Prophetic Acts

Session 6

Prophetic Acts
Recorded:6 Sep 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 17m 3s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Although seldom practiced in most church traditions, prophetic acts constitute some of the most powerful manifestations of prophetic ministry. Often highly symbolic and visible, they possess the ability to grab hold of a people's collective imagination and to inspire generations of believers. Since prophetic acts could more than easily slip out of the Christian realm into the realm of witchcraft, we need to be well informed concerning the extent of the Biblical mandate that they possess.


  • Part 1: Examples of Prophetic Acts in the Old Testament
    • The Waters of Marah
      • Aaron & Hur
        • Blowing the Trumpets
          • Aaron garments
            • The Jericho March
              • Elijah's Cloak
                • A Cloak divided
                  • Striking a Prophet
                    • Salt into Water
                      • Shooting Arrows
                        • The naked Prophet
                          • A linen Belt
                            • The Siege of Jerusalem
                              • Dividing Hair
                                • Marrying a Prostitute
                                • Part 2: Examples of Prophetic Acts in the New Testament
                                  • Paul's Belt
                                    • Baptism
                                      • Communion
                                        • The Morale behind Prophetic Acts
                                          • Under which Conditions do Prophetic Acts turn into Witchcraft?
                                            • Examples of contemporary Prophetic Acts
                                              • The Dynamics between the natural and spiritual Worlds
                                                • How is the Spiritual Realm restored after Defilement?
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