Laws of Leadership II

Session 8

Laws of Leadership II
Recorded:26 Jul 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 10m 55s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The second half of John Maxwell's book. Similar to the laws of nature, any leader needs to live by ALL the laws, and cannot pick and choose those whom he likes best. The laws form a unit, a package which all hangs together. Omission or ignorance of any of these laws can be disastrous for both leader and follower, since the skill of leaders greatly determine the well-being of their followers.


  • The Law of Magnetism
    • The Law of Navigation
      • The Law of Priorities
        • The Law of Process
          • The Law of Reproduction
            • The Law of Respect
              • The Law of Sacrifice
                • The Law of Solid Ground
                  • The Law of Timing
                    • The Law of Victory
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