Die Hemelkoningin

Die Hemelkoningin
Price:R300 (+R51 postage)
Also available in: English
Order Procedure

Order Procedure

Deposit R300, plus R51 postage & packaging (for addresses within South Africa), totalling R351 into:
ABSA 905 413 0094
Branch number: 632 005
Account Name: Trumpet Call

Then e-mail your confirmation of payment to us at info@trumpetcall.co.za, with full details of
  1. exactly WHAT you are ordering,
  2. your postal address,
  3. language preference,
  4. and telephone numbers.
On receipt of your e-mail we will mail your order asap.

For addresses outside of South Africa, please e-mail us before ordering for a quote on postage fees.

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Die meeste Christene is onbekend met die begrip "Hemelkoningin", hoewel die Skrif haar eksplisiet só noem. Bekende manifestasies van die demoniese owerheid van die Hemelkoningin in ons wêreld is: Die Rooms-Katolieke Maria, Isébel, Isis, Athena, Rhea, Vryheid (Liberty), the Vrymesselaars se vrouesimbole van "Geloof, Hoop en Liefde", ens. In hierdie reeks is ons doel om die struktuur, manifestasies en uiteindelike doel in die wêreld van hierdie owerheid te begryp. Ons sluit af met 'n verloëningsgebed.
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