Session 8

Recorded:10 May 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 56m 26s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Over many thousands of years, God has used prophets and prophecy to accomplish what He desired – and still does so. This is one of God's most powerful tools for building his Kingdom, but also one of the most abused concepts in Christianity today. We learn how to distinguish between the true and the false, and how to hear the Lord to minister to others in personal prophecy.


  • Old Testament prophecy
    • Old Testament prophets
      • How did they receive God's Word?
        • What were their characteristics?
          • Signs & symbols
            • The prophet at prayer
          • The basics of prophecy
            • Jesus and prophecy
              • The role of prophecy in the Church
                • The importance of prophecy
                  • Definition
                    • The purpose of prophecy
                      • Characteristics of prophecy
                        • The prophet's role in the Church
                        • Principles for New Testament prophecy
                          • Venturing out in prophecy
                            • Ways by which modern day prophets receive messages
                              • Prophetic language
                                • Personal prophecy
                                  • Phrases which help to avoid errors
                                  • Different kinds of prophetic utterances and experiences
                                    • Testing prophecy
                                      • Guidelines for fulfilling personal prophecy
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