Mythology & Symbolism

Session 7

Mythology & Symbolism
Recorded:22 Nov 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 59m 21s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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In order to comprehend the complexities and strategies of our warfare, we need to gain some insight into the concepts underpinning the languages of mythology and symbolism. In this DVD, in a rather practical way, we learn how these concepts operate and hang together. After this DVD, the world you live in will never seem to be the same again!


  • Signs on the Forehead and Hand
    • Pagan Symbols
      • Figures of Speech
        • A simple excercise in Symbolism
          • The Star of David
            • Flags of the World
              • Logo's
                • Electronics and Computers
                  • Car Companies
                    • Retail Companies
                      • Airlines
                        • Banks
                          • Insurance Companies
                            • Energy and Oil Companies
                            • Coats of Arms
                              • Schools
                                • Families
                                  • Universities
                                    • Secret Societies/Services
                                      • Churches
                                      • The Effect of Time on Events
                                        • Mythology
                                          • Trinities
                                            • Egypt
                                              • India
                                                • Assyria
                                                  • Roman Catholic Church
                                                    • Greek Orthodox Church
                                                      • The Matrix
                                                        • The Roman Empire
                                                        • The Nephilim
                                                          • The Solution
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