jesus se tyd vas met hul eie argumente! 'n Mens koop nie skroewe by 'n slaghuis nie.
1. Gehoorsaamheid aan die LETTER-Torah is NIE Messias-gehoorsaamheid nie. Messias se verbond met jou in die nagmaal is 'n verbond van gehoorsaamheid aan die GEES van die Torah. As jy die letter wil gehoorsaam, vind jy jouself ongelukkig BUITE Messias se verbond. Hy is nie in letter-gehoorsaamheid nie. Hy het die Torah nie tot niet gemaak nie, maar dit VERVUL (soos in: Nou stel Hy ons uiteindelik deur sy Gees in staat om die eintlike bedoeling van die Torah, die GEES daarvan, te kan nakom).
Iemand wat steeds daarop aandring om die LETTER te gehoorsaam, is soos 'n skolier wat reeds toegang tot matriek verkry het, maar steeds daarop aandring om kindertuinklasse by te woon. Of soos iemand wat 'n pragtige herehuis kry om in te woon, maar sy intrek in die kelder neem, want hy is "so lief vir die fondamente". Of soos iemand wat 'n pragtige, gesonde perskeboom in sy agterplaas uitgrawe, want hy "is so gefassineer deur die boom se wortels." Of soos iemand wat die padwysers van Kaapstad na Johannesburg volg om sy geliefde te vind. En wanneer hy daar aankom, sy geliefde dadelik weer agterlaat en terugdraai om die wonderlike padbordjies te gaan omhels wat hom na sy geliefde gelei het.
'n Afgod, Pierre, is enigiets wat ons BO ons verhouding met Jesus stel. As jy die padbordjie omhels en jy dink jy omhels Jesus, skort daar iets ernstigs. Dis gewone, fatale afgodery.
2. Geen ander stelling van jou ontbloot die Godsdienstige gees wat jou verlei so duidelik soos hierdie een nie. Dis TIPIES van die godsdienstige gees (ek praat van 'n demoon, Pierre - die demoon wat agter Hebrew Roots sit) om mense te laat dink hulle kan God se genade verdien (deur bv. Torah-onderhouding) of selfs God se guns verdien.
Genade, Pierre, kan per definisie nie VERDIEN word nie. Genade is ONVERDIENDE guns.
Jy glo 'n stokou leuen.
3. Presies watter deel van Sessie 7 van my artikel hierbo verstaan jy nie? Glo jy steeds die Hebrew Roots-leuen dat "Jesus" die naam van 'n afgod is?
Presies wat het verander toe Jesus die Torah kom vervul het? Of het niks verander nie? Dan was Jesus se koms mos verniet!
Inus 5 Apr 2012 at 09:13
Hi all,

We are also part of a Torah group for the last 2 years and I must say that it has moved me to study the Word (new and old) more than ever before which I don't think is a bad thing.

Yes I agree as with all things in live there will always be people who take things way too far in one direction. The Torah movement could be seen as a counter-balance for the Grace-only movement which some people have also taken way too far. Some I meet seemed to me on some kind of "plak" and living in an airy-fairy world of Grace-only.
Eben maybe you must do your next study of the world-wide Grace-only movement as that is just as dangerous.

So I suggest a balance. We must keep in mind that we do serve the God of Israel and that our Savior was the King of the Jews but that doesn't mean we have to become Jewish.

I for instance agree with keeping the feasts but with a viewpoint that differ from that of a Orthodox Jew (still waiting for the Messiah). We can celebrate the feasts with the knowledge that Jesus came to fulfill them all and the richness in them is just "wow".

Everything we do should bring us closer to God through His Son's sacrifice. Ultimately God wants to restore the relationship with us which sin destroyed and we can only have that if we are justified by the blood of His Son. In that way salvation is but a stepping stone to restored relationship.

We need the Holy Spirit to guide us in our walk as followers of Him and we need His Word as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

When someone immigrates to Oz and become citizens they fall under and must adhere to the laws of Oz (not SA's law anymore). The same goes for someone getting saved. The person is now part of the Kingdom ruled by a King with certain rules.
But these rule must be seen as guidelines (Torah means: to guide / shoot straight like an arrow / life instructions) in an ever changing and confusing world.

We all complain about the lawlessness of the government and society in general but on the other hand some of us (mostly the Grace-only movement) wants to be free and not "under" any law anymore.
Surely we must be obedient to the One we server.

The Torah CAN NEVER SAVE YOU - I agree with that but each one of us must subscribe to some or other moral "law" or set of values. We not allowed to skip a red light as that is against the SA law and there for our protection. The same goes for the Torah life instructions. So if you must choose a moral code or ethics for your life what better one is there to choose the one given by our Creator?

A practice example: Some time ago I visited a game park with my son and at a bird hide we found a set of sunglasses left behind by someone. My son wanted to take it as he felt that the person will never come back for it. I then tried to explain to him that it would be stealing but he was adamant that if he did not take it, the next person visiting the hide would "steal" it. So I asked him what the Torah say about that. His face lightened as he told me that “if you find someone’s donkey you should take it back to him”.
The knowledge of the Torah gave my son life instruction to know what to do. So he suggested since we don’t know who the owner is that we take it to the Park Office.
That is how I see the Torah – as a guide (not forgetting the part the Holy Spirit plays).
“Controversial” issues like not eating pork or shellfish and other dietary laws are sometimes seen as weird by some stating that we live in the 21st century and should not worry about that.
But the same people would listen to a non-Christian health guru who tells them not to eat certain food (like coffee, chocolates, and even pork and other bottom feeders) out of a health point of view. “Hello!” the One who created us knows that is bad for our health and told us not to eat certain food for our own benefit.
Eating pork will not send you to hell, but it might send you to heaven sooner!!
We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and as such I don’t want to bring what is unholy into my temple.
Nevertheless what others eat has no impact on my life so it’s not worth getting into an argument.
Then touching on the Sabbath. The only day God declared as holy.
I’m sure when people drive past my house on a sunday and see me moving the lawn they say “Look at that guy moving the lawn of the ‘holy’ sunday). Now there I have a huge problem – when did God declare the Sunday as holy? You see the devil can only counterfeit. So via sun worship he declared the sunday as holy. So I want to make a stands to NOT keep the sunday as a day of rest to make a point.
Eben it is fine if you choose another day, but as far as me and my household goes we will somme choose the day God declared as holy. Makes it much easier and I don’t have to wonder and fuzz.
When in doubt – check the manual ?
Eben I thank you for showing us that we must be aware of the dangers in this movement and I will try and check myself the whole time due to your writings. But I will also not stop what I’m doing now and go the Grace-only route.
Eben Swart 5 Apr 2012 at 11:16

What a refreshing view from a Torah believer!
Through the years, the grace movement, as well as its folly, has been well documented by others much abler than myself. I would be duplicating if I did the same.
One cause for concern in response to your well argued letter:
I don't see one trace, not even a hint in your letter about consulting the Holy Spirit (our inner Rabbi) on Torah matters. You mention only written Torah.
Inus 5 Apr 2012 at 16:45
Sorry Eben - read again and look for:
"That is how I see the Torah – as a guide (not forgetting the part the Holy Spirit plays)."

I agree it is VERY important to consult the Holy Spirit yes sorry.

It is however not always as plain and simple (for me anyway) to hear the voice of the Spirit - sometimes our emotions get in the way or our own wishes. We are but human.

Our conscience is a makeup and impacted by lots of things like our upbringing, value system, experiences, what we hear and read etc etc. We are not all born (or re-born) with a perfect knowledge of right and wrong – there are grey areas in real life where we need a manual to guide us. Yes we have the Holy Spirit but even that can be dampened by our own free will and sinful nature.

So if I fill my mind with God's Word surely it will become a basis and reference point in my decision making process. Compare the way a Christian and Atheist thinks about abortion.

Also take my example of my son and the sunglasses – Could it be that the Holy Spirit reminded him of what the Torah says about lost goods? Also I don’t think the Spirit's guidance should/will be contrary to the Torah’s instructions or guidelines. God’s Spirit and His Word should agree.

I have a relationship with my Creator and want to obey Him in everything I do.

Which makes me wonder - where does obedience stop and legalism start? If I stop at a red robot am I obedient or legalistic. Could it be that bad to want to be obedient to the one you love? Somme n klip in die bos vir n ander dag.

More of You Lord, less of me!
RP 7 Apr 2012 at 08:45
You shouldn't step in between two people fighting. According to Langenhoven, they hit each other from one side, but they'll hit you from both sides. I'll probably find myself in a similar position soon. The problem with 'Pro-Torah' and 'Anti-Torah' is very often the conflicting views of Paul on the matter. Paul, unfortunately, is loved by both sides.People doesn't always realise the major influence Paul plays in their understanding/interpretation of God's plan. It is therefore no wonder that confusion is running rampant when trying to marry Paul's doctrine with God's(Father) and Jesus'(Son)own Words. Sorry to say, but since I've chucked Paul out, confusion ceased. Scary, isn't it?
Eben Swart 7 Apr 2012 at 23:02

If one leaves out of the Bible whatever offends you, one is well underway to start one's own sect. This, also, is an age-old phenomenon. You won't be the first to do so, and you won't be the last either.
One thing is sure:
Whenever we start believing lies and they become idols in our hearts, then some parts of the Bible start to offend us. You are on a dangerous road, RP.
RP 9 Apr 2012 at 16:04
Eben, There's a lot that I want to say, but I won't bother too much. Frankly, I've chosen God's testamony concerning His Torah above Paul's. I also called the Torah 'weak and beggarly' once - on the grounds of how Paul saw it. I mean, if he could, I could also. I just wonder how David, Isaiah, Jeremia, etc. would respond to our christian view of the Torah today.
Your problem is the fact that you inter-mingle Torah observance with Judaism( man-made laws & traditions) indiscrimenately. It is not the same, you know. A careful study of Jesus' words will draw a clear line between the two. Paul makes no distinction - just as you also don't do. Paul's letters are littered with attempts to justify his apostleship and right to be on equal footing with the other apostles. He was however a self-appointed apostle, developing his message far away from those closely associated with Jesus - a message alien to the other 12, while belittling them in his letters. Sadly, for the church, Paul has become a bigger idol than they would like to acknowledge.
Christianity will keep on splitting - from 38 000+ denominations to many more. As in your own words: From big prisons to increasingly smaller ones... Hebrew Roots is but the first movement turning people back to the roots of their faith, although they are certainley not without fault. Pretty soon, Paul's deception will be seen all the more clearly as the Hebrew Roots Movement starts to move closer to the truth ( splitting, splitting, splitting). But First, all the baggage from the Catholic church needs to be sifted out. But eventually, God's Torah, His Word will prevail - for ever and ever.
Inus 9 Apr 2012 at 21:28
RP - we were not fighting just wrestling with the Word (meaning of the name Israel)
I sure wish I lived in the times were the wise men sat at the city gate discussing the Word.

Anyway - I agree with Eben - don't chuck out parts of the complete Bible even if it has been put together by Constantine.

Sounds like you've been reading www.questioningpaul.com - a dangerous website with strong arguments which could confuse anyone.

I listened to a fantastic audio series (although very technical for me to fully grasp) by Brad Scott named "Paul: False Apostle or Falsely Accused?" which puts the controversy around Paul in its rightful place.
Modern translations of the Bible has much to blame and I almost want to state that:
If something Paul (or any of the other Apostles says in contrary to what Jesus said, then either:
The Translators are to blame or
We fail to understand the context it was written in or
The audience it was written to or
The original question or purpose of the letter.
Plus if in doubt, rather take Jesus' word on the matter as final.

I'm still gonna make a bumper sticker with the following:
“Interpret the Letters by the Word”
Eben Swart 9 Apr 2012 at 21:53

The Torah is NOT the root of our faith, dear RP. Jesus is. Torah was Plan B. Jesus has always been Plan A. And HE will not only prevail for ever and ever - He will REIGN for ever and ever!
What will the Rooters say next? That other Christians are making an idol of Jesus, since Torah is the original? How ridiculous! You take the splinter out of others' eye, but fail to see the log in your own!
I am not your (the Rooters') problem, RP. You are your own enemy. I simply expose the ridiculous things that the Rooters teach. I'm not the one teaching those stuff.

RP, with regard to your rejection of Paul, please answer the following questions:
1. Why do you, and ALL the other Rooters on my website, write under aliases or incomplete names? Paul wrote under his own, full name. Are you a bunch of cowards who don't want to be held answerable for the contentious stuff you write here in real life?
2. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who had studied at the feet of Gamaliel. Paul did.
3. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who can prove his Hebrew ancestry. Paul could.
4. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter whom Jesus spoke to, and called to service audibly in the presence of witnesses. Paul had this testimony.
5. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who had sat with all the other apostles and agreed on only 4 aspects of the Torah which Gentiles should observe? Paul did.
6. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter whose ministry is characterised by frequent, abundant signs, wonders and miracles (the things that mark an apostle!). Paul's ministry was.
7. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who had taken BUT ONE missionary trip (AWAY from Israel!) of the magnitude that Paul did. Paul undertook three. Hebrew Rooters all journey TOWARDS Israel. Strange hé, RP?
8. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter whose prophetic utterances concerning the future, based on what he/she heard from the Spirit, were as accurate as Paul's. Two of Monte Judah's (one of the foremost HR teachers in the world) Torah inspired prophecies were total bummers.
9. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who's received 39 lashes (or any other corporal punishment) but once for the sake of the Gospel. Paul received that punishment five times.
10. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been in prison but once for the sake of the Gospel. Paul had been there quite "frequently".
11. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been exposed to death but once for the sake of the Gospel. Paul was exposed "again and again".
12. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been beaten with rods but once for the sake of the Gospel. Paul was beaten three times.
13. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been stoned for the sake of the Gospel. Paul was stoned and left for dead.
14. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been shipwrecked but once in his pursuit of the Gospel. Paul was shipwrecked three times.
15. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd been drifting helplessly on the open sea for one hour in his pursuit of the Gospel. Paul did for a full day and night.
16. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who is constantly on the move for the Gospel - and does not have a home. Paul did.
17. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd endangered his own life by crossing a full river on foot for the sake of the Gospel. Paul did this many times.
18. Please name ANY Hebrew Rooter who'd faced bandits in his pursuit to get the Gospel to unbelievers. Paul did this many times.
Dear RP and other clever couch Hebrew Rooters:
Paul had been in danger from his own countrymen, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false brothers. He had laboured and toiled and have often gone without sleep; He had known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; he had been cold and naked.
Aren't you Hebrew Rooters who reject Paul ashamed of yourself? Who on earth do you think you are to despise Paul? You practice armchair and couch Christianity and are so impressed with your own knowledge - even more so than the professors of the institutional church whom you so decry. You travel to Israel in luxury and come back and are then cleverer than before. You take planeloads of pilgrims to Israel at huge profits. You hold cosy Torah groups, seminars and conferences and WOW! and How wonderful! ad nauseum. You sell millions of DVDs and CDs - the technological products of the Greek mindset you condemn on those same CDs and DVDs. You try to impress all around you with Hebrew prayers and sayings.
The scary thing is this:
Only stupid Eben Swart is asking the questions above now. And you can be clever with me or ignore me without significant consequences. But what if JHVH would ask you those same questions when you arrive in eternity? And after you've given your sheepish grin, not knowing WHAT to answer, asked you "Why then didn't you listen to My servant, Paul?"
Isn't it time, Hebrew Rooters, that you put your money and your bodies where your mouths are? You are the single most militant group I've ever met in Christianity (not intended to be a compliment). If you would just convert your militance into godly acts. Alas, you only talk. And talk and talk and talk and talk. Clever and clever and cleverer.
Has your Torah observance led anybody to Christ who had not been there before?
Has your Torah observance fed one hungry person?
Has your Torah observance visited any Christian in prison?
Has your Torah observance clothed any Christian who was naked?
If not, I'm afraid, you might hear one day: "Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels."

Once again, RP: You have a relationship with a Book, in stead of a Person.
That's why you're so preoccupied with the Book.
May you one day meet the Person I'm in love with. That's what life is about. About Him.
RP 10 Apr 2012 at 18:07
Ouch, Eben. That really hurt!!
I just want to clearify a few things:
I'm sorry for dragging the Hebrew Rooters into this. I am not a Hebrew Rooter myself, although I've read a lot of their stuff. My only point was - Hebrew Roots is here to stay. I imagined that Catholocism went bonkers when Martin Luther nailed his stuff to the door. Then Protestants went bonkers when charismatics started their thing. Now Hebrew Roots arived. Again the traditional churches is shaken to the core... I believe God is shaking paganism out of His people.
Sorry for insulting Paul. I can see you hold him dear.
I'm not sure how you define militarism, but I'm the one who's bleeding.
You've written your article. I saw a lot of misleading arguments and assumptious logic.
At the end, I must say that I've got some stuff to contemplate. One sometimes learns more by reading the responses than focusing on the article. I will continue to visit the site in my quest to understand what's truth. I suspect you'll now call me a parasite for not having my own blog.
Well, I like Inus. Maybe we could debate a few things still. You however, you scare me a bit - calling everyone militant while the shots out of your own gun is quite deafening.
I've read 'Questioning Paul' and agrees - it's very one sided, as are Eben, and me myself perhaps.
Oh, and I cannot name any 'Rooter' with such an impressive resume as Paul. But I can name Yeshua, who seemed to also displayed a strong feeling towards His Father's Law (Torah).
Deon 4 May 2012 at 13:16
Ja, ek stem saam met Eben oor redding ens deur die genade. Mense, ek moedig julle aan om Gal5:4 te lees asook 2Kor3, lees dit stadig deur en dink aan dit wat jy lees.

Daar is hoegenaam geen redding deur die gebooie nie. Wat beteken die wet dan? dit was dus ons tug meester na Christus toe met die oog op die geloof wat geopenbaar sou word, maar nou dat die geloof geopenbaar is, is ons NIE MEER ONDER DIE TUG MEESTER NIE. (wat is die tug meester? die wet 639 wette) Lees gerus Gal 3. Dit is wat die Woord van die HERE ons leer en vele meer.

Ek is nie n "skrywer" nie, ek het wel veel meer om te se en skrif om aan te haal, maar ek hou niks van om so te sit en tik nie.

Net n laaste ding, en dit is die cherry op die koek. Onder watse Hoepriesterskap staan ons volgens die Woord? Onder die orde van Aaron? Onthou, met die oog op hierdie priesterskap het die volk die wet ontvang. Maar wat leer die Woord ons, ons het n ander Hoepriester wat MET eedswering aangestel is, volgens die Orde van van Melgisedek. Nou se die Woord dat met die verandering van Priesterskap kom die NOODSAKLIKHEID VERANDERING VAN WET(al 639 wette). Die Priesterskap het oor gegaan na JESUS en die wet is geheel en al verander. Lees Heb7, veral daar in vers 11&12. Lees Heb8:13 ens...

Eben, jy doen mooi werk

JESUS liefde en vrede
Pierre Terblanche 5 May 2012 at 20:20
Hi Eben
Gun my asseblief die geleentheid om op skrywes van Deon, Rp en Inus te reageer.
Inus, dankie vir jou mooi skrywe, soos Eben tereg gesê het, dit is wonderlik van ‘n Messianic so ‘n mooi brief te skryf.
Rp, wat die boeke van Paulus betref...ek het net soos jy daaroor gevoel, maar ernstig daaroor begin bid en baie van die onverstaanbare uitsprake, begin verstaan.
Deon, ek het ook in die verlede die “genade boodskap” van Paulus, hoër geag as die Woord homself, maar intussen besef dat dit teenstrydige boodskappe is, tov hoe ons versie vir versie daarna wil kyk, of konteks gedeeltes wil naslaan.
As ‘n Messiaanse Nasarener (ekself), wil ek graag op die volgende stellings reageer. Eben, soos jy, glo ek ook dat ek deur die Heilige Gees gelei word.
Deon, dankie vir die teks gedeeltes wat jy opgehaal het, ek het dit nagegaan, maar moet bieg, ek verstaan dinge bietjie anders as jy.
Petrus sê duidelik dat die skrifte van Paulus moeilik is om te verstaan. My skrywe gaan daaroor.
Torah is nie ons afgod nie, dis ons riglyn. Daar is ‘n baie groot verskil tussen Yahwe riglyne en Levitiese riglyne. In Gen 15-17 is ‘n verbond met Abraham gesluit, dit behels die “Saad” waaruit ons geloof gaan kom, menende, die Messias. Dit het gepaard gegaan met vleeslike besnydenis. Die feit dat Paulus gesê het dat dit ‘n Ou verbond is, beteken nie dat die Woord van Vader intussen verander het nie. Die verandering is die “nageslag”, nie die “Woord” nie. Uit Abraham, sou die “Saad” kom, menende, die suiwer bloedlyn vanaf Adam deur Noag. Abraham het in die tyd van Nimrod geleef, die opstandige en geweldenaar in die oë van Vader. Nimrod wou “God” wees. Lees gerus die boek van Jasher, in ons Bybel genoem, die “Boek van die Opregtes” ("Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?"--Joshua, 10-13. "Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."--II Samuel, 1-18).
Daar was tydens Abraham se leeftyd baie Nephillim, Reuse....onsuiwere bloed, wat uitgewis moes word. Die verbond met Abraham, was die besnydenis verbond....met ‘n rede, vanaf Vader. Lees gerus die Torah.
Die Tweede verbond is nie toe “Christus” aan die kruis vir ons sondes gesterf het, en ons van die “Ou Verbond”...Torah...Wette...vrygekoop is nie, dis reeds aan Moses gegee voordat die volk Israel, die beloofde land in is. (Deuter 29 en 30). Ons Messias, Yah’suah, het dit kom vervul. Die “curses” of “vloeke” waarvan Paulus praat, is genoem in Deuter 28...hy het nie die onderhouding van die Wette (Torah) die vloek van die Torah genoem, soos die “genade-gelowiges” dit verstaan nie, maar die Levitiese wette, wat die Jode uitgebuit en vermeerder het, uitgelig.

Eben, die ergste van alles is dat jy dit weet, en die Messiaanse beweging onder dieselfde kam as Kabalisme skeer. Soos Inus dit tereg gestel het, nou hoekom doen jy nie dieselfde met die “Christene” en die “Genade-ondersteuners” nie? Jy weet mos as ek myself ‘n Torah-onderhoudende-Messiaan noem, dat ek Vader se Woord wil respekteer, Sy Seun as my Messias aanvaar, sowel as Sy Heilige Gees Ruach as my binneste gewete sien, en nie myself met die Joodse siening vereenselwig nie.

Feit is, die “Genade predikers” onderhou nie die Torah nie, en die Torah behels die Gebooie, sonder afbeeldings soos kruise en kersbome ens. Met die respektering van die Shabbat, op Saterdag, met die 3de gebod van “Naam ydelik gebruik” nie. Ydelik gebruik beteken “shoah”, en dit beteken “vernietig”. Deur die Naam tot jou eie “catholism/universal” term as “god” te gebruik, “shoah” jy die Naam...jy bring dit in oneer, op ‘n algemene/universal vlak. Alle gelowe noem hul “heiligheid”...God. Hierdeur verbreek die “genade-gelowiges” reeds gebod 1, 2 en 3.

Dit is wat die onderhouding van die Torah ons leer en nie die onderhouding van ons oorerflike gewoontes nie. Dit is presies wat Paulus ook die Efesiërs, Korinte ens. probeer leer het.

Deon, indien jy ‘n “genade-aanhanger" is, wil ek jou ook ‘n teksvers gee, uit die mond van Paulus: Heb 10: 23-29...
Heb 10:23 Laat ons die belydenis van die hoop onwankelbaar vashou, want Hy wat dit beloof het, is getrou;
Heb 10:24 en laat ons op mekaar ag gee om tot liefde en goeie werke aan te spoor;
Heb 10:25 en laat ons ons onderlinge byeenkoms nie versuim soos sommige die gewoonte het nie, maar laat ons mekaar vermaan, en dit des te meer namate julle die dag sien nader kom.
Heb 10:26 Want as ons opsetlik sondig, nadat ons die kennis van die waarheid ontvang het, bly daar geen offer vir die sondes meer oor nie,
Heb 10:27 maar ‘n verskriklike verwagting van oordeel en ‘n vuurgloed wat die teëstanders sal verteer.
Heb 10:28 As iemand die wet van Moses verwerp het, sterf hy sonder ontferming op die getuienis van twee of drie; (Torah)
Heb 10:29 hoeveel swaarder straf, dink julle, sal hy verdien wat die Seun van God (Yah) vertrap het en die bloed van die testament waardeur hy geheilig is, onrein geag en die Gees van genade gesmaad het?

Selfs Paulus waarsku oor die aanhang van genade, isv die onderhouding van Torah.
Ja, daar is genade, maar slegs deur die onderhouding van die Woord/Torah

Julle moet dalk volkome verse lees, dit spel alles meer duidelik.

Eben, Salomo het baie wysheid gekry, maar sy arrogansie het sy eie nageslag vernietig...leer daaruit.

Eben Swart 6 May 2012 at 01:14

Veels geluk - jy's die eerste Hebrew Rooter wat die moed het om sy volle naam hier bekend te maak (ek vertrou dis jou regte naam). My ervaring is ongelukkig dat Hebrew Rooters gewoonlik vervloek, krap en spoeg vanuit 'n donker skuilplek van anonimiteit.
Andersyds is ek opnuut weer verstom oor die skaamtelose, maar skynbaar onbewustelike pedansie (onderwyseragtigheid), beterweterigheid en meerderwaardigheid waarmee Hebrew Rooters kommunikeer. Min Bybeltekste beskryf hierdie houding beter as Openb. 3:17 - 18:
"Jy sê: Ek is ryk en het verryk geword en het aan niks gebrek nie; en jy weet nie dat dit jy is wat ellendig en beklaenswaardig en arm en blind en naak is nie. Ek raai jou aan om van My te koop goud wat deur vuur gelouter is, sodat jy kan ryk word; en wit klere, dat jy jou kan aantrek en die skande van jou naaktheid nie openbaar word nie; en salf om jou oë te salf, sodat jy kan sien."

Eerstens, Pierre, almal wat nie met HR saamstem nie, is nie "genade-predikers" nie. Ek is beslis nie, en was nog nooit nie. H Rooters baklei teen "genade-predikers" soos Don Quixotte teen sy gewaande windmeulens.

Tweedens, Pierre, kan jy gerus in 'n goeie woordeboek gaan opsoek wat die woord "spektrum" beteken. As ek in my artikel hierbo sê dat HR deel vorm van dieselfde spektrum waarvan Kabballisme ook deel is, beteken dit geensins dat ek HR en Kabballisme "oor dieselfde kam skeer" nie. Net soos wat rooi en blou elemente is van die spektrum van wit lig, is HR en Kabballisme elemente van dieselfde spektrum van dwalinge. En net soos rooi en blou nie dieselfde is nie (hoewel familie van mekaar), is HR en Kabballisme nie dieselfde nie (maar familie van mekaar).

Derdens, Pierre, dis gewoon oneerlik om te beweer dat Paulus slegs na die Fariseërs (nie Levietiese nie!) se wette verwys as hy van vloeke praat. Daar is GEEN gronde vir hierdie bewering nie - dis bloot 'n "cop-out" waarmee H Rooters hul gewetes sus. Nee, Pierre, Paulus praat van die MOSAïESE, TORAH-wette. Daai wette wat die H Rooters so graag wetties onderhou, soos jy so mooi beskryf, en wat hulle so militant in enigiemand wat wil luister, se keel afdruk - soos jy hieronder nogeens kristalhelder demonstreer.

Vierdens, Pierre, ek sou graag nog van jou briewe wil plaas, want jyself stel H Roots wonderlik aan die kaak. H Rooters is hul eie grootste vyand. Vir verdere plasings sal jy egter die onsin-inhoud en feitefoute van jou briewe drasties moet verminder.
Onsin soos:
1. "Salomo het baie wysheid gekry, maar sy arrogansie het sy eie nageslag vernietig ...".
Jy ken beslis 'n ander Salomo as wat ander Christene ken. Dis Salomo se liefde vir heidense vroue en hul afgode wat sy nageslag vernietig het.
2. "Ja, daar is genade, maar slegs deur die onderhouding van die Woord/Torah".
Besef jy watter onsin hierdie stelling verteenwoordig? Verstaan jy hoegenaamd dat genade ONVERDIENDE guns is?
3. "Torah is nie ons afgod nie, dis ons riglyn."
Hierdie is nie net bog nie, dis gewoon 'n leuen. Enigiets wat bo, of gelyk aan Jesus gestel word, is 'n afgod. En dis presies wat Torah vir H Rooters of "Messiaanse Nasareners" is.
4. "Die Tweede verbond is nie toe “Christus” aan die kruis vir ons sondes gesterf het, en ons van die “Ou Verbond”...Torah...Wette...vrygekoop is nie, dis reeds aan Moses gegee voordat die volk Israel, die beloofde land in is. (Deuter 29 en 30)."
Hierdie is 'n woes oneerlike stelling - en 'n sienswyse wat wyd onder H Rooters aangetref word. Die konteks waarin Deut. 30 die Nuwe Verbond se "besnydenis van die hart" stel, is dat dit onteenseglik duidelik eers ná hul ballingskap sal gebeur - as 'n belofte, NIE as deel van die Ou Verbond nie! DIS waarom Jeremia (die ballingskap-profeet!) hierdie Nuwe Verbond eers in sy boek (Jer. 31) kan aankondig. Jy glo ernstige leuens, Pierre!

Pierre, ek probeer om nie my webblad met elke Jan Rap en sy maat se onsinnige opinies te "clutter" nie - en jy beweeg tans baie na aan die grens.

Vyfdens, Pierre, kom ons wees baie ernstig:
Jy's nie net mislei nie, my maat - jy's woes verdwaal. Jy klink erg selfvoldaan oor wat jy glo en hoe goed jy al die Torah-wette nakom. Besef jy dat die Skrif sê dat, elke keer wanneer Moses gelees word, daar 'n [demoniese] sluier oor jou hart getrek word? Bely jou dwaasheid in nederigheid voor die Vader - dis al manier om hierdie sluier te skeur sodat die lig vir jou sal deurbreek.
Pierre Terblanche 6 May 2012 at 12:05
"Besef jy dat die Skrif sê dat, elke keer wanneer Moses gelees word, daar 'n [demoniese] sluier oor jou hart getrek word? Bely jou dwaasheid in nederigheid voor die Vader - dis al manier om hierdie sluier te skeur sodat die lig vir jou sal deurbreek."

Gee asseblief vir my hierdie vers/e in die Skrif...as gelowige in Vader moet jy mos nou jou broeder help om die "lig" raak te sien.
Eben Swart 7 May 2012 at 14:28

2 Kor. 3:14 - 16;
Maar hulle sinne is verhard. Want tot vandag toe bly by die lesing van die Ou Testament dieselfde bedekking sonder dat dit opgelig word, die bedekking wat in Christus vernietig word. Ja, tot vandag toe, wanneer Moses gelees word, lê daar ‘n bedekking oor hulle hart; maar wanneer hulle tot die Here bekeer is, word die bedekking weggeneem.

Daardie sluier, Pierre, word slegs deur Christus weggeneem. Christus se verbond met ons is die Nuwe Verbond in die bloed (wyn) van die nagmaal. As jy die Nuwe Verbond verwerp en hardnekkig aan die Oue bly kleef, verwerp jy nie net die die Nuwe Verbond nie - jy verwerp vir Christus. En die sluier BLY oor jou sinne (hart). Dis sinneloos om te sê iemand het Christus aangeneem as die persoon Christus se Nuwe Verbond verwerp.
Riaan Pieterse 9 May 2012 at 16:21
Ek wil ook graag iets sê. Die skeiding tussen ’n ou en nuwe testament is net so onbybels soos kersfees, kerktorings, ens. YHWH, Sy Seun, YAHUSHUA en Sy profete se siening oor die Torah is eenstemmig tot binne in die 4 evangelies. Die letterlik, honderde tekste wat dit bevestig en getuig, spreek boekdele. Genade en guns is onomwonde verbind aan die onderhouding van die Torah. Om dit met teksverse te staaf sal bladsye op jou blog bevat.
Genade as ‘onverdiende guns’, soos verkondig deur die kerk, is ’n term ongekend in die skrif. Of Paulus eg of vals is, is voorwaar ’n interressante vraag waarvan die antwoord ongelukkig nie duidelik, swart op wit is nie. Dit lyk definitief asof Paulus en Jakobus dieselfde tekste i.v.m. Abraham se regverdigheid, baie verskillend interpreteer.
As ons aanvaar dat YHWH onveranderlik is en Hy Sy Woord bo Sy Naam verhef het, of andersins, Sy Woord en Sy Naam bo alles verhef het (Ps 138:2), kan ons nie sondermeer aanvaar dat iets intussen verander het nie.
Om YHWH se Torah bo alles te stel, word nêrens in die Woord as afgodsdiens gemerk nie, inteendeel, die omgekeerde is baie duidelik uitgespel. Ps 119 besing YHWH se Torah as ’n lig en ’n lamp vir ons pad.
Eben Swart 10 May 2012 at 00:05
Aan almal wat hier lees - lees asb. onderstaande bydrae van Riaan Pieterse noukeurig, en vra die Heilige Gees aan jou te openbaar waarheen hierdie denkrigting lei. Die volgende logiese gevolgtrekking vanaf hierdie brief is dat Jesus die afgod is, en die Torah God.
Ek sê dit weer vir almal wat ore het om te hoor: Hebrew Roots en die huidige Torah-beweging is van die gevaarlikste en verslawendste doktrines waarmee ek al ooit te doen gehad het. Hoe meer ek met hulle te doen kry, hoe duideliker word die kultus-agtige aard van hierdie bewegings.
Hul krag lê in hul isolasie van Skrifgedeeltes: Hulle bombardeer jou met SKRIF - dié Skrifte wat hul argumente pas. En mense wat nie die HELE Skrif ken nie, voel geweldig beïndruk en geïntimideer deur al die Rooters se SKRIF, en is bang hulleself onteer God deur die Rooters se argumente nié te aanvaar nie.
Self weier die Rooters om die HELE Skrif te lees. Dié gedeeltes van die Skrif wat hul argumente as godslastering en dwaalleer ontbloot, maak hulle bloot verdag deur die skrywers daarvan verdag te maak. Hulle hou nie van Paulus nie, want Paulus ontbloot hulle onsin klinkklaar. Veral die boek van Galasiërs irriteer hulle grensloos. In 'n mindere mate ook Romeine. En as hulle maar net geweet het WIE die Hebreërskrywer was, sou hulle hóm ook verdag gemaak het, want ook HY ontbloot hul leuens ongenadiglik. In etlike van die bydraes hieronder sien ons die Godsdienstige gees (Eng: Religious spirit - die inspirasie agter hierdie argumente) in aksie. Wie ore het om te hoor - laat hom hoor!


Die mense wat hier lees, is nie onnosel nie.
SLEGS die King James, en ander Bybels wat op die King James gebaseer is, vertaal Ps. 138:2 soos jy dit weergee. Ek kon nie EEN ander vertaling opspoor wat dit só vertaal nie (ek het 42 vertalings op my rekenaarbybel; oa ook Duits, Nederlands en Xhosa) - nie eers die Hebrew Rooters se geliefde "The Scriptures" nie. Ook nie die 1933 of 1953 Afr nie. Nie EEN ander vertaling wat ek kon opspoor, stel God se Woord bo sy Naam nie (per slot van rekening maak dit ook nie sin nie!). Om dus die King James-weergawe van dié teks hier op my webblad te probeer verkoop as "onveranderlik" en dat niks "intussen verander het nie", is gewoon goedkoop, aanmatigend en oneerlik.

En selfs al wás die King James korrek - wie is uiteindelik die Woord? Die Woord, Riaan, is JESUS! Dís wat Joh. 1:1 - 5 sê, asook Open. 19:11 - 13. Lees dit maar in ENIGE vertaling!
Die Woord (wat vlees geword het) in Sy volheid, is JESUS!
Die Torah is maar 'n breukdeel van die Tanak - dus maar 'n breukdeel van die geskrewe Woord of Logos. En die Logos is maar breukdeel van die totale geopenbaarde Woord - ons het nog nie eens begín praat oor die openbarende/gesproke Woord, die Rhema nie. Of die ONgeopenbaarde Woord nie.
Die Torah, Riaan, is gewoon 'n (skadu-)beeld van Jesus. Dis 'n blote beeld - 'n breukdeeltjie van die totaliteit.
En net soos die Rooms Katolieke in hul afgodery fisieke beelde van Jesus (en Maria) aanbid, so doen die Rooters dit met die skadubeeld van Jesus - die Torah.
Dit, Riaan, is afgodsdiens.
Jy kan afgodery en genade probeer definieer net soos jy lus kry - dit gaan nie die gevolge van die Rooters se afgodery verander nie.
En, Riaan, as Torah-student behoort jy op hoogte te wees met presies WAT die Torah te sê het oor afgodery en afgodsdienaars! Neem dit asb. ter harte en BEKEER JOU! Dit breek my hart om te sien hoe hopeloos verdwaal die Rooters is! Soos die laaste persoon in sy getuienis in my artikel hierbo in "Testimony Time" sê: "You have fallen from grace." Jy het (volgens jou eie definisie) die vermoë verloor om vergifnis te aanvaar. Jy wil dit verdien.
RP 16 May 2012 at 14:59
Hi Eben,
First, Jesus told us that anyone who teaches us not to
follow the “least command (in the Law of Moses)” would be
“least in the kingdom of heaven,” but whoever told us to follow
the “commandments (from the Law of Moses) would be
the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 5:19.) God had
told us likewise beforehand that the “New Covenant” was
based on “inscribing the Law (Torah) on our hearts....” (Jeremiah
31:31-33.)15 When His Servant (Messiah) comes, God
“will magnify the Law (Torah), and make it honorable.”
(Isaiah 42:21 ASV/KJV.)
Jesus fulfilled this by condemning the Pharisees for
teaching traditions that “make of none effect” express commands
in the Law given Moses. (Matt. 15:16.) This included
Jesus’ faulting the Pharisees’ notion that a special korban
payment could excuse honoring your parents (by supporting
them if they fell in poverty). (Matt. 15:16.) This included
Jesus attacking the Pharisees’ emphasizing the duty to tithe to
the neglect of the weightier matters of the Law of Moses.
Matt. 23:23. This also included Jesus faulting the Pharisees
for teaching one did no wrong engaging in adulterous lust as
long as one did not follow through and commit the act of
adultery. (Matt. 5:28.)16
Paul did not share any concern to correct the Pharisees’
shallow doctrines on the Law. Paul never shared Jesus’
concern that the Pharisees’ traditions had made of none effect
the express commands in the Law given to Moses.
To the contrary, Paul, like the Pharisees, came teaching
his own tradition which did away with the Law given
Moses. However, Paul went further than most Pharisees. He
abrogated it down to the very last jot and tittle.
For Paul said the New Covenant “abolished... the
Law of commandments” (Eph. 2:15). Paul likewise said the
Sabbath command was “but a shadow of things to come,” and
henceforth let no man judge you for failure to keep it, for
Christ “blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was
against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the
way.” (Col. 2:14-17.) Paul insisted that the Law given Moses
was a “ministration of death engraven on stones” because the
“letter of the law kills,” which now has “been done away”
and “is abolished;” henceforth, instead, in the Lord we have
“liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:6-17.) Paul defined this liberty
quite clearly: “All things are lawful but not all things are necessarily
expedient.” (1 Cor. 6:12, ASV). “All things are lawful
for me.” (1 Cor. 10:23.)17
Paul’s regard for the Law reached a total low-point in
Galatians with utterances which no doubt would shock our
Lord. Paul says the Law given the mediator Moses was
“ordained by angels.” (Gal. 3:19 ASV KJV.) Anyone who
wants to be in bondage to them desires to be in bondage to
those who “are no gods” (Gal. 4:8) and is seeking to be “in
bondage again” to “weak and beggarly elements (angels).”
(Gal. 4: 9.)18
Paul then goes so far as to say in the same letter that
even if an “angel from heaven” should come with a gospel
different than Paul, such “an angel from heaven” should be
“cursed.” (Gal. 1:8.) In Galatians, therefore, Paul put his
words expressly above the same source he ascribed as the
source of the Law given Moses: angels from heaven. Paul
deliberately did so in order that we would accept his word as
a superior authority to the Law of Moses. This was crucial
because Paul was informing us that the Law of Moses was
now abolished. Such a bold declaration only had validity if
the Law “ordained by angels” was given by “angels of
heaven” over whom Paul was asserting a superior authority
— even a right to curse them. Only by this bold contrast and
curse upon such an “angel from heaven” (Gal. 1:8) could we ever dare think a mere human could single-handedly abolish
the Law given Moses. Paul’s hubris had therefore reached as
high as he could take it to justify his doctrine.
Paul did not limit this abolition to merely the commands
in the Law applicable to Sojourners (i.e., Gentiles).
Paul taught this truth of abrogation also applied to all the
Law’s commands directed at Israel (i.e., Jews/the twelve
tribes). According to Paul, by the death of Christ, the Jews
now experienced the death of the husband (God) who bound
them to the covenant at Sinai. The legal effect of His death
under the Law of Moses thereby released the wife (the Jews)
to remarry a resurrected Jesus who no longer held out the
Law of Moses as any sort of guidepost in the New Covenant.
(Rom. 7:1-4.)
In Galatians 4:22 ff, Paul likewise said that the Jews
of Jerusalem no longer correspond to sons of Israel, but
instead to the son Ishmael of Hagar; and they continue in
bondage (to the Law of Moses), and are thereby thrown out in
the desert.19 However, how could Paul be inspired by God in
this when the same God said in Jeremiah 31:31 ff that He
could never base a New Covenant other than on the Law
given Moses or enter into it with any other people than the
seed of Israel?20 Eisenman is perhaps too kind when he says
Paul’s remarks in Galatians 4:22-31 contain “a series of
sometimes outrageous allusions.”
These are all hard questions with unpleasant answers.
Eben Swart 17 May 2012 at 15:18
As with Riaan's letter below, I'd like to urge everybody following this discussion to read RP's letter below with a magnifying glass. This, folks, is what religious deception looks like. I only permit these arguments on this page to serve as a solemn warning to others to steer in WIDE circles around Hebrew Rooters. Their doctrines and arguments seem to be Scripture based, but as the examples below prove, they only quote what suits them, and simply omit or warp those scriptures which don't. You don't argue with this type of viewpoint, because you end up against a stone wall caused by an evil spirit. I won't even start to point out the many errors of reasoning below.
I see very little difference between RP's viewpoint and that of Judaism. I never cease to be amazed that Hebrew Rooters and Stone Torah followers still pretend to follow Jesus, or rather Yeshua/Y'shua/Jashua/J'hushua etc (according to their preference). Why still bother with Jesus if you blatantly and stubbornly reject His covenant - the New Covenant of the Spirit? You are simply deceiving yourself!


No, sir, these questions aren't HARD - they're FOOLISH. THAT'S the "unpleasant answer"!
Your entire argument is underpinned by the ERRONEOUS assumption that the Torah was Plan A - as I've described above in my article (Session 10). Have you even made the effort to read my article before you wrote your arguments below? If you did, why then ignore Session 10? If not - then please stop wasting my time.
1. Paul's servanthood of Christ is vindicated by Jesus Himself - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 9:15).
2. Paul was struck with blindness by Christ Himself, and healed by Christ Himself - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 9: 8; 22:13)
3. Paul's miracles were done by Christ Himself - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 13:9 - 11; 14:10; 16:18; 20:10; 28:5)
4. Paul was spoken to in dreams by Christ Himself - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 10:9; 18:9; 27:23)
5. Paul was rescued from prison by Christ Himself - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 16:26)
6. The Holy Spirit Himself warned Paul about imprisonment and persecution - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 20:23)
7. The Holy Spriit Himself spoke to Paul through the prophet Agabus - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 21: 10)
8. Paul was received in Jerusalem by James and all the elders, who praised God for Paul - written down by Luke, not Paul (Acts 21:17)
9. ALL the apostles who walked with Jesus, together with Paul and Barnabas, agreed that gentiles need to adhere to ONLY FOUR laws of the Stone Torah (Acts 15).

RP, are you aware of the the fact that 17+ of the 28 chapters of the Book of Acts is about Paul? That means that 60%+ of what we know about the believers directly after Christ concerns Paul?

RP, if Christ Himself vindicated Paul over and over, again and again, and if Paul said that anyone who proclaims a different gospel than himself is cursed - then there's ONLY ONE conclusion here, RP:
YOU are cursed, since your gospel is radically different from that of Paul's. And it is not PAUL (or even me), cursing you, RP! As long as you would stubbornly adhere to your Hebrew Roots heresies, it is the Vindicator of Paul, i.e. Christ Himself, who curses you - like He did with the fig tree. Repent, before the curse takes effect on you and your family!

Wherever Paul went, RP, he was persecuted by people just like yourself - Torah-following Jews who put the Torah above the guidance of the Spirit. They persecuted him in Jerusalem, in Antioch, in Iconium, in Listre, in Tessalonica, in Corinth and in Greece. These Jews, like yourself guided by a religious spirit, were opposing the Word of God under the pretence of religion, with LOTS OF SCRIPTURE to back themselves up - blissfully ignorant of the fact that they were vehemently opposing the purposes of the very God they claimed to serve with their Torah obedience. That, RP, is foolishness and idolatry.
Eben Swart 17 May 2012 at 15:26
The discussion on the validity of Paul as an apostle and/or Biblical author is hereby closed.
Martin Hoffmann 3 Jul 2012 at 00:59
That is the result you get if you bring a knife to a nuclear fight.

Romeine 14:11 `...elke knie SAL buig...`

Die trane loop sommer.
Goeie werk Mnr. Swart.

Johann Schlebusch 23 Aug 2012 at 14:39

Lyk my my vorige comment het dit nie gemaak agv my "image entering "nie....

Ek probeer weer.

Ek en my vrou kom uit die denominasies uit en jou reekse oor vrymesselary ens. het vir ons en die kinders BAIE beteken.Ek raai dit aan vir enige persoon wat nog in enige denominasie sit, ja, self die selfregverdiges wat die wat "onder hulle uitgekom" het uitmaak as 'sektes" ens. Maar, mens kom uit en waar gaan jy heen? Die Isrealiete het uit Egipte gekom na die beloofde land toe ens. Maar dis 'n onderwerp vir later.

Ek stem nie noodwendig saam met alles wat jy in die reekse aanbied nie, maar ek maak soos ek met ons Nasionale voel maak wanneer ons braai: as ek 'n been raakbyt gooi ek net die been weg nadat ek die sap eers uitgesuig het, maar die vleis hou ek. Die vere, derms ens. word ook weggegooi, maar die vleis is die hoofding.Dit voed my en vul my.

My 10 sent vir vandag, nadat ek so deur die artikes en getuienisse gelees het is die vogende: Dis duidelik dat die satan besef sy tyd van afrekening is naby, daarom al die misleiding onder die mens en teenkanting teen meer en meer Lig. Hou jou kop bo die helder water en stry die stryd ou Eben.

Uit die getuienisse beweer iemand "daar is geen krag in Jesus se Naam nie". 100% reg. In Brasiliee, Spanje, Argentiniee ens. is daar baie mense met die naam Jesus. Maar, daar is 'n GROOT verskil tussen net Jesus, en die Here Jesus Christus("Lord Jesus Christ").
Verder, bedink die volgende: 'n Getuienis wonder wat die Naam van die Vader(Christene se God)is -Jesus Christus het verklaar dat Hy in Sy Vader se Naam gekom het. Dus: JESUS=die Vader se Naam. Meer volledig:Here Jesus Christus. Here=Vader, Jesus= Seun, Christus=Heilige Gees.

Die sogenaamde duiwelaanbidders gebruik vader, seun en heilige gees om tafels te laat sweef, allerhande truuks ens. om die aanhangers bang te maak en te bind. Maar in die Naam van die Here Jesus Christus buig, piep, kerm, kwyn en vlug hulle. Ek praat uit ondervinding.

En dan is daar nog die impersonisasie van die Kundalini ook in plaas van die Heilige Gees.

Laastens, nerens in die Skrif was iemand OOIT gedoop(lees"onderdompel")in die Naam van die Vader, Seun en Heilige Gees nie. Dis 'n katolieke, NG ens. leerstelling uit die put van die hel uit om kinders van die Here te mislei.En dan verweer mense hul stelling dat " dit een en dieselfde is" Ja, maar ook nee. Verwys Makus 16 en Hand. 2:36 -38 ens.pterus het die openbaring van die Vader gehad wat DIE NAAM van die Vader,Seun en Heilge Gees is, en so gaan doop. Mens moet net kan lees, dan sien mens dit in die Skrif.Maar vals eleermeesters het ons van kleins af beinvloed met denominasionele doktirnes uit hul koppe en keweekskole uit, i.p.v. openbaringskennis soos die disipples.

Eben, sodra ek weer in die Kaap kom gaan ek by jou kom koffie drink in Bellville, soos belowe.

Veg die stryd!!

Johann Schlebusch
Eben Swart 23 Aug 2012 at 17:54

Jy's welkom!
Johannes de Koning 28 Nov 2012 at 13:56
Baie dankie broer dat jy die moed het om op die gevare van die HRM te wys. Ek het dit ook gedoen op my Blog by http://skattegemynuitgodsewoordintsumeb.blogspot.com/ en hewige reksie gekry. (WORTELS VAN VERWARRING, MISLEIDING VAN DIE MAANKYKERS) Dis tog net vir my jammer dat jy nie die Calvinistiese standpunt korrek weergee nie. Jy beweer "Reformed Theology declares the Torah obsolete – because such a declaration suits this theology system. Thus, Reformed Theology does not read its WHOLE Bible – and becomes deceived." Dis nie waar nie, ek preek gereeld en graag uit die hele Bybel en spesifiek ook uit die tora. Ek dink die misverstand kom by die term vervulling. Jesus het die tora vervul - vervul beteken nie onveranderd handhaaf nie! Lees gerus : STILSTAAN BY DIE SKADUWEE op my Blog. Ja, ek besef daar het baie afwykende teologie in van ons grootste kerke ingesluip, maar as gevolg daarvan mag ons nie die suiwer Calvinistiese teologie verwerp nie - die teologie van die magtige werke van God soos gesien in die lewens van die reformatore maar ook baie na hulle soos Carey, Brainard, Whitefield, Edwards, Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones ens.

Mag God ons insig gee in 'n tyd van verwarring.
Harry 7 Jan 2013 at 14:53
Ek kom gewoonlik in gesprekke waar mense my aanvat oor sekere "joodse" of "ou testamentiese" dinge wat ek doen of onderhou. Die beste antwoord wat ek egter aan hulle kan gee is dat ek wil doen en leef soos Jesus gelewe het. Dis tog wat die WWJD bandjies wat almal dra se?? My vraag dan altyd aan diegene wat my aanvat en die ou testamentiese wette ens af skiet is: "Het Jesus die wette onderhou? Het hy al die feeste van die Torah onderhou?" En dan kan ons verder gaan en vra: "In watter kultuur het Jesus grootgeword en wat se taal het hy gepraat? Was Jesus 'n jood? En indien Jesus wel al hierdie dinge gedoen en onderhou het wie is ons om anders te besluit???

Ek kom agter dat die meeste mense hou nie van die goed nie omdat dit nie inpas by hulle kultuur en gewoontes nie. Byvoorbeeld: Die Torah se spesifiek dat mens nie moet vark eet nie. Nou soek mense allrhande verskonings en haal tekste aan van Paulus uit konteks en wil nou bewys dat dit OK is om vark te eet.

Ek hoop nie julle neem aanstoot uit my voorbeelde nie- ek probeer maar net n punt bewys.

Jy sien die probleme van die ou testament is dieselfde as die nuwe testament is ook dieselfde probleme vandag! Mense dwaal af van die Woord van God af en verdraai so die BYBEL dat dit by hulle gebruike en gewoontes in pas. Moet ons nie eerder ons gebruike en gewoontes aanpas by GOD nie? Ek het gevind dat die kerk en baie mense vir Jesus verander na 'n hippie met blonde hare en blou oe wat net heeltyd se: "Alles is ok, solank jy net lief is vir mekaar" En geloof het iets abstraks geraak wat daar in die lug rond sweef wat niemand kan sien nie.

My lewens filisofie is soos volg: wat het GOD gese? en wat het JESUS gedoen?. En dan doen ek dieselfde.
Eben Swart 7 Jan 2013 at 15:27

As jy alles wil doen soos Jesus - 'n besnede Jood wat onder die Wet gelewe het (Gal. 4:4) - moet jy liewer nie nagmaal gebruik nie. Want nagmaal sluit jou deur 'n bloedverbond met Jesus in - in die Nuwe Verbond (Luk. 22:20). In die Nuwe Verbond is die Wet op ons harte geskrywe (Jer. 31), en ons gehoorsaam die GEES daarvan; nie die LETTER nie.
Jy probeer tans op 2 stoele (die Ou en Nuwe Verbonde) gelyktydig sit - en soos almal vóór jou wat dieselfde probeer het, val jy tussendeur! Die 2 verbonde sluit mekaar uit: as jy die een gehoorsaam is jy ONgehoorsaam aan die ander.
Die slegte nuus is: Die Ou Verbond kan nie red nie.
Om tussen dié twee verbonde die Oue te kies, verteenwoordig 'n besonder onwyse opsie.
Johan 13 Jan 2013 at 14:39
Ek dink hierdie is wat Harry voorstaan

1Jn 2:3 En hieraan weet ons dat ons Hom ken: as ons sy gebooie bewaar.
1Jn 2:4 Hy wat sê: Ek ken Hom, en sy gebooie nie bewaar nie, is ‘n leuenaar en in hom is die waarheid nie.
1Jn 2:5 Maar elkeen wat sy woord bewaar, in hom het die liefde van God waarlik volmaak geword. Hieraan weet ons dat ons in Hom is.

1Jn 2:6 Hy wat sê dat hy in Hom bly, behoort self ook so te wandel soos Hy gewandel het.

1Jn 2:7 Broeders, dit is geen nuwe gebod wat ek aan julle skryf nie, maar ‘n ou gebod wat julle van die begin af gehad het. Die ou gebod is die woord wat julle van die begin af gehoor het.

Ek glo ook nie hy probeer te kenne gee dat daar enige ander weg na die Vader is as deur Sy Seun nie.
Harry 15 Jan 2013 at 15:34
Hi Eben, dankie ek waardeer jou terug voering. As jy praat van 'n "ou" en "nuwe" verbond bedoel jy dat die een die ander vervang het? En wat bedoel jy met "onder die wet"? Ek dink jy praat van iets wat nou al vir jare mis verstaan word deur so baie mense en so doende ook 'n struikel blok geword het. Jy sien die term "onder die wet" is gebruik om die fariseers en die skrifgeleerdes te beskryf wat glo die wet sal hul red. Die wet kon nog nooit enige iemand red nie al wie dit moontlik sou kon red is Jesus, want hy is al mens in die BYBEL wat sonder sonde gelewe het. En dan kom mens ook by die vraag- Wat is sonde? Paulus maak dit duidelik dat sonde oortreding van God se wet is. Dus moet ons die die wet onderhou?? of is die feit dat Jesus aan die kruis gesterf het vir ons nou 'n vrypas om te doen wat ons wil. Ek glo nie dat die een die ander vervang nie, ek glo GOD het als van die begin af geweet en dat die "ou" testament of verbond nie sy plan A was en toe kom verander hy nou goed na plan B in die nuwe testament nie. As mens dan nou so wil redeneer dink jy dis dan baie onregverdig dat die ou testamentiese mense onder die "wet" moes lewe maar niemand kon dit onderhou nie? En nou kom ons lekker in die nuwe testament en alles is ok want ons hoef nie meer dit te onderhou nie? Dit laat my baie dink aan wat Jesus vir die Fariseers en skrif geleerdes gese het - hulle verstaan nie sy woorde nie omdat hulle nie Moses sin verstaan nie. Ek wonder of ons as Christene nie dalk daai selfde fout ook maak nie. Ons dink ons ken en verstaan Jesus van A tot Z maar dan het ons geen idee wat Moses gese het nie. Daar was nog altyd net een plan wat van die begin tot die einde dieselfde is en as die nuwe testament nie saam stem met die oue nie het jy dit heeltemal misverstaan.

Die feit is Eben daar is nie twee stoele nie, daar was altyd nog net een. Van genesis tot openbaring is almal nog altyd met genade gered deur geloof. Hoe anders het Moses wat 'n moordenaar was hemel toe gegaan? Daar was altyd nog net een volk vir God (Israel) en as jul dink ek praat nou van die jode ek doen nie. Ek is nie 'n Jood nie. En dis ons doel as mense om by daai volk aan te sluit. Israel het uit 12 stamme bestaan waarvan die huis van Judah maar een is.

As mens nie totaal soos Jesus wil wees nie, soos wie wil jy dan wees?? Speel ons weer pick & pay?
Jannie 17 Jan 2013 at 05:49
Ai tog,
Wil julle nie vir 'n slag eerlik raak en erken dat Jesus pasga gehou het op die dae wat die jode hulle feeste begin het nie. Die nagmaal soos ons dit vandag ken, is bitter ver verwyderd van dit wat Hy as "Jood" gedoen het.Die tweede verbond is gebou op die eerste. Hoe kan jy die eerste verwerp sodat jy die tweede kan gehoorsaam wees. Dis calvinisme op sy beste. Wens iemand wil bietjie agtergrond geskiedenis van Calvyn en Luther gaan bestudeer. Wees dan weereens eerlik en erken dat hulle maar net 'n uitvloeisel was van die Katolieke kerk. Ja, hulle het geloof ontdek, maar die fondasie waarop geloof staan verwerp.
Hoekom kan ons nie die dinge sien nie - omdat ons steeds maar net onsself dien en weier om die bekende vir die waarheid te verruil.
Eben Swart 21 Jan 2013 at 11:51

Dis presies wat ek bedoel:
Hy wil die Ou Verbond leef, maar wil (soos alle Rooters wat ek ken) gered word deur die Nuwe. Hy probeer op twee stoele tegelyk sit, en val tussendeur.
Eben Swart 21 Jan 2013 at 11:59

Verstaan jy ENIGIETS van wat ek in die artikel hierbo geskryf het?
Jou brief klink soos iets uit 'n baie muwwe teologiese debat wat hoegenaamd nie tred gehou het met wat pas gesê is nie. Lees 'n slag Sessie 8 hierbo met begrip. En lewer dan asb. meer sinvolle kommentaar.
Eben Swart 21 Jan 2013 at 12:09

Dalk moet jy my DVD oor "Die Gelowige Doop" kyk. En sien hoe onakkuraat jou afleiding dat ek 'n Calvinis is, is.
Nee, Jannie, die tweede verbond is NIE gebou op die eerste nie (jou beskouïng verteenwoordig die nou reeds holrug geryde denkfout van alle Rooters, nl. dat die Torah Plan A was). As jy die moeite gedoen het om Sessie 10 hierbo te lees, sou jy nie sulke oningeligte stellings gemaak het nie.
Jannie 23 Jan 2013 at 18:40
Eben, Die metafoor wat jy noem Plan A en Plan B, is net relevant in jou eie 'dogma'. Die spasie is 'n bietjie min om elke wanbegrip uit te wys. Die waarheid is dat, net die Jode wat vasgevang was in die godsdienstige kloue van die 'fariseers en Kie' het Jesus verwerp. Die eerste, der-duisende bekeerlinge, was Jode. Die waarheid is dat daar 'n bittere stryd was tussen die Jode wat Jesus erken het, en die godsdiens-leiers van die tyd.
Die eerste der-duisende Joodse bekeerlinge het die Sabbat en die feeste bly onderhou. As jy 'n bietjie navorsing doen, en eerlik begin wees, sal jy moet erken dat daar 'n duidelike argument is om te staaf dat latere kerk-leiers(uit die heidense kamp) haat en anti-semitisme begin aanblaas het. Dit was die begin van die einde van 'n boodskap waarvan die simboliek in die feeste en die Sabbats-onderhouding tragies nagelaat is en veruil is vir die afgryslike mengsel van heidense feeste en gebruike waarvan die hedendaagse kerk nou nog nie kan loskom nie.

Eben, jy roem dalk daarin dat jy die instititionele kerk gelos het vir huis kerke - maar net soos die hervormers van ouds, bly dra jy die huisgode wat jy by die katolieke geerf het saam. Ek is bevrees dat jy, nes 'n Paulus, 'n persoonlike ontmoeting met die 'Joodse Jesus' sal moet he, om los te kom uit die web waarin jy jouself vasgevang het.
Ek verkondig vir geen oomblik dat die Torah belanriker of groter as Jesus is nie. Dis egter vals om te beweer dat ons Jesus moet losmaak van Sy Torah.Of dat Hy dit in so 'n mate vervul het, dat dit 'gaan wegkwyn weens 'n gebrek aan nodigheid en uiteindelik - belangstelling'??
Jou woorde:
"Plan A was fully deployed and implemented! The Grand Original was in place!
Causing plan B to wither away for lack of necessity and – eventually – lack of interest."
Ek dink nie eens jy verstaan self wat jy hier gepraat het nie.

Nou-ja, ek weet ons gaan mekaar nie maklik oortuig nie, maar miskien ontmoet ons eendag gesig tot gesig - dan kan ons hierdie dinge op gelyke grond bespreek.
Hier op jou forum gaan jy ongelukkig altyd die voordeel he.

Eben Swart 24 Jan 2013 at 22:45

Ai, Jannie, ek wens die ouens wat so vinnig op hul perdjie spring en die lang messe uithaal wil 'n slag hul huiswerk doen en hulself vergewis van wat ek regtig teach. Ek het my huiswerk oor die Rooters gedoen, en deeglik gedoen, voordat ek myself daaroor uitgespreek het. Die Rooters doen geen huiswerk nie, en skiet wild in enige rigting tot hul magasyne leeg is, sonder dat hulle nou eintlik weet waarom en waarna hulle skiet.

Jou relaas is só onakkuraat en só ver van die werklikheid verwyder dat ek nie sinvol daarop kan reageer nie. Ek het jou laas gevra om nie oningeligte stellings te maak nie. Ek vra dit weer.
Willie 23 Jun 2013 at 07:38
In my opinie - Hier is die bewys van die nuwe verbond, en die ou verbond wat tot niet verklaar is.

Sag 11:4 So sê die HERE my God: Wees herder van die slagskape—
Sag 11:5 hulle kopers maak hulle dood, sonder om skuldig te voel; hulle verkopers sê: Geloofd sy die HERE; ek word ryk! En hulle herders het geen medelyde met hulle nie.
Sag 11:6 Want Ek sal met die inwoners van die land geen medelyde meer hê nie, spreek die HERE; maar kyk, Ek gaan die mense oorlewer, elkeen in die hand van sy naaste en in die hand van sy koning; en hulle sal die land verwoes, en Ek sal uit hulle hand nie red nie.
Sag 11:7 En ek het die slagskape—waarlik ellendige skape! —opgepas; en ek het vir my twee stawe geneem. Die een het ek genoem: Lieflikheid, en die ander het ek genoem: Samebinding; en ek het die skape opgepas.
Sag 11:8 En ek het die drie herders in een maand vernietig. Toe het my siel ongeduldig geword oor hulle, terwyl hulle siel ook van my afkerig geword het.
Sag 11:9 Daarop het ek gesê: Ek wil julle nie meer oppas nie—wat sterwend is, laat sterwe; en wat verlore gaan, laat verlore wees, en laat die wat oorbly, mekaar se vleis verslind!
Sag 11:10 Toe het ek my staf Lieflikheid geneem en dit verbreek, om my verbond wat ek met al die volke gesluit het, te verbreek.
Sag 11:11 En dit is op dié dag verbreek. En so het die ellendiges onder die skape wat op my ag gegee het, bemerk dat dit ‘n woord van die HERE was.
Sag 11:12 Daarop sê ek vir hulle: As dit goed is in julle oë, gee dan my loon; en so nie, laat dit dan staan. Toe het hulle my loon afgeweeg: dertig sikkels silwer.
Sag 11:13 Hierop sê die HERE vir my: Gooi dit vir die pottebakker—die heerlike prys waarmee Ek deur hulle gewaardeer is! En ek het die dertig sikkels silwer geneem en dit in die huis van die HERE vir die pottebakker gegooi.
Sag 11:14 Toe het ek my tweede staf, Samebinding, verbreek, om die broederskap tussen Juda en Israel te verbreek.
Sag 11:15 Daarop sê die HERE vir my: Neem weer vir jou die gereedskap van ‘n herder, van ‘n dwase.
Sag 11:16 Want kyk, Ek sal ‘n herder verwek in die land; na wat verlore is, sal hy nie omkyk nie; wat verstrooi is, nie opsoek nie; en wat gebroke is, nie genees nie; en wat nog regop staan, nie versorg nie. Maar die vleis van die vettes sal hy eet en selfs hulle kloue afruk.
Sag 11:17 Wee die slegte herder wat die skape in die steek laat! Mag die swaard sy arm tref en sy regteroog! Mag sy arm heeltemal verdor en sy regteroog heeltemal verduister word!
Ivor van Rensburg 12 Aug 2013 at 14:40
Hallo Eben

Daar kom ‘n wereldbekende Hebrew Roots leier Suid-Afrika toe in Maart volgende jaar, ek beoog om ‘n openbare debat te reel waar kerkleiers en ander kritici hom kan ondervra. Ek beoog ook om die media hierby te betrek sodat mense eens en veral kan verstaan waaroor dit gaan.

Aangesien jy so ‘n diep passie het om die Hebrew Roots beweging te kritiseer en te veralgemeen, sou jy dalk belangstel om ‘n openbare debat te voer (voor die media) aangaande hierdie onderwerp ? Jy hoef nie noodwendig deel te neem nie, jy is welkom om enige teoloe vir die debat te nooi.

Ek glo nie jy sal so iets aanvaar nie maar dalk verbaas jy my, ek sien uit.


Clariissa 17 Sep 2013 at 15:03
Thank you for this, what a fabulous idea for the kids. On Rosh Hashana we cebterale ahead of time, by thanking Hashem for sealing us in the book of life. So with all Mitzvah's we can create on a Vision Board what we want to see and cebterale the events before hand to help us make the event less stressful and more joyous. There is a quote from the Talmud We see the world as we are.
Marius 18 Sep 2013 at 22:05
Ivor ek dink dit is 'n uitstekende idee! Op hierdie forum(webruimte) sal Eben altyd die voordeel hê, want dit is sy forum. So 'n openbare debat maak die speelveld gelyk en dit sal baie interessant verloop. Die Hebrew Roots maak hoofsaaklik van die hele Skrif in konteks gebruik om hul sienings te staaf, waar die kritici weer slegs skrif uit die Nuwe Testament, buite konteks aanhaal. Hulle is ook geneig om baie van die profetiese woord weg te laat en dan praat ek nie eers van die Psalms nie, veral Ps 119. Die kritici kan net so wel die hele Ps 119 uit hul Bybels skeur en daarsonder klaarkom. Die hele Skrif is deur YHWH geinspireer, nie net sekere gedeeltes nie, veral nie die "buite konteks aangehaalde" Galasiërs nie.
Ivor van Rensburg 19 Sep 2013 at 13:19
Eben sal nooit ooit so uitnodiging aanvaar nie, hy reageer nie eers op enige van my eposte nie, hy het nie die kennis om teen iemand soos Rico Cortez te debateer nie.
Pieter Botes 6 Jan 2014 at 21:09
Hallo Eben,

Met respek : ek wil graag 'n lysie aanvra van bybelse verse, wette of instruksies wat ons nie meer oor hoef te bekommer nie (kan ons dit ook maar uithaal (sabbat) en ons eie bysit (dinsdag)? Deut 4:2, Deut 12:32, Jos 1:7, Spr 30:6, Open 22:18-19)

Indien almal net doen wat reg is in hule eie oe is dit verkeerd? (Deut 12:8, Spr 12:15, Rig 17:6, Rig 21:25) Indien dit nie so lekker sal werk nie, moet ons seker instruksies kry - of kry ons die in Sy Woord (Tanakh / Ou Testament of Torah en Nuwe Testament / Getuienis) Joh 1:1

Is daar iewers 'n getuienis dat die Messias uit die Nuwe Testament op Sabbat in die sinagoge , huise , tempel, by iemand se huis , erens op aarde of selfs in die hemel , uit die Nuwe Testament gelees het of selfs verwys het na die Nuwe Testament as Sy Woord? Indien nie, neem ek aan die Woord waarna telkens verwys word "daar staan geskrywe..." heel moontlik na die Ou Testament soos ons dit vandag ken? Indien wel, hoe kan dit wees dat Shaul se geskrifte so verdraai kan word om die Ou Testament (sekere gedeeltes ten minste) tot niet te verklaar?

" En ag die lankmoedigheid van onse Here as saligheid, soos ons geliefde broeder Paulus ook met die wysheid wat aan hom gegee is, aan julle geskryf het, net soos in al die briewe. Hy spreek daarin oor hierdie dinge, waarvan sommige swaar is om te verstaan, wat die ongeleerde en onvaste mense verdraai, net soos die ander Skrifte, tot hul eie verderf. "
(2Pe 3:15-16 AOV)
Eben Swart 6 Jan 2014 at 21:28
Pieter Botes

Met eweveel respek:
Ek wil 'n verduideliking van jou versoek oor hoe die Nuwe Verbond waarvan Messias praat wanneer Hy die verbondsmaal instel, werk. Sodra ek dít het, kan ek jou al die Bybeltekste voorsien wat jou hart moontlik kan begeer.
Want as jy die leuen van die Hebreeuse Wortels-beweging glo dat die Nuwe Verbond 'n HERNIEUDE verbond ipv 'n NUWE verbond is, dan sal jy niks verstaan wat ek jou probeer verduidelik nie. Hierdie Hebreeuse Wortels-leuen is ontwerp met die doel om sodanige verstaan onmoontlik te maak!
Pieter Botes 6 Jan 2014 at 22:49

Soos ek verstaan in Jer 31 , Heb 8 Mat 26 , 1 Kor 11 en 2 Kor 3 word die verbond / Torah op ons harte geskryf (sodat ons dit sal WIL doen, nie MOET doen nie) , ek reken dat jou eie voorbeeld/e uit jou stuk byv. jou reel aan kinders om sekere tyd by huis te wees , ens. heel AKKURAAT is!

Indien jy 'n "beter" of "moeiliker" gebod (Heb 7:22, Heb 8:6) ontvang vanaf die Messias , dan is dit mos die GEES waarin ons die gebod moet verstaan en onderhou: Ek noem die voorbeeld van "egbreek" soos opgeteken in Mat5:31/Mat 19:7 vs Deut 24:1 , waar die instruksie vanaf Messias eintlik MOEILIKER is as Torah...
Francois 21 Apr 2014 at 06:57
Hi Eben
Thanks for all your effort to prove people and their believes wrong from your studies and efforts. I sincerily hope you are correct in all you say and just may add that I see myself as a Torah observant believer. I did not find any or very little of what you wrote in our study group. It saddens my heart if the greatest commandment Jesus gave was to love God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself. Hope you will be blessed in showing people a loving Messiah who have open arms to a dying and lost generation
PS Please provide me with a list of the names and groups of petsons to watch out for as it would be fitting. If you warn people I guess we need to know who to watch out for.
Rudi 7 Oct 2015 at 15:43
Wat 'n interessante stuk. Ek is deel van wat hierbo genome word as "Hebrew Roots" en soveel as wat ek wil skop en skerm teen "anti-Hebrew Roots" stukkie soos hierbo, moet ek erken dat die baie waar kan wees.
Ek het wel twee besware (never read/listen to anything before the "but"...se hulle  :)  )

1. Die Hebrew Roots beweging word hier baie oor dieselfde kam geskeer en ek dink dit is onregverdig. Alle groepe is nie soos hierbo na verwys word nie (en baie groepe is PRESIES soos waarna hierbo verwys word). Ek sien 'n bitter klein persentasie van dit waarvan jy hierbo geskryf het in die groep waarin ek is en ek stem saam  met jou kommentaar dat "People merely pervert it and “take it too far”." , maar dit is nie ALMAL nie.

2. Baie mense/kerke/bewegings/dinominasies het maar ten dele die waarheid en dit sal arrogant wees om te dink dat jy/ek/ons/hulle ALLES 100% verstaan. Ek voel regtig "aangeval" oor hoe ek die Bybel interpreter in jou skryfstuk en regtig nie geliefd nie. Kan ons nie bymekaar leer nie?
Ek het baie van jou videos ens gesien en vind aanklank by baie van wat jy se.

Soos alles moet ons maar dit teen die Bybel,Woord, Skrif, Torah (noem dit wat jy wil) toets. Gee so bietjie meer bybelverse saam met van jou bewyse en aantuigings.

Ek vra mooi dat jy dit lees in 'n rustige en nie aanvallende stemtoon nie. Hierdie is nie om jou aan te val of jou sleg te se nie.

Seen vir jou en almal wat die lees.

comment on this
Eben Swart 20 Oct 2015 at 18:03

Bostaande artikel was 'n aanvanklike reaksie op wat ek en my vrou oor jare se bedieningsbesoeke aan tientalle stede, dorpe en dorpies regoor SA en Namibië aangetref het.
Intussen het ons ons reaksie beter geformaliseer in 'n DVD wat jy gratis op YouTube kan gaan kyk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyo3EGtgk6k. Daar sal jy sien dat ons jou siening in jou punt nr. 1 akkommodeer. Ek glo egter jy sal redelikerwys toegee dat mens nie aparte artikels kan skryf vir elke graad van misleiding wat in die Hebreeuse Wortels-beweging voorkom nie. Dis gewoon nie prakties nie. Hierdie artikel dien juis om ouens soos jy te waarsku teen die gevare en misleiding van meer radikale groepe - waarvan daar BAIE in SA bestaan! Ongelukkig het moet ek nog die leier ontmoet in die HW-beweging wat soortgelyke waarskuwings rig. My ervaring is dat HW-leiers juis hul volgelinge aanmoedig om meer radikaal te raak.
Wat jou punt nr. 2 betref: As jy "aangeval" voel, is dit omdat jyself waarskynlik onder die radikale tel - want DIS die rakkers wie se dwaalleer ons onverskrokke ontmasker. Ons roer nie aan die "gematigdes" nie.

Eben Swart
Nico bezuidenhout 11 Oct 2015 at 16:12
http://bible.com/5/act.5.38-39.AFR53 En nou sê ek vir julle, bly af van hierdie manne en laat hulle staan; want as hierdie voorneme of hierdie werk uit mense is, sal dit vernietig word;  maar as dit uit God is, kan julle dit nie vernietig nie — dat dit nie miskien bevind word dat julle selfs teen God stry nie.

Eben met alle respek... Maak jou oordeel nou... Is die hebrew roots werk van God of nie.  Ek plaas jou onder eed.   Se wat jy weet, en jou opinie.

As iemand glo soos hy glo... Wat is dit met jou om ander te oordeel....  Ander dink weer jys van die pad af....

Juis agv hierdie useless postings lag die wereld vir alles wat Jesus genoem word.  Gebruik eerder jou research en energie aan die bevordering van die Koningkryk soos jy aan die begin gese het.   Jy veralgemeen en ken nie een ons Torah groep en ons werkinge en houdings nie.  

Gaan leef in vrede en dien soos jy opdrag gekry het van Jesus en hou op heers oor ander en hulle oortuiging.   God sal hulle mos uitsort.   Jy hoef nie die werk van die Heilige gees te doen nie..

Vrede in jesus

Jou bediening is uniek net soos ander s'n ook uniek is
comment on this
Eben Swart 20 Oct 2015 at 18:03

Jy is ongelukkig nie in 'n posisie om enigiemand "onder eed" te plaas nie.

Nee, die Hebreeuse Wortels-beweging, veral met sy lede wat hulself aan bostaande (verwys ons artikel) dwaalleer en onsinnighede skuldig maak, is NIE van God af nie.
'n Boom word aan sy vrugte geken - en die HWB se vrugte is gewoon vrot. As jy doen wat ek doen, en op 'n paar plekke in SA kom en bedien, dan sien mens die HWB se vrot vrugte oral rondlê.
Ek het absoluut GEEN angs dat ek, as ek die HWB se leuens aan die kaak stel, ek "selfs teen God stry" nie. God is Waarheid. Die HWB is vrot van leuens wat 'n blinde man met 'n stok kan aanvoel.
Enigiemand wat glo ek is "van die pad af", is welkom om dieselfde meetsnoer tov die bediening wat Hy aan my toevertrou het, aan te lê.
Daar's 'n verskil tussen BE-OORDEEL en VER-OORDEEL. Ons mag nie VER-OORDEEL nie (maw mense na die hel stuur nie), maar ons (wat die Gees het) KAN en MAG wel BE-OORDEEL (dws die meriete bepaal) volgens 1 Kor. 2:15.

Eben Swart
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