Spiritual Ranking

Session 5

Spiritual Ranking
Recorded:30 Aug 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 3m 21s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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We are all equal before God – but not before Satan. The Kingdom of Darkness has different views of individual Christians – based on their sanctification, mental and emotional wholeness, and prowess in spiritual warfare. This DVD explores our growth in spiritual ranking in our advance in the Kingdom of God against the Kingdom of Darkness.


  • Is the concept of Spiritual Ranking Biblical?
    • Examples from the Bible
      • Samson
        • David
        • Practical Application
          • How do I grow in Authority and Ranking?
            • Personally
              • Family
                • Church
                  • Area
                    • City
                      • Country
                        • International
                        • Moving out of Ranking. Examples
                        • Authority in the Area where you live
                          • International Authority
                            • Authority and Ranking in the Occult
                              • God's Army in Spiritual Warfare
                                • The Role of Prayer Warriors
                                  • Acting in Presumption
                                    • The Infantry
                                      • The Artillery Corps
                                        • The Special Forces
                                          • The Air Force
                                            • The Generals
                                              • The Intelligence Corps & Recce's
                                                • The Maintenance Corps
                                                  • The Military Academy
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