The Queen of Heaven Part 2

The Queen of Heaven Part 2
Recorded:26 Sep 2004
Speaker:Eben Swart
Runtime:2h 16m 16s
Also available in: Afrikaans
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The Queen of Heaven manifests itself in today's SA society in crests, communication, finance, military and the church. She is also evident in Roman Catholicism, the Jesuits and Islam. We conclude with the Biblical call to come out of Babylon – the seat of the Whore.


  • The Queen on Crests:
    • The Western Cape (Old & New).
      • The National Parliamentary Mace (Old & New).
        • The National Crest (Old & New).
        • The Queen & Communication:
          • Postage Stamps.
          • The Queen & Finance:
            • Casinos.
              • Banks:
                • BOE
                  • Kaap die Goeie Hoop Bank.
                    • Standard Bank.
                      • Old Mutual.
                        • Coins.
                      • The Queen & the Military:
                        • 1 SA Cape Corps.
                          • Korean War Memorial.
                          • The Knights Templar.
                            • Tarot Cards: The Ace of Swords.
                              • His People Christian Church.
                                • The Cup of Babylon.
                                  • Homosexualism.
                                    • The androgynous man.
                                      • The Extreme Oath of the Jesuits.
                                        • Jesuit policy.
                                          • Jesuits in SA.
                                            • Slaughter of Humans by the Queen.
                                              • Schoenstatt.
                                                • VGK Logo.
                                                  • The Vatican.
                                                    • Huguenot Monument, Franschhoek.
                                                      • Loudes, France.
                                                        • Church of England Logo.
                                                          • The Black Stone, Mecca.
                                                            • La Pigna, the Vatican.
                                                              • Infant Baptism and the the Mother's Yoni.
                                                                • Seal of the Dutch Reformed Church.
                                                                  • Aleister Crowley.
                                                                    • Justicia.
                                                                      • Come out of Her!
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