The Queen of Heaven Part 3

The Queen of Heaven Part 3
Recorded:10 Oct 2004
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 25m 50s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Through Janus, the two-faced Roman god of gates and beginnings, the Queen of Heaven has gained access to SA cities like Cape Town. She births spiritual children for Satan, as has been portrayed in the symbolism of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. She will eventually bring forth the Antichrist – the ultimate Son of Satan.


  • Janus, the god of Gates and War.
    • The Keys of a City.
      • Janus and Cape Town.
        • Anchor Symbolism.
          • Cybele and Cape Town.
            • The Victory of the Queen over God's Priesthood.
              • The Tower of Babylon.
                • Strength: Breaking God's Priesthood.
                  • The sleeping lion.
                    • The Queen & Freemasonry.
                      • The veil of the second degree Tracing Board.
                        • Olympic Games 2004: Athens.
                          • The artwork of Gustav Klimt.
                            • The Birth of the Messiah.
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