Christians & the Environment I

Session 1

Christians & the Environment I
Recorded:11 Oct 2007
Speaker:Jozua Lambrechts
Runtime:1h 40m 38s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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At creation, God commanded man to look after nature and to have dominion over it. In our day, the Christian world has greatly abdicated its divine responsibility concerning our environment, and has left it to the New Age and 'greenies' to take executive decisions in the earth on this subject. This DVD endeavours to put the environment agenda squarely back into the Christian arena – where it belongs.


  • Do we as Christians have an impact on the Environment?
    • The Story of the Bible
      • In terms of the Story of the Bible, what is our relationship and responsibility towards the Environment?
        • What can we do to: Soften our impact, live more sustaibably, rehabilitate degraded areas?
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