The Two Babylons Part 1

The Two Babylons Part 1
Recorded:27 Jul 2006
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 52m 32s
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'The Two Babylons' is a classic research work by Rev. Alexander Hislop in the 19th century. He defines two Babylons: The physical Biblical city (situated in Iraq today), and the spiritual city as described in the Bible. His research is aimed at proving that the Roman Catholic Church IS in fact the Biblical spiritual Babylon. In this DVD we lay the foundations for the strategy and comprehension of Rev. Hislop's proof.


  • Introduction
    • The difference between the works of God and man.
      • The Roman Catholic Church = Babylon the Great.
        • She is not worthy of the name "Christian Church."
            • "Mystery" is written across the Roman Catholic system.
              • The Pagan Roots of the Roman Confessional.
                • The supreme Power of Roman Priests.
                    • Part 1: The Trinity.
                      • The Roots of Phoenician, Egyptian, Greek and Roman religion lie in Babylon.
                        • Our Strategy to determine the similarities between the Roman and Babylonian systems.
                          • The Antiquity of One God.
                            • One good god in Hinduism.
                              • The Babylonian Trinity.
                                • The Origin of the Trinity concept.
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