Orders & Systems

Session 6

Orders & Systems
Recorded:15 Nov 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 26m 15s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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In our day, most Christians have much more faith in systems than in God – actually, we devise system upon system to replace God. Once one comprehends the difference between worldly systems on the one hand, and God's Order on the other, a whole new perspective on life opens up to us. We see how worldly systems, instead of caring about us, drain and enslave us. And we start to see the infinite wisdom built into God's divine Order – and how it cares for, protects and empowers us.


  • System
    • Definition: System
      • Definition: Babylonian Unity
        • Examples
        • Order
          • Definition: Order
            • Examples
            • Comparison: Systems and Order
              • The Contents of God's Order
                • Government
                  • Justice
                    • Economics
                      • Science
                        • Church
                          • Family
                            • Education
                              • Communication
                                • Arts & Entertainment
                                • The New World Order
                                  • The Coming of God's Kingdom
                                    • Satan's Problem and Solution
                                    • Where we are violating God's Order
                                      • The Mind Blinding Effect of Systems
                                        • We struggle to discern systems and their Effects
                                          • Growing up within Systems
                                          • The Issue of Harmony
                                            • Occult "harmony"
                                              • Examples
                                                • God's Harmony
                                                • Understanding Sin and Holiness
                                                  • How shall I ever hit it if I don't know what I'm missing?
                                                    • I need to hit it now!
                                                      • How God discipled Israel
                                                        • Is the Law redundant?
                                                          • The Result of our Disobedience
                                                            • Examples
                                                              • Sin, Iniquity and Transgressions
                                                                • The true Meaning of Holiness
                                                                • The New Covenant and The Lawless One
                                                                  • Coming out of Babylon
                                                                    • Yoking yourself together with Unbelievers (in systems?)
                                                                      • Fleeing from Babylon (systems?)
                                                                      • God's Order: The ultimate Counter-shove against the New World Order
                                                                        • Between a Rock and a Hot Place!
                                                                          • Satan's diabolic modus operandi
                                                                            • Mankind's weak Spots
                                                                              • Can Believers still escape all Satan's Systems?
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