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by Eben Swart 21 Jun 2010 Download prayer in PDF format
A prayer of renunciation for those who have been members of the Dutch Reformed Church, of whose ancestors have been members.

  1. I renounce Roman Catholicism and every such residual teaching and doctrine which had prevailed in the Dutch Reformed Church since the Reformation. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cut myself loose from the Roman Catholic Church and the deceiving spirit of Augustine of Hippo, via John Calvin the spiritual father of many of its doctrines.
  2. I renounce the Sacrament of Infant Baptism and the doctrine which states that Infant Baptism has replaced Old Testament circumcision, and should thus be administered to infants before conversion. I cut myself loose from its Roman Catholic, and thus its ancient pagan roots, which manifested itself in the form of Sun/Baal worship.
    1. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cut myself and my descendants loose from any water spirits which could have entered my life by means of infant baptism, as well as any effect, legal right or authority which they might have in the lives of my descendants or myself.
    2. I repent of my own sin, as well as the sins of my forefathers and -mothers, worshiping Baal (or the Sun) in thus manner. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cut myself loose from this false covenant that had been made between me, together with my parents, and the Sun god (or Baal/Osiris/Moloch). I pray, Lord Jesus, that you will remove the symbolic and spiritual marking sign of the Sun god from my forehead, where it had been placed during the actual ritual. Please mark me on my forehead with your own Name, the mark of the Father and the Lamb (Rev. 14:1).
    3. Lord Jesus, I ask you to destroy every sign and symbol of this false covenant with the fire of your Holy Spirit. Please cleanse me from every defilement and curse incurred upon me by means of this false covenant (such as spiritual pride, spiritual complacency, spiritual powerlessness, spiritual blindness, etc). (Destroy the Seal of Baptism, or Doopseël, physically). In the Name of Jesus I break this demonic seal over my life and the lives of my descendants. I profess that I had been included in the covenant with Abraham and his spiritual descendants alone through faith in Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:7).
    4. Lord Jesus, I pray that You will silence by your Blood all witnesses and testimonies against me and my descendants in the spirit realm concerning infant baptism. I pray that You and your Holy Spirit will intercede on my and my descendants' behalf before the Father concerning this issue (Rom. 8:26, 27, 34)
  3. I renounce the declaration that I obtain membership of the Body of Christ and access to Holy Communion by virtue of a covenant sealed by Infant Baptism, together with the public confession of my faith (as alleged in the DR formulary). I proclaim that I belong to the Body of Christ only by virtue of grace by faith, and that I gain access to Holy Communion through faith as well. I believe that the Scriptures state: That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. - Rom. 10:9 - 10.
    1. I renounce the solemn oath which I had made to the Dutch Reformed Church in front of witnesses that I would persevere until the end of my life in the testimony of the doctrines as taught in the Dutch Reformed Church, and that I would reject any deviating teaching. I pray, Lord Jesus, that you would tear up this spiritual contract and cover it by your Blood. I cut myself loose from any spiritual influence of this false oath on my family and me.
    2. I renounce the solemn oath which I had made in front of witnesses that I would submit myself to the supervision and discipline of (by implication specifically the Dutch Reformed) Church. I confess that the requirement of such an oath to gain access to the Body of Christ is in conflict with the Spirit of the Scriptures, and that it corresponds to the spirit of Paganism, Freemasonry and other secret organizations - whose rituals include similar "penal clauses."
    3. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cut myself loose from every spirit of rejection, alienation or condemnation which could have entered the lives of my family or myself as a result of disciplinary measures taken against my ancestors, myself or my family by the Dutch Reformed Church as a result of baptism issues. Jesus, I pray that you will heal every wound which had been inflicted in this way.
    4. In the Name of Jesus I break the curse over my life of Gal. 1:8 - 9 which gets inflicted upon individuals who deviate from the doctrines of the DR Church.
  4. I renounce the Seal of the Dutch Reformed Church in its entirety.
    1. It depicts the following allegorical (i.e. having two meanings: and obvious one, as well as a hidden one), occult symbols:
      1. The Queen of Heaven, or Cybele (depicted as the Lady of Good Hope - with an anchor, and also as Faith - holding a book) sitting on many waters.
      2. The Roman goddess Cybele and her Mysteries, as well as her key by which she allegedly lock and unlock the gates of heaven [not represented on the seal].
      3. The "tall" cross - which is characteristic of the Queen of Heaven in Masonry and Roman Catholicism.
      4. The Masonic Altar.
      5. The "burning heart" - which is the "sacred heart of Jesus" worshiped in Roman Catholicism.
      6. The Masonic smooth ashlar or cube on which she sits, which is characteristic of the Egyptian goddess Isis.
      7. The Babylonian merchandising ship.
      8. The controlling "order" which the secret organizations of Masonry and the Broederbond enforce onto the DR Church under the guise of 1 Cor. 14:40.
      9. The Sun god (Nimrod/Osiris/Baal/Ra).
    2. In the Name of Jesus Christ I renounce and cut myself loose from the spiritual City of Babylon, of its magical power, financial power, sexuality, idolatry, music and witchcraft. I renounce every contract with this city, as well as its power over me and my family. I renounce the riches of its ships and merchandise (Rev. 18:17), depicted on the Seal of the Dutch Reformed Church. I declare a spiritual divorce between me and my family, and the City of Babylon.
    3. In the Name of Jesus I renounce, and cut myself loose from any moon worship and connections which I have made via the DR Church's Queen of Heaven symbolism. I renounce these symbols as pagan and Romish.
    4. I cut myself and my family loose from the spirit of homosexuality, sodomy and lesbianism which I could have acquired by my submission to these symbols.
    5. In the Name of Jesus I cut my family and myself loose from the Whore of Babylon who sits on many waters (Rev. 17:1), as well as the spirit of Jezebel. I also cut myself loose from any power that this Seal and Deity might have over the lives of my family and myself. Lord Jesus, I confess that the Lamb of God is the One worthy of opening all seals (Rev. 5:5), and thus ask in your Name that this seal over my life be broken.
    6. I renounce the spiritual womb, or scallop shell, from which the Queen of Heaven (Venus, Semiramis, Isis) is said to have been born out of the sea. (As depicted on the "Kweekskool", or Theological Seminary, at Stellenbosch). In the Name of Jesus I cut myself and my family loose from the waters of the earth, as well as the spirit realm, and cut every spiritual umbilical chord connecting me to any such waters.
    7. I renounce Juno, the Roman manifestation form of the Queen of Heaven, depicted as a descending dove on the Dutch Reformed Church logo.
  5. I renounce the secret society of Freemasonry, and every spirit associated with this movement.
    1. I renounce the three manifestation forms of the Queen of Heaven in this cult, namely Faith, Hope and Charity.
    2. I renounce every Masonic symbol used in and about Dutch Reformed Churches, such as:
      1. The pillars of Jachin and Boaz, which had been put at the entrances to many DR Church buildings. I profess that the temple of God is the world wide church, the Body of Christ, as well as the body of every believer individually, and never a church building which displays pillars at its main entrance like the temple of Solomon in the Old Testament.
      2. The obelisk (found on graves at DR Churches) and the spirits of Egypt and death which accompany it.
      3. The smooth ashlar (on which the Queen of Heaven sits on the DR Seal) and the spiritual complacency, false rest and false authority which accompanies it.
      4. The Masonic altar (by which the Queen of Heaven sits on the DR seal) and the false trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus which accompany it (the three lights of Freemasonry).
  6. I renounce the doctrine of Predestination as represented in the Doctrines of Dordt (1618).
    1. I reject the process by which these doctrines were established, i.e:
      1. The Remonstrants (followers of Armenius, who argued that Divine Predestination did not determine a believer's Eternal Destination, but a decision of will in favour of Christ) were never defeated in debate, but were summarily expelled from the synod hall.
      2. That after the expulsion of the Remonstrants, they were condemned in the formulation of the Doctrines of Dordt by remaining members.
      3. That the chairman of the Synod of Dordt, was a Freemason, and thus a priest of pagan gods.
      4. That this chairman, Johannes Bogerman, robbed the process of all integrity when he, after fruitless arguments from both sides, expelled the Remonstrants from the synod hall.
      5. The "purification" of the church from Arminian teachers by the eviction of about 200 remaining ministers who refused to subscribe to the Doctrines of Dordt.
      6. The execution of Oldenbarneveldt by the government.
    2. I confess that the believer is predestined in Christ (Ef. 1:4), that God calls and predestines the believer by grace (Rom. 9:13; Rev. 17:14) and that the believer has to answer to this call in faith (Rev. 3:20).
  7. I cut my family and myself loose from the powers and influence of the sun god - the god of Freemasonry, as well as the All-seeing Eye of Horus, the Egyptian god, depicted in some Dutch Reformed Churches as the "All-seeing Eye of God."
    1. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cancel every word which my ancestors had programmed into the chambers of the sun and sealed with these covenants.
      Lord Jesus, I pray that You will silence all these voices with your blood.
    2. In the Name of Jesus I break the control of any cycles of the sun god over my life (e.g. seasons of hardship, or bad hours of the day or night). In the Name of Jesus I cut myself loose from the influence of the rays of the sun over my life and the lives of my family (Ps. 121:6).
  8. I renounce the roots of Apartheid which the Dutch Reformed Church had condoned during a certain stage in South African history, as well as racism. I repent of every act of racism of which I am guilty, and ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to forgive such sins in His Name. In the Name of Jesus I cut my family and myself loose from the curses which accompany acts and attitudes of racism.
  9. I renounce the former secret societies of the Broederbond and the Ossewa Brandwag, of which hundreds of Dutch Reformed leaders and members became part.
    1. I confess any feelings or desires of avarice, lust after power and control, as well as the cultural haughtiness and superiority which might have led my ancestors into membership of these secret organizations.
    2. I repent of the contribution which my forefathers might have made, through the Broederbond and the DRC, to the draconian laws of Apartheid, and of the indescribable trauma which these laws had caused to millions of my fellow countrymen and -women.

Lord Jesus, I pray that You will forgive me, and that your blood will cleanse me.
I profess that, before God, there is no difference between races and nationalities (Rom. 10:12), that God causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and that He sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous (Mat. 5:45).
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