The Two Babylons Part 4

The Two Babylons Part 4
Recorded:17 Aug 2006
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 44m 4s
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Several rites and ceremonies of the Romish Church originate straight from Babylon's paganism: Idol processions, relic worship, the clothing and crowning of images, the rosary and worship of the sacred heart, lamps and wax candles, as well as the cross. Likewise, the religious orders of the sovereign pontiff, as well as priests, monks and nuns share the same pagan origin.


  • Rites and Ceremonies:
    • Idol Processions:
      • A comical Roman Catholic Procession during the Reformation.
        • Idol Processions in Service of the Roman Catholic Church.
          • The Pagan Origin of Roman Catholic Litanies.
          • Relic Worship:
            • Relic Worship.
            • The Clothing and Crowning of Images:
              • Twisting the Truth concerning Adam and Eve's Clothes.
                • The Origin of the Clothing of Saints and gods.
                  • The Crowning of Images.
                    • "King Rosary."
                    • The Rosary and Worship of the Sacred Heart:
                      • Application of the Rosary in different Pagan Cultures.
                        • Cupid - the Infant god.
                          • The flaming Heart represents the Babylonian Child - connected to the Sun god.
                          • Lamps and Wax Candles:
                            • The use of Lamps and Wax Candles in different Cultures.
                              • The Babylonian Messiah represented as a Bee - and associated with Christ (the Word of God).
                              • The Cross:
                                • The Use of the Cross in different Cultures.
                                  • The Origin of the Cross Symbol is Pagan.
                                    • The true Story behind the sign which Constantine saw in the heavens.
                                      • The X of Christ changed into the Pagan Cross Symbol.
                                        • Religious Orders:
                                          • The Sovereign Pontiff:
                                            • The subsequent Apostasy of the Roman Church.
                                              • One of Rome's greatest Lies: The Pope's Keys.
                                                • "Peter of Rome" was not the Biblical Peter, but the Pagan Hierophant.
                                                  • The Pagan Origin of the title of Cardinal.
                                                    • Similarities between the Pope and Pagan religious leaders.
                                                      • Ludicrous Fraud concerning "Peter's Chair."
                                                        • The Pagan Origin of the Pope's gestatorial Chair.
                                                          • The papal Mitre represents the Fish Head of Dagon.
                                                            • The Pagan Roots of the papal Crozier.
                                                              • The Roman Church is the same as the old Pagan Temples.
                                                              • Priests, Monks and Nuns:
                                                                • The difference between the orders of Christ and the Pope.
                                                                  • The Pagan Roots of the priestly celibate.
                                                                    • The Pagan Roots of the papal Tonsure.
                                                                      • Monks and Nuns.
                                                                        • The Unity and Babylonian Origin of all world religions.
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