The Two Babylons Part 5

The Two Babylons Part 5
Recorded:24 Aug 2006
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 5m 17s
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Finally, we discuss several metaphors portrayed in the Biblical book of Revelation in terms of their connection to the Romish Church: The Great Red Dragon, the Beast from the Sea, the Beast from the Earth, the Image of the Beast and the Name and Number of the Beast. Rev. Hislop concludes that the Romish Church is none other but the Beast himself, the 666!


  • The Book of Revelation:
    • The Great Red Dragon:
      • Die Fiery Dragon as Symbol of Fire Worship.
        • The Relationship between Sun and Fire Worship.
          • The association of serpents with Fire Worship.
            • The Serpent as Sun Symbol.
              • The Serpent associated with Kingship.
                • Fire Magic.
                  • Nimrod (or Vulcan) ignites the ancient World.
                    • Baal Priests as Cannibals.
                      • Nimrod's Fall.
                        • The similarities between the Roman Empire and the Fiery Serpent.
                          • The Similarities between Nimrod's Fall and the Fall of the Roman Empire.
                            • Rome comes under Etruscan and Pagan influence.
                              • Julius Ceasar assumes the office of Belsasar. Gratian refuses it. Babylon's Fiery Dragon falls.
                              • Die Beast from the Sea:
                                • Nimrod depicted as Noah in the Mysteries. Dagon and Oannes.
                                  • Water worship.
                                    • Fire and Water Worship get practiced together.
                                      • The Beast from the Sea developes to become a god of War.
                                        • The Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration gets established.
                                          • How the earth opened its mouth to help the Woman.
                                            • The so-called "conversion" of Rome - and Infiltration of the Church.
                                              • The Pope as the apocalyptic "King of the North."
                                                • The Pope as Representative of Belsasar, the Fiery Dragon, and Dagon.
                                                • The Beast from the Earth:
                                                  • The Similarities between Roman and Babylonian "miracles."
                                                    • The Identity of the Beast from the Earth.
                                                      • The Roman Church hauls in secular Powers.
                                                        • The Role of the papal Pallium in the Task of the Beast from the Earth.
                                                        • The Image of the Beast:
                                                          • The Madonna as the Image of the Beast.
                                                            • The Madonna is not the Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
                                                              • The future Agenda of the Beast from the Earth.
                                                              • The Name of the Beast, the Number of his Name - the invisible Head of the Papacy.
                                                                • The Name of the Beast and its Number.
                                                                  • The Pope as visible Representative of the Beast.
                                                                    • The Pope as Babylonian Messiah.
                                                                      • The Pope as Representative of Janus and Attis.
                                                                        • Romish Worship is nothing less than Satanic Worship.
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