What is Prayer?

Session 1a

What is Prayer?
Recorded:1 Mar 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 22m 50s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Christians often feel inadequate or inferior when it comes to prayer. This DVD aims to give every Christian a simple, Biblical look at what prayer really is – and how simple it is. We take example upon example from Scripture to see how Jesus and the biblical saints have prayed – to encourage everybody who hasn't yet started, to get going!


  • Definition of prayer
    • Prayer is simple
      • Prayer is sometimes personal
        • Prayer is sometimes corporate
          • Prayer is continuous
            • Prayer takes place during day or night
              • Prayer is obedience
                • Prayer is proclamation of God's will
                  • Prayer requires perseverance
                    • Prayer is sincere
                      • Prayer involves petitioning and intercession
                        • Prayer is intense work
                          • Prayer is two-way communication
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