The Blood Covenant

God's Master Plan with Sin

The Blood Covenant
Recorded:2 Aug 2013
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:3h 20m 15s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Few Christians, when asked, are able to supply any coherent comments concerning the aim, strategy or differences between the Biblical Old and New Covenants. Bring the mix-up and demonic agenda of the Hebrew Roots Movement on this matter into the equation, and you have utter confusion. This DVD endeavours to set in place – in simple, non-academic language – what has been shamefully omitted from pastoral teaching for decades: What the Blood Covenant is all about.


  • How were you saved as a Christian?
    • The Aim of this Teaching.
      • The "So What" Question.
        • The terrible Nature of Sin:
          • Trespasses.
            • Iniquity.
              • Sin.
                • Example.
                  • What would be required to enable the Mercedes to once again fulfil its creative Destiny?
                    • To do WHAT?
                      • Why didn’t God restore Everything AT ONCE?
                      • What is a Covenant?
                        • Definition.
                          • Biblical Covenants.
                            • Occultic Covenants.
                              • Vertical Covenants.
                                • Horizontal Covenants.
                                  • Blood Covenants.
                                    • Salt Covenants.
                                      • Examples.
                                      • Which Covenants do we encounter in the Bible?
                                        • The most common Blunders in Covenant Teachings.
                                        • The Covenant PROCESS with Abram/Abraham.
                                          • The Contents of the Covenant.
                                            • What happened at Sinai?
                                              • Israel’s Discipling and Cultivation via the Torah.
                                                • Where the Torah falls short.
                                                • The New Covenant.
                                                  • The Covenant Meal.
                                                    • Comparing the Old and New Covenants.
                                                      • The New Covenant deals with Trespasses.
                                                        • Baptism deals with Iniquity.
                                                          • And together they deal with Sin!
                                                          • Who are then ultimately saved?
                                                            • How does a saved Person live?
                                                              • Jesus explains the Spirit of the Law at the Sermon on the Mount.
                                                              • Simple, but important questions.
                                                                • The Torah veils our spiritual Eyes.
                                                                  • The circumcision issue of Acts 15.
                                                                    • The 4 Conditions.
                                                                      • How does this work in Practice?
                                                                        • Examples.
                                                                        • Sinoptic Questions and Answers.
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