Freemasonry Part 1

Freemasonry Part 1
Recorded:29 Jun 2003
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 32m 45s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Freemasonry, based in the Babylonian Mystery Religions, pervades current day society like a spiritual cancer. In this DVD we learn about Freemasonry's symbolism and allegory. We go on a journey to discover Masonry's vestiges in government, business, religion, education, finance and more. We conclude with secret masonic signs and handshakes.


  • Masonic Symbolism:
    • Lodges.
      • Parliament.
        • Lord de Villiers.
          • Sir George Grey.
            • Sir Patrick Duncan.
              • Churches:
                • Dutch Reformed.
                  • Anglican.
                    • Metodist.
                      • Lutheran.
                        • Roman Catholic.
                        • Masonic Tracing Boards.
                          • Schools.
                            • Gravestones.
                            • The Cabbala.
                              • The origin of obelisks.
                                • Freemasonry & the New World Order.
                                  • Illumination and the Eye of Horus.
                                    • Egyptian Roots of Freemasonry.
                                      • Dutch Reformed Ministers:
                                        • Andrew Murray.
                                          • William Murray.
                                            • John Murray.
                                              • Petrus van der Spuy.
                                                • GWA van der Lingen.
                                                  • Meent Borcherds.
                                                    • JH Neetlingh.
                                                    • Freemasonry and Missions.
                                                      • Freemasonry and Exile.
                                                        • Masonic Font.
                                                          • Masonic hand signs.
                                                            • Freemasonry on Robben Island.
                                                              • The KWV.
                                                                • Freemasonry in Banks:
                                                                  • ABSA.
                                                                    • Nedbank.
                                                                    • The Phoenix.
                                                                      • The Dutch Reformed Church:
                                                                        • Kweekskool.
                                                                          • Catechism.
                                                                          • Secret Handshakes.
                                                                            • Secret Signs of Recognition.
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