Spiritual Authority & Submission

Session 2

Spiritual Authority & Submission
Recorded:2 Aug 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 46m 44s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The landscape of institutional church leadership is riddled with unbiblical, manipulative and controlling views and teachings about spiritual authority/covering and submission to such authority/covering – so much so that most church members suffer from immediate anxiety at the mere thought of leaving the institution. This DVD exposes these lies mercilessly – and teaches the Biblical, liberating truth about this matter.


  • Introduction
    • The "Gospel of Salvation" vs. the "Gospel of the Kingdom"
      • Part One: The Issue of Submission
        • How God establishes his Kingdom by the implementation of his (delegated) authority
          • Obedience
            • Rebellion
            • How God established his authority through the obedience of Jesus Christ
              • Man's obedience to delegated (representative) authority is imperative
                • In Society
                  • In the Workplace
                    • In the Family
                      • The Position of a Woman in the Church/Family
                        • Generational
                        • Biblical manifestations of Rebellion
                          • The Youths & Elisha
                            • Nadab & Abihu
                              • Uzziah, and Aaron & Miriam
                                • Uzzah
                                  • Conclusion
                                    • Old Testamentical institutions of God's Authority
                                      • New Testamentical institutions of God's Authority
                                      • David's example of Obedience
                                        • How God's Authority flows through different parts of the Body and co-ordinates with itself
                                          • The difference between submission and obedience
                                          • Part Two: The Life of God's Deputy Authority
                                            • Three healthy habits of deputy authorities
                                              • They should always be aware of the fact that all authority issues forth from the Father
                                                • They should constantly allow the Holy Spirit to rid them of self
                                                  • Continual fellowship with the Lord
                                                  • We should not try to establish our own authority,
                                                    • and know how to behave when God's authority in us gets tested
                                                    • God's vindication of his Deputy: Revelation!
                                                      • Characteristics of the ministry of God's Deputy Authorities
                                                        • Graciousness towards others
                                                          • Resurrection
                                                          • Misused Authority
                                                            • The submission of a Deputy Authority
                                                              • The Role of Anointing and Power
                                                                • Does Satan possess any Authority or Power?
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