Escaping the Claws of Jezebel

Session 7

Escaping the Claws of Jezebel
Recorded:13 Sep 2007
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 0m 34s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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In the past, the demonic spirit of Jezebel had been responsible for much, much damage in the Kingdom of Heaven, in ministries, relationships and families. This DVD will teach you, the victim, how the age-old Jezebelic strategy works, and how its trickery could be recognized during the early stages of its progress. This is essential, since this demonic spirit does not fool around. It goes for the jugular.


  • The Jezebel Spirit's Name
    • Examples
      • The Family
        • The figurehead Priest
          • The godless Priest
          • The Church
            • Silencing God
              • Marginalization of Prophecy
            • Jezebel's general aim
              • The Jezebel Spirit comes to steal, kill and destroy
                • What gives this Spirit the Right to operate through a specific Person?
                  • Jezebel's specific aim
                    • Jezebel is not easily recognized
                      • Jezebel's Mechanisms (to establish total Control)
                        • Witchcraft
                          • Witchcraft Prayers
                            • Soul Energy
                              • Spiritual Vampirism
                              • Domination
                                • Marginalization of Abilities
                                  • Many, smooth Words
                                    • Emotional Blackmail
                                    • Manipulation
                                      • Aim
                                        • Definition
                                          • Manipulation Diagram
                                            • Repercussions Diagram
                                              • Relationship Breakdowns Diagram
                                                • Emotional Manipulation
                                                  • Manipulation of Information
                                                    • Manipulation of Integrity
                                                  • Isolation
                                                    • Isolation Diagram
                                                      • Poisoning of Communication
                                                        • Incident Creation
                                                          • Favours and Gifts
                                                            • Emotional Indebtedness
                                                              • Trust
                                                          • Seduction/Rejection
                                                            • Seduction
                                                              • Rejection
                                                                • Examples
                                                                • Intimidation
                                                                  • Aim
                                                                    • Method
                                                                      • Reason
                                                                        • Examples
                                                                        • Drop & Swop
                                                                      • Jezebel's Strategy
                                                                        • Jezebel and the Ahab Spirit
                                                                          • Characteristics of the Ahab Spirit
                                                                            • The Ahab and Jezebel Spirits attract one another
                                                                            • Symptoms of a Jezebel Onslaught
                                                                              • The Counter-offensive
                                                                                • Understand what is happening
                                                                                  • Understand the Mechanisms used against you
                                                                                    • Witchcraft. Counter-offensive
                                                                                      • Domination. Counter-offensive
                                                                                        • Manipulation. Counter-offensive
                                                                                          • Isolation. Counter-offensive
                                                                                            • Seduction/Rejection. Counter-offensive
                                                                                              • Intimidation. Counter-offensive
                                                                                              • Take Action!
                                                                                                • Sever the Relationship immediately
                                                                                                  • Note to Married Couples, Children and Parents, Work Colleagues
                                                                                                  • Allow yourself Time for Reflection
                                                                                                    • Set Conditions
                                                                                                      • Obey your own Rules
                                                                                                      • Can a Jezebel Person be healed?
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