Freemasonry Part 3

Freemasonry Part 3
Recorded:13 Jul 2003
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:1h 43m 10s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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We go international and journey through well-known places sporting masonic symbolism. Then we take a hard look at Masonry's structures and degrees. Last, but not least, we search the SA National Crest and Constitution for masonic markings, and conclude with the Bible's opinion on where this will all lead towards.


  • The Capitol.
    • The Apotheosis.
      • Aleister Crowley.
        • The SA and City Police.
          • The Seal of the United States.
            • The one dollar Bill.
              • Masonic Logo.
                • United Nations Logo.
                  • Research Sources.
                    • The Structure of Scottish Rite Freemasonry:
                      • The Craft Lodge (Degrees 1 - 3).
                        • The Lodge of Perfection (Degrees 4 - 14)
                          • The Chapter of the Rose Croix (Degrees 15 - 18).
                            • The Council of Kadosh (Degrees 19 - 30).
                              • The Consistory (Degrees 31 - 33).
                              • The York Rite.
                                • Other Masonic Organisations.
                                  • Alternative Fraternities & Sororities.
                                    • The South African National Crest.
                                      • The South African Constitution.
                                        • Freemasonry & the Bible.
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