Intercessors & Israel

Session 5

Intercessors & Israel
Recorded:8 Nov 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 40m 53s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The Hebrew Roots movement has caused much damage and division amongst pray-ers and intercessors worldwide. We know, though, that it is a Biblical command that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This DVD takes us on a journey to understand the dangers of over-emphasising the Old Covenant or Torah, and of ignoring its fulfilment brought about by the ministry and obedience of Jesus.


  • Part 1: Our Ignorance
    • Replacement Theology
      • Israel's Position today
        • God's Plan of Salvation through the Jews
          • Abraham the Patriarch
            • The Law of Moses (Torah)
            • The New Covenant
              • Christ and the Law
                • The Law shows forth to Jesus Christ
                  • Did Christ come to abolish the Law of Moses?
                  • Redemption by death and Resurrection
                    • We are Crucified and Buried with Christ
                      • I have been killed - now Christ lives within me
                        • The Law has no authority over me any more
                      • Part 2: Our Over-emphasis
                        • I live by the Spirit of God
                          • I do not live by the Law anymore, but by the Spirit of God
                            • The New Testament Role of the Law in the Lives of Gentiles
                              • Does this mean that I may now sin against the Law?
                                • What did the Apostles say concerning Gentiles and the Law?
                                • The reason for the 4 requirements of Acts 15
                                  • The Gentiles were being trained in the Principles of the Law of Moses
                                    • Why these 4 requirements?
                                      • So what's with the Blood?
                                      • Jesus' and Paul's extrapolation of the Law of Moses
                                        • Jesus sharpens the Law of Moses
                                          • Paul extrapolates the Law of Moses
                                          • The Relationship between Gentiles and Jews
                                            • The Peace of Jerusalem
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