Tipes Intersessors

Sessie 4a

Tipes Intersessors
Recorded:16 Apr 2008
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 37m 30s
Also available in: English
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Soos elke ware intersessor weet, tree sommige mense tydens intersessiebyeenkomste vreemd anders op as andere. En as mens oor tyd saam met baie verskillende groepe gebid het, begin mens patrone en tipes herken. Die doel van hierdie lering is om helderheid, geldigheid en begrip te bewerkstellig vir verskillende intersessiestyle. Elke tipe word beskryf, waarná elkeen se swakhede en maniere om momentum te behou, bespreek word.


  • Die Doel van die Lering.
    • Lys-intersessors.
      • Persoonlike Intersessors.
        • Gesin-intersessors.
          • Saligheid-intersessors.
            • Stadsintersessors.
              • Israel-intersessors.
                • Regering-intersessors.
                  • Gewetensaak-intersessors.
                    • Krisis-intersessors.
                      • Finans-intersessors.
                        • Soldaat-intersessors.
                          • Profetiese Intersessors.
                            • Aanbidding-Intersessors.
                              • Genade-intersessors.
                                • Barensnood-intersessors.
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