Hindrances to Prayer

Session 1b

Hindrances to Prayer
Recorded:1 Mar 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:42m 6s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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This DVD starts with the question: Why do some Christians pray (and like to pray!) whilst others don't? Without giving away the answer: The Bible lists a number of reasons why people either don't pray, or when they pray – why they feel that their prayers don't get answered. We gradually work through these hindrances to prayer to discover that God lovingly plays a 'trick' on us: He uses our desire for our prayers to be answered to draw us closer to Him!


  • Discouragement because of unanswered prayer
    • Unforgiveness
      • Disagreement
        • Disobedience
          • Pride
            • Self-exaltation
              • The Mechanism of Humility
                • Laziness
                  • Flesh
                    • Unholy hands
                      • Anger
                        • Disputing
                          • Unbelief
                            • Wrong prayers
                              • Unclear mind
                                • No self-control
                                  • Not praying in truth
                                    • Not praying in the Spirit
                                      • Bad marriage relationship
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