Prayer & Fasting

Session 3c

Prayer & Fasting
Recorded:15 Mar 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 28m 46s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Many Christians have no idea what fasting is about or how it should be done. In this DVD we explore the reasons, Biblical examples, advantages, practice and pitfalls of fasting. We realize that, by never fasting, we are actually robbing ourselves!


  • Misconceptions about fasting
    • What is fasting?
      • Fasting enables us to focus on God
        • Fasting enables us to live a balanced life
          • Fasting is a form of worship unto God
            • Fasting puts the spirit in control of the body
            • When do we fast?
              • When we need to hear the voice of the Lord
                • When I become aware of my sin
                  • In times of crisis
                  • Ways of fasting
                    • What do I abstain from?
                      • Partial fast / Daniel fast
                        • Absolute fast / Esther fast
                        • How long before you break the fast?
                          • Normal fast
                            • Longer fasts
                            • How many people should fast at a time?
                              • Private fasting
                                • Corporate fasting
                              • Practical tips
                                • Does God command us to fast?
                                  • My health?
                                    • Medical advice?
                                      • How do I decide what to abstain from?
                                        • Breaking your fast
                                          • Extra time
                                            • Excercise?
                                              • Side effects?
                                                • Advantages?
                                                  • What if I do not succeed?
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