Hebrew Roots

The Boundaries

Hebrew Roots
Recorded:4 Aug 2013
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:3h 1m 5s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Initially intended to set straight the errors of Replacement Theology, the Hebrew Roots movement today teeters on the brink of Judaism and Cabbala – and ever so often actually falls down the cliffs of error into occultism. The aim of this DVD is to correct the deliberate errors of the Hebrew Roots Movement concerning the Blood Covenant, and to draw boundaries as to what is safe and preferable, and what is not.


  • The Origin of Christianity and the Development of Replacement Theology.
    • The "So What?"Question.
      • What the HRM does ríght.
        • The Spectrum of Torah Students.
          • The HRM’s closest Neighbours are the Occult.
            • My People perish …
              • Where Hebrew Roots loses its Way …
                • Ignorance and Deliberateness ito the Old and New Covenants:
                  • The Difference between a NEW and RENEWED Covenant.
                    • Only circumcized, biological Descendants of Abraham are included in the Old Covenant.
                      • The Old and New Covenants mutually exlude one another.
                        • Gentiles are included in the New Covenant via FAITH in Jesus.
                        • Hebrew Rooters teach that the New Covenant as announced in Jer. 31 is not a NEW Covenant, but a RENEWED Covenant.
                          • Let’s SPELL out the Difference!
                            • The Agenda behind this false Doctrine.
                              • Rooters hereby actually admit to their own spiritual Immaturity.
                              • Sinoptic Questions and Answers.
                              • The Old Covenant was Plan B:
                                • Hebrew Rooters teach that the Old Covenant was Plan A.
                                  • The Conseqences of this Lie: A Stone Veil and Religious spirit.
                                • Sheep Stealing by Torah Groups.
                                  • The "Let’s-look-at-Jesus-through-Stone-Torah-Lenses" Lie.
                                    • Apocryphal Wild Tales.
                                      • My Identity built on the Stone Torah – a Disaster …
                                        • Criticism of the Torah = Criticism of my Person.
                                          • Criticism of my Person = Start a War!
                                            • The characteristic Militancy of Rooters …
                                            • The Hebrew Language Idols and -Lies:
                                              • Lie 1: "Hebrew is the original Language given by God to Mankind …"
                                                • Lie 2: Pictograms.
                                                  • Lie 3: Pictograms and their associated Concepts.
                                                    • Lie 4: Gematria.
                                                      • Lie 5: Parshas.
                                                        • Witchcraft and Divination in Hebrew Roots via the above.
                                                        • HRM Lies about Jesus and his Name:
                                                          • CJ Koster and Lew White.
                                                            • Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic Names.
                                                              • Where the Name "Jesus" really originates.
                                                              • The sacred Names Merry-go-round:
                                                                • Scores of "most correct, best researched, most original, most Hebrew" Names!
                                                                  • Rastafari’s "Jah". Is "Yah" still holy then?
                                                                  • Rooters’ Dishonesty concerning the Greek Language:
                                                                    • The Greek Mindset gives Rise to Science and Technology.
                                                                      • Why then do Rooters trust and employ Science and Technology?
                                                                      • The "Power" Claim:
                                                                        • Experiments with Prayer, Baptisms and Deliverances.
                                                                        • Corporate Prayer in the "Sacred Names".
                                                                          • The bad Fruit of the "Sacred Names" Movement and their Blasphemy.
                                                                            • Jewish Feasts.
                                                                              • The Father’s Feasts.
                                                                                • The Father’s Feasts forever celebrated in JEWISH Fashion!
                                                                                  • Purim and Chanukah are intrinsically JEWISH.
                                                                                  • The HRM and the Religious Spirit:
                                                                                    • Characteristics of the Religious Spirit worldwide.
                                                                                      • The Similarities between the HRM and Expressions of other pagan Religions.
                                                                                        • The Strategy of the Religious Spirit.
                                                                                        • Why call Biblical Characters by their Hebrew Names?
                                                                                          • Why pray with a talit?
                                                                                            • The Star of David/Remphan.
                                                                                              • The HRM’s evident Lack of Godliness.
                                                                                                • Rooters disappearing behind the Torah Curtain …
                                                                                                  • The ever-changing Flavour.
                                                                                                    • The Torah cannot satisfy.
                                                                                                      • Rooters’ aversion of Paul.
                                                                                                        • What now?
                                                                                                          • Possible Reasons why specifically South Africans fall for the Lies of the HRM.
                                                                                                            • Prayer of Repentance ito the HRM and Torah Groups.
                                                                                                              • The Voice of the Ruach.
                                                                                                                • The New Covenant.
                                                                                                                  • The Occult.
                                                                                                                    • Teaching.
                                                                                                                      • Torah Identity.
                                                                                                                        • Pride and Haughtiness.
                                                                                                                          • Religious Spirit.
                                                                                                                            • Hebrew Idol.
                                                                                                                              • Sacred, Hebrew Names.
                                                                                                                                • Absence of Godliness.
                                                                                                                                  • Paul and Others.
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