Believer's Baptism

To die - and be raised with Christ

Believer's Baptism
Recorded:3 Aug 2013
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:3h 0m 24s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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Believer's baptism forms an integral part of God's strategy to rid us from iniquity. In baptism, the old spiritual man dies and a whole new, pink-foot spiritual baby is raised – the epitome of being reborn. A rather deliberate logical error in Calvin's TULIP doctrine connects the Blood Covenant with baptism, resulting in baby baptism – a mere continuation after the Reformation of Roman Catholic error. Baby baptism forges a spiritual covenant between the baby and the demonic principality of the Queen of Heaven.


  • Quotations.
    • The different Points of Departure.
      • Relationships & Idolatry.
        • Truth.
          • Can we agree with one another?
          • The History of the Babylonian Infant Baptism.
            • Fire Worship.
              • Sprinkling with Water as Substitute for Fire.
                • Mexico’s Astec Example.
                  • Manifestations of pagan Baptismal rituals in current day Churches.
                    • The "whole families baptised" straw.
                      • The DR Baptismal Formulary.
                        • Luther and Zwingli’s equivocation on Baptism.
                          • John Calvin’s Baptismal Dishonesty.
                            • John Calvin’s TULIP Doctrine.
                              • Logical Systems.
                                • Linear logical Systems.
                                  • Circular logical Systems.
                                    • The TULIP Doctrine forms a circular logical System.
                                      • What happens to the TULIP when only one Step becomes invalid.
                                      • Calvin’s Tables.
                                      • The "Baptism replaces Circumcision" Lie.
                                        • The Infant Baptism Doctrines boil down to logical Nonsense.
                                          • Infant Baptism often causes demonic Infestation.
                                          • Calvin, Infant Baptism and Predestination.
                                            • The sad and shocking logical Outcome of Calvinism.
                                            • Old Testamentical Foreshadowings of Baptism.
                                              • Noah in the Ark.
                                                • The Journey through the Red Sea.
                                                • Water Covenants aren’t Biblical.
                                                  • The symbolical Route as opposed to the Theological Route.
                                                  • What Baptism really IS:
                                                    • Definition.
                                                    • Baptism is a Seal …
                                                      • The Meaning of a Seal.
                                                        • The Seals of the DR and Presbyterian Churches.
                                                          • The full spiritual Impact of Infant Baptism: A sealed, occultic Covenant with the Queen of Heaven.
                                                          • Immersion or Sprinkling?
                                                            • The Meaning of "baptizo".
                                                              • How the Greeks themselves perform Baptism and interpret "baptizo".
                                                                • A mere academic Issue?
                                                                • The baptismal Vow and spiritual Fraud.
                                                                  • The "only-Pastors-and-Ministers-may-minister-the-Sacraments" Lie.
                                                                    • "Celebration of Baptism".
                                                                      • Persecution through the Ages.
                                                                        • Calvinism’s nasty Blunders.
                                                                          • Jesus’ Baptism by John.
                                                                            • Rebirth.
                                                                              • Circumcision of the Heart.
                                                                                • Changed Behaviour after Conversion.
                                                                                  • How do I rid myself of this sealed Water Covenant with the Queen of Heaven that my Parents have entered me into on my Behalf?
                                                                                    • How do I repair the Damage if, out of Ignorance, I’ve had my Children baptized as Infants?
                                                                                      • Prayer of Repentance.
                                                                                        • Prayer of Renunciation: Infant Baptism.
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