The Queen of Heaven Part 1

The Queen of Heaven Part 1
Recorded:19 Sep 2004
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 58m 22s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The Queen of Heaven is a demonic principality whom we encounter in several places in Scripture. Her original manifestations on earth we find in the Babylonian Mysteries, from whence her worship spread to many countries and different cultures under many names. We need to understand the symbolism surrounding this principality to properly comprehend her countless manifestations in today's society.


  • The Whore of Babylon.
    • The Mysteries of Babylon.
      • Method of the Mysteries.
        • Content of the Mysteries.
          • The ultimate Purpose of the Mysteries.
            • The Process of Myth.
              • Venusses.
                • Tlazolteotl.
                  • The Biblical holy Line.
                    • Nimrod & Semiramis.
                      • Atlas.
                        • Cybele.
                          • Shiva.
                            • Distribution of the Mysteries over the Earth.
                              • Different names of the Queen in different Cultures.
                                • Inanna.
                                  • Isis.
                                    • Mary.
                                      • Modern Western Names of the Queen.
                                        • The Madonna.
                                          • Attis.
                                            • Pine Cone Symbolism.
                                              • Lion symbolism.
                                                • The three manifestations: Virgin, Mother, Crone.
                                                  • Ceres.
                                                    • Black Madonna.
                                                      • Faith, Hope & Charity.
                                                        • Anchor symbolism.
                                                          • Fish symbolism.
                                                            • The Queen & the Moon.
                                                              • The Queen & Islam.
                                                                • Aphrodite.
                                                                  • Womb symbolism.
                                                                    • Mandorla symbolism.
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